Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ask An Omani! This week, "what's with the creepy teenage boys hanging around playgrounds and leering at Expat women? And what should they do?

Yes folks, another question for "Ask an Omani!"... thanks to our resident Omani expert, Omani Dreamer. This week, those annoying and rude Omani teenage boys who hang out at parks.

Why do these young men late teens/early 20s, hang around children's playgrounds intimidating and taking photos of the women, esp. any Western women (dressed very conservatively)? And what would you advise them to do to stop them doing it, as it is so disrespectful and, well, creepy.

Expat Moms and Teenage Boys at the Playground

Lets say you decided to take your children to Al Qurum park, Al Riyam park, or the beach playground and were faced with the following:

You spot three teenage boys, who are definitely too old to be in the playground, approaching your zone because they just "have" to play in the swings, slide down the slippery slide, or struggle to hang on the monkey bars with your kids. Never forget the stares and the giggling followed by the tossing of a few inappropriate words (with limited English capabilities).

At this stage, you (expat mom) feel very uncomfortable, but try to ignore them. But teenage boys with lots of hormones just need that extra excitement, which is when you will start hearing the "SNAP"…giggle…giggle.. "SNAP"… more giggle… giggle… and… "We ..You... Picture"… giggle .. giggle..

Well, sorry moms. I know you are wondering "WHY!?" in agony thinking that there is a logical reason for this behavior beyond the regular "sexual frustration", but unfortunately, it is just that! .. ohh, seeing white flesh (no matter how minimal) adds to that excitement!.. Rare is always extra special!

But never give up! As, I, Reality, have a solution that will end your misery! It is simple, easy, and available to all expat moms!

Put on a serious face.. (just like this .. 0_0! .. wide eyes and pissed) and look directly at them. Take out your cell phone.. (slowly for dramatic effects) and

SNAP SNAP … (make sure your phone is not on silence) make a phone call.. and utter the word .. POLICE.. (be loud and confident.. just like Denzel Washington, and you can say pawlece too for extra special effects) ….

The result?! … the dishdasha held up to the knees and skinny legs flying everywhere... "RUN RUN"…


  1. Good Post! I thought it was just me who gets hassled at the park? Good (or bad?) to know i'm not alone.

    Saddened to see you didn't advocate violence. Kicking the crap out of some rude teenage boys would feel really good.

  2. well undercover dragon i always look forward to reading ur posts but in this one i think as a teenager ur waaaay over 'stereotype'ing, it might be that they stare and a few would take pics, but these ppl r a small category of the community and to tbh staring always occur with men even if they do it unintentionally. and i dont mean staring for minutes and mintues but taking a small glimpse :P

  3. and - make certain a fellow mum is in the car park area to photo them getting into their car and then get a photo of their number plate - do call the police and you have them !

  4. Ask the husband to go with you. He is probably shagging your neighbor while you are taking kids out.

  5. Sub,
    That was an omission. From some of the tales I get from Ms Dragon, those little bastards are fucking lucky I don't happen along. I wonder most about the times other (Omani) adult males are around and seem to do nothing. I would break their little skinny knee caps. I also would hope an Omani court (if it got that far) would be 1000% on my side.

    Thanks for reading. But while you might be OK, you - to be frank - haven't got a clue about what actually goes on (you're at school I guess). These guys come across as rapists in training.

    Good idea. A few CC TVs wouldn't go astray.

    Anon 2.
    I think you've been watching a bit too much porn mate. This is another reason Omani boys are so fucked up (except for Anon1, nats).

  6. It looks that talking about "Omani boys" usually comes in negative contexts. The list of the things encouraging me to leave this place is getting bigger. It's unbearable and disgusting!

  7. Boys will be boys...and copy their fathers who drool over white women in shopping malls. I believe they even sing a song....'' I'm dreaming of a white clitoris''.

    Appologies to Bing Crosby!

  8. Try walking around Ruwi (twin town Calcutta) with your wife and daughter, it's not just staring or drooling, they nearly trip over their tounges, most look like they've got rabies!

  9. Non-Crowned...if you want that read Hi or The Week... and another little Omani boy gets a certificate for turning up!

  10. DA- You have left Oman, move on. You comments add nothing to any of the discussions, beyond being a profound embarrassment to your fellow western Expats.

  11. Anonymous - it seems we have touched a raw nerve. Looking at your posts your obviously embarrassed by the truth. Now you claim to speak for ex-pats!

    Being away from Oman this site gives a true and accurate reflection of what's going on in Oman and there are many of us! You can read the Week or Hi and get what you are really seeking! At least here, yes a little exaggeration and a bit of wit helps. If wit was shit you'd be constipated!

  12. Atleast there arent any racial attacks otherwise you all would have packed your bags by now, these boys are horny and your wifes go bending their asses infront of them, no wonder they take pics. i wonder if any of you macho expats would really pic a fight.

    Ladies,just call the cops and report them.

  13. Anons
    Once again I urge you to select "name / URL ' option and PICK A NICKNAME. You're still anonymous, but its easier to keep track of who the hell is who...

    Its true there aren't many good things to say about male Omani youth. It seems Omani youth are as useless as male youth everywhere else on the planet. That's why there are responsibilities accorded adult males. It's one of our jobs to keep them in line.

    The gratuitous generic offensive slurs don't help. There are enough expats vs Omani websites out there. This shouldn't be one of them. Try to be more specific and fact based?

    Anon last
    There are racial attacks. There are several instances of rape directed primarily against subcontinent women (I suspect because the assumption is they won't complain to the cops and even when they do its very very difficult for them to get a fair hearing). I don't know about the rest of my fraternity, but I wouldn't pick a fight. I'd finish it very quickly. It's not difficult to take on a 15 yr old.

    Taking sneeky photos of women is understandable perhaps (illegal in Oman, BTW), but being overtly aggressive, openly sexually suggestive (sometimes to the point of public masturbation), and physically threatening is just not on. Not here, not in the West either. And these were in cases where the women are not "bending over showing their asses" but simply trying to take a child to the park.

    The idea that Islamic culture protects women from such harassment is just a myth.

  14. This tactic - phone camera "SNAP" also works for delinquent behaviour on the road too! If you get cut-off, or see someone park illegally etc. do the same - it really works!

    I have another idea too - send it to Y magazine, they posted up several of these pictures and told the story in the past. I sent some pictures of trucks that were not roadworthy in, they printed them!

  15. I don't know what are circumstances that some of these incidents happen in but you can get help from police if there are witnesses to support you. Our maid was subject to same thing and we reported to police once we knew name of the guy who did it. He was rough handled in police station (I don’t think he will ever try stunt like it again) and his father came to apologize and asked for case to be dropped. Never again he approached our maid. You can pretend or actually film it using your cell phone and then report to police with help of Omani friend, believe me you can put them in deep trouble if they are recognized by police.
    I strongly advise expats to make connections with local good Omanis and not just drunk western wannabes you meet at the bars which may help you in these situations.

  16. as an indian expat mom, not even once in 4 yrs (my daughter's current age) have we gone out as a pair and not been victimised in full view of public. the europeans get away with it partly coz the kids are sort of afraid of them. but what abt us indians? they damn care and nobody is very frustrating...

  17. Is it really as bad as you all say? My husband has been offered a post in Muscat (v. early days and we do not know exact location and details). I am very nervous about moving away but have about a week to decide whether we want to accept. I am in my early thirties and have 2 young twin girls, these posts are quickly putting me off saying yes.

  18. I was digging into your blog for the last few months and I suspect that you have some hard feelings to the Omanis .It might because of the something that you'll never say !at least on your blog :(..BTW,I'm Omani African


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