Monday, February 8, 2010

Nawras Marketing tweet caught with a backfire - Suburban on how not to use social marketing!

Just a quick lazy reblog tonight - but its such a ripper of a local story.

Local blogger (and super-tweeter, see last week's Week) Suburban has a fantastic post today on the badly mis-managed attempt by normally astute Oman mobile company Nawras to use 'Social Media', ie twitter, to promote its brand. LMAOFOFL.

It might be OK for Muscat Confidential to get snarky and arrogant, but (a)I'm not positioning (and ipso-facto representing) a major national brand on twitter; nor (b) do I claim to be an expert guru on using social media), unlike Beyrouti, some cocky young marketing consultant apparently hired by Nawras.

Unlike marketing FAIL "guru" Beyrouti, I'm also usually right.

Go check it out. You'll be entertained!

Oh, I HAD to repost this great satire of this Nawras blow-back made by developar, someone who perhaps Nawras would have been better off hiring in the first place.

Nice one Suburban. I suspect it will get retweeted and reposted around the world in around... oh... a couple of hours ago.

Big post tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the link, and the praise, Mr. Dragon.

  2. the telphone connection in oman is tooo expensive, i guess muscat confidential should have a blog on this topic....they are just killing people but charging such expensive call rates..


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