Friday, May 1, 2009

UAE Journalism gets bolder - story on Sheik Issa's video nasty published in the UAE!

Kudos to The National, probably the GCC's closest thing to a real newspaper, for publishing a story on the bizarre Abu Dhabi Royal Sheik Issa's torture video. They actually identify the UAE's newest reality youtube sensation and stated his full name: Sheikh Issa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

OK, they are able to claim cover as simply reporting a statement by the UAE official Human Rights Office (HRO), but still, remember the The National is Abu Dhabi funded.
So, well done The National.

Rights body reviews abuse video claims

National Staff
Last Updated: April 30. 2009 1:23AM UAE / April 29. 2009 9:23PM GMT

The Human Rights Office of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has launched a review into the alleged abuse of an Afghan man by a member of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family.

The decision to carry out the review follows the airing by an American television station of a video purporting to show Sheikh Issa bin Zayed Al Nahyan carrying out the attack.

The victim, identified in media reports as Mohammed Shah Poor, is reportedly an Afghan trader whom Sheikh Issa believed had short-changed him on a grain delivery.

A statement released by the Ministry of Interior last week said those featured in the video had decided not to pursue legal action against each other, but the Human Rights Office (HRO) said yesterday that because of possible human rights violations, a review was necessary.

In a statement, the HRO said the video contained “graphic scenes of physical abuse” and had been “widely circulated online and in international media”.

“The Government of Abu Dhabi unequivocally condemns the actions depicted in the video,” the office said.

“The HRO of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department will conduct a comprehensive review of the matter immediately and make its findings public at the earliest opportunity.

“Based on the statement made by the UAE Ministry of Interior, the HRO of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department understands that the matter depicted in the video was resolved between the two parties and that no criminal charges were brought by either party.

“However, the HRO believes that the events depicted in the video appear to represent a violation of human rights and therefore these events should be fully reviewed in their own right.”


In the video, a man identified by the American television report as Sheikh Issa is seen directing and taking part in the sustained abuse, aided by other men, including one apparently in uniform.


  1. Is it possible that the ruler has decided to disown the prince? or maybe after a public trial and lots of "bad boy, you baaad" statements the prince'll be spirited away to enjoy some time-out in the backwaters? Europe? Switzerland?

    It has happened often enough.


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