Sunday, May 31, 2009

Breaking News: Fire at Muscat Hills?

I'm told [UD: by what now, on reflection, seems to have been a hallucinating single source - sorry about that!] there was a big fire at Muscat Hills Golf and Country Club estates yesterday afternoon, with a whole block ablaze.

Ooops. I wouldn't have expected there was much to burn yet! perhaps the welding got out of hand...

Anyone else have any news on that?


  1. Not saying you heard it wrong, but... Muscat hills is right next to the fire safety engineering college. Thier Practice sessions often look like something really scary and huge is burning.

  2. Sub',
    You're almost certainly totally right.

    That explains it. Wish I'd thought of that...

  3. Good point. I feel sorry for the propective tennants who are going to have a lovely time watching the fire show on a regular basis.

  4. That will help them a lot when their houses catches fire ,at least they will know how to react and try putting off the fire as the fire brigade will take ages to reach the destination and when they arrive there will be no water to extinguish the fire.


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