Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blue City's new sales office... a sneek preview. And the Appeal court rules both for... and against... AAJH.

Photo: Blue City's new sales office.

As promised in a recent comment response to BCC1 apologist, the anonymous 'John', who took great exception to a recent post that implied things were not totally OK with Blue City's cash flow (and seems to have difficulty accurately recalling his company's original promises with regard to the number of golf courses and public buildings promised in Phase 1).

Here's a peek at the new BCC1 Blue City sales office, just completed at great expense. It is amazing what you can do with borrowed money, eh John?

John's approach IMHO actually shows a common problem with wastafarians here: when people start asking uncomfortable questions, their response is to attack them as evil, disrespectful, etc; to state that there are no problems (and certainly nothing that might be blamed on the highly experienced board of BCC1 or Cyclone LLC); and wait for everything to blow over. It is indeed almost a GW Bush/Cheney approach to criticism - attack the messenger.

Perhaps we'll all just have to wait for the next ratings report from the bond holders.

Oh, and the appeal court - in what to me seems a bizarre finding - finally ruled on the 11th of May on the dispute between AAJH and Cyclone over the ownership of Blue City. I'm told their ruling was that yes, AAJ Holdings does own 70% (as had been found by the original court verdict, appealed by Cyclone), but that they were somehow also instructed to transfer their 70% to Cyclone in return for just the original US$38 Million. Hmmm. So they own it, but have to sell it. Maybe a lawyer can explain. Did the court find the original sale illegal, and thus effectively annulled the share transfer?

I predict more to come on that issue in the regional press very soon.

PS: Don't know why Internet Explorer is having wierd errors lately, especially on that Blue City post... Firefox seems OK.


  1. Congratulations UD! Finally some up to date information! Just when I was convinced that you were completely out of touch! Again not without irreverence which, as a compliment true to your website, you do so perfectly. Define great expense for sales office? Do you mean great expense when compared to Salam Yiti? Wave? Muriya? Muscat Expressway? a flight to Mars? In your unlimited expertise, what should it cost? In truth you don't have a clue, so why the bold comment? Borrowed money is a great thing UD, it is virtually how all projects are financed in the real world. Your point is? And the court decision. What took you so long? The entire village has been talking about it last week. Don't tell me that you are now going to mock the court proceedings as a farce too? That would be typical. I guess you can show us that you're a legal expert too, in addition to your highly seasoned skills as a real estate developer.

  2. Congratulations Dragon- John may be an idiot but he proved your points. Abd

  3. John – as the name suggests this is a blog, not a sworn testament in a High Court . Its one persons take, on a range of situations which we, the readers, may or may not give credence to .
    The issue you bring up is not-real-time , unsubstantiated and disputable , perhaps one-sided as well .
    There is an alternative source for many of this blogs contents and for the Blue City stuff their publishing divisions and web site ( latest news on their site June 2008) can provide these .

    You also have the option John, of giving information, either in this blog or by giving links to your own blog or home page – I for one would like to read your real time, substantiated and indisputable information

  4. As an outsider, I must say I feel somewhat appalled by the attitude of the people who seem to contribute to this blog on behalf of Blue City. I admit that I don't know much about real estate development, nor do I have much information about this particular project. However, I do know what type of people in general I would like to do business with. These overly aggressive, abusive, arrogant people that seem to form part of the Blue City managment do clearly not fall in this category.
    I have seen a number of seemingly valid and reasonable questions in articles and comments on this blog related to this particular project over the past few monhts. Is it too much to ask to simply respond to these questions in a civilised manner? Or, if you are not able or willing to do this, can't you just state that without abusing the people asking the questions? What kind of mentality is that?!
    I would also note that this particular blog is, at least in my opinion, one of the better and most informative and interesting blogs in the region. The recent comments by 'john' don't do this blog justice.

  5. Fear of change again? The key word in this post is "old" websites. You should know that they can't change the development plan without approval. If this has not been granted then the plan has not changed. Are you referring to the same Bovis that is years late with Sheraton Hotel remodelling and the Bovis that has lost all of its work in Oman? Removing Bovis was one of the smartest things the company did.

  6. You said it, Objective - if the idea is to try and win over readers, BC's pathetic advocates are doing a very, very poor job. If they're trying to reinforce every negative one has heard about that benighted project more or less day one - then they are indeed brilliant communicators!

  7. To all (except John)-- why don't you guys admit that you're all one-sided with regards to the Blue City project -- call it a day -- and get a life!!!!

  8. Mystique-Dude: I am *very* one sided when it comes to the truth, ok- "ITS" a day, I am *very* happy with the life I have now. See we read your comments. Abd

  9. John,
    Is the official website? (a simple yes or no will suffice)
    Do you agree that the video for Phase 1 states that there will be 18 and 9 hole courses? (assuming it hasn't been changed in the last few days) Again, yes or no will be fine
    Do you agree that 18 plus 9 makes 27?
    Please can you therefore explain your remark "there was never a plan for 27 holes"


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