Sunday, May 3, 2009

But isn't it soooo ironic? Is Times' Editor Essa actually a tool of the zionist conspiracy?

Almost speechless.

I saw the piece from Essa in The Times today, Israel is the main culprit behind piracy and was dying to say... something.... but so busy at work, couldn't.

And welcome back Suburban, you said it.
Essa...publishing what is, quite possibly, his craziest "Viewpoint" article yet.
I want you all to Join me in applauding Essa Al Zedjali, Editor in Chief of the Times of Oman, for using front page space, on World Press Freedom Day to help spread ingnornace and hatred throughout the world with his Crazed, Psychotic, Paranoid rant on the evils of Israeli/Somali Piracy.

If he can write and publish these sort of lies and conspiracy on the front page of his newspaper here, then we really do have some astounding press freedoms.

What an ass.

I can probably only echo a lot of earlier comments about this. Here's the image that came to mind while I read Essa's rant.

Does Essa actually read this stuff? Or is he perhaps on life support and this is his henchmen / apparatchiks under the pay of.... someone else?

We've been here before, just a few months ago, it has to be said. Does he have family who care?

Funnily enough, Essa's ground-breaking viewpoint is exactly the sort of story that is consistent with someone who is ....


actually a part of the very conspiracy he alludes too!!!!!!!! Its true, read it here. [or is wiki too a part of the conspiracy?....]

I know!!!! How crafty is that????? He points to a well known [UD: actually, well known hoax] and classic conspiracy theory dating back to the late 19th century, and yet that same conspiracy theory clearly and obviously implicates him as an effective part of it.

Lets just list some facts shall we?

1/ The conspirators (obviously) control the global media.

Co-incidence?: Essa happens to be the owner and Chief Editor of the largest organ of the 4th Estate in Oman.

2/ The conspirators (obviously) control the entire world finance system, and use usury and foreign loans to get countries into debt.

Co-incidence?: Essa's son controls the biggest economic development project in Oman, or indeed the GCC: Blue City, touted at over $20bln. The high interest rate bonds used in the overseas funding were raised by ..... a New York/Swiss based outfit called Oppenheimer. And even more concerning perhaps, if the covenants of those loans are breached, the mysterious bond holders probably get the land!

3/ The conspirators, which Essa is clearly intimately aware of, are part of the Freemasons, and here is a rendering of one of their key symbols, the Hermaphroditic Goat of Mendes, (a composite creature formulated to symbolize an astral light. It is identical, by the way, with Baphomet, the mystic pantheos of those disciples of ceremonial magic, the Templars, who probably obtained it from the Arabians).

Co-incidence?: here is the logo of the Times of Oman.

Notice the central emblem?

Wow. I'm sure observant readers may well find more of these coincidences, for that is obviously all that they are, mere innocent coincidences. I think the idea that I've heard around town, namely that Essa Al Zedjali is a co-conspirator in the most incredible global conspiracy in the history of the world (well, Ok, since Goldmember) , is contemptible and baseless on the prima facie.

And I think I've said enough. The space ship will be checking in on me later, and right now I have to help Elvis take Jimmy Hoffa down to the basement to shred some more files from JFK's thing for the Russians. Once I get instructions from Tom Cruise, naturally.


But really. As Suburban said, thank goodness (especially on International press day), the widely esteemed senior Editor of a national newspaper can speak his mind here in Oman, and utilise his privileged position high on a lofty and national, nay, international podium to make a real change for the better in this country.

To highlight an issue like this, in a way that will undoubtably place Oman front and centre on the stage of intellectual critique and strategic international foreign policy, and indeed simultaneously those of global diplomatic, economic and military policy.

I would think the Omani Government, the Foreign ministry, our brave lads and lasses in the military, the embassadors of our friends, and especially our good friends in Yemen, Saudi and Iran, would applaud this colossal insight into the key drivers for Arab unity and who what should control occupy the public agenda here in Oman.

Some might call him a towering monument to the level of intellectual public debate we have here in the Omani press.

Yes folks, here in Oman, Essa can print (with a license from the Government, all official and everything, no worries on that score I can assure you) fearless and brave statements about exactly what he thinks is really going on.

And cheers to that Essa.

Perhaps I should think of you more as a canary in a cage....


  1. One thing should be very clear, if the Israeli military were behind the Somali pirates, it would not be the simple ass, rag tag operation that it is. Whether you love'um or hate'um, (and I do not like them at all) you have to admit the Israeli military is a well oiled, efficiently operating machine. Why all this effort on the part of Shk Issa to make something that is so simple, ie, Somali pirates raising hell for money, into something so complicated, ie, an international zionist conspiracy. I think he playing to the 'hometown fans'. Leave him alone. He is harmless. Only an embarrassment.

  2. What I want to know is who is Times of Oman going to hire once Issa kicks the bucket. Maybe we can give that dude a red pill earlier!


  3. He is a man that we do not agree with, but that should not stop him from writing. Why do you guys pick on him only when jews are the center of his story?? He writes lots of non sense!!!!!

    He worked hard (smart) enough to own a newspaper, what did you bunch of losers do?? Clap a hand for running a blog.

    His analysis is stupid, but there are people who love what he writes and that is why he writes it, simple.

    I say Mr. Essa write whatever you wanna write and leave these losers shaking there heads.

    As Abdullah said "He is Harmless"

  4. T, yup there are people who love what he writes but there are even more people who don't love what he writes. And since he writes for the masses, I think he should actually try and see what they think of his writing and incorporate that feedback innit.

    The problem is that he is a senior editor of a widely-circulated paper of the Sultanate. The quality of his writing is, for good or worse, considered a reflection of the people reading the paper, and in general, a reflection of the people. If we are thought to be reading and accepting such drivel, we are all thought to be weirdos. Sadly, that we are not. Do ALL the people in Iran spew Anti-America rhetoric at every opportunity? No! But we think so because the most visible person does. Zajdali is visible. So he should be a better reflection of the (intellectual) masses of his readers. After all, a news paper should be a bit more intelligent than its most intelligent reader, otherwise its not worth reading.

    As for us, we're running blogs 'coz we know better than to stuff our stupid li'l opinion down people's throats.


  5. Sorry, Forgot!

  6. This man is so insular that he fails to understand that he is a source of ridicule ot only for himself but Oman. My Omani friends are well educated and experienced travellers, they cringe when they read stuff like that.

    This is basic misuse of a newspaper, it's his toy and he uses it for his vile bile.

  7. hmm, this is my first post on this blog, at the begining I thought this is a good blog with interesting stories and covergaes! I still have that feeling except that I see more attacks on people who do not agree with the Zionist approach!! for zionists they are justified to kills the millions of innocent people and guess what the civilized world and civilized blog owners keep silent but on the other hand,it is shameful to just talk a word about zionists and the ones who do so will be attacked by all means!! UD you are attacking the guy for you are a Zionist are't you? otherwise why dont you blame or critisize the thousands of writers, journalists in all types of Media who point fingers to Muslims all the time for all kinds of crimes happening on the world?? terrorist from Middlea East crimes are coming as reactions to western and American emperialism and occupations of Islamic territories, war fares etc..
    if Muslims are terrorists by nature they would have killed all the millions of Christians, Jews who lived in Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Yemen, North Africa, Lebanon, Palestine for more than 1400 years!!! instead they protected them, gave them freedom of worship and keeping their faith. GO and READ History

  8. Mr T.

    As I stated, I fully support Essa’s right to pontificate as he likes, much as I disagree with almost everything of import he says. I think my position on free speech is clear. However, just because I think someone has a right to say something does not mean I have to agree with it, or can’t criticise it. (and I remain of the opionion such stuff is illegal under Omani press law).

    I also think his position as one of the few editors and newspaper owners in a country famous for its lack of free press is a privileged one. His opinions are seen by people in and outside Oman as representing not just his view, but those of a wider Omani community, and this is (even in this case) undoubtedly true to an extent. But I don’t think it’s good for the country’s image, or our foreign diplomacy efforts, to have such idiocy published on the front page of a national paper. In a similar way, the ridiculous pronouncements of the Saudi islamo-nutters or the Iranian President reflect on the general perception of their entire countries, unfair that that might be.

    And I suspect the anti-jewish stuff he prints is more consistent with the strategy of Iran to insinuate Iranocentric and extremist Shia controlled views into the minds of the people of the GCC and wider Arab culture, and is not consistent with the stated Oman Government view or Ibadhi approaches.

    Such facile racist extremism, combined with a stated belief in the well established hoax that is the Protocols of Zion, does a disservice to Oman.

    It’s actually the sort of stuff the Israelis would love to see being printed, as helps them to paint all criticism of Israeli actions as simple mindless anti-Semitism, and all arabs as jew-hating racists. This is why such ranting is fully in line with the wicked global Zionist conspiracy he claims to believe in.

    Abu Zulfa
    LOL. I’m sorry to disappoint, but I am not a Zionist, and am not even a supporter of the often fascist actions of the Israeli Government.

    I am always offended when religion causes people to do anything that negatively impacts other human beings, especially when it is in conflict with common sense, common decency, the rights of people to think what they want, or to do whatever adults consensually choose to do in private.

    I do think a pragmatic solution to the Israeli/Palestinian problem is possible, and because of the powers in play that solution will necessitate a 2 state solution. All parties: USA, Saudi, Iran, Gulf, Russia, Europe, etc etc are only concerned with their domestic agenda and their perceived national self interest.

    Justifying the deliberate murder of innocent men, women and children as "reactions to western and American emperialism [sic] and occupations of Islamic territories" is total psychotic horseshit.

  9. Did any of you think of why would he write such stuff?? Simple, to help sell the newspaper. To him the newspaper is nothing more than business and he will do whatever it takes to sell it.

    I think he is using controversy to help him sell, and I have to say that it seems to be working. Even the people who don't agree with him are buying & reading it (you guys). It's cheap or we might not agree with it, but it is working (and don't give us that crap about editors should have ethical values, this is the real world)

    I don't see his writing mirroring the Omani people views, not all at least.

    Mr. Essa if you are reading this, please stop laughing it is not funny anymore, but it is always your right to do so.


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