Saturday, September 27, 2008

Somali Pirates really asking for it...

Following a rash of successful hijackings of commercial ships off the coast of Somalia recently, plus the recent rescue by the French Navy of a French sailing couple, I suspect these guys might regret taking this latest one, a ship containing at least 30 tanks and assorted military hardware from the Ukraine, bound for Kenya.

They are asking for $35 mln. I suspect instead they are now going to get a lot more attention from the great powers. France is already on the case along with help from the Italians and Spanish, the Americans got involved a couple of months ago in passing, but now the Russians are sending a ship too.

It reminds me of one of those movies where the hero mistakenly steals a suitcase full of money from the Mafia, and finds out the Mafia are less concerned about getting it back than blowing away whoever took it. I don't think those ship-nappers will find the Russians are into paying for what's theirs already...

And I still think Oman should be tagging along to assist with the international effort. They are the only sensible country nearby with a half decent set of warships, and its an ideal opportunity for Oman to flex a tiny bit of regional muscle, gain some live fire practice for the Navy, all while doing the world a favour.

Just a suggestion...

BBC online
Pirates 'want $35m for tank ship'

Experts say piracy has become big business in the area. Pirates who seized a Ukrainian ship off the coast of Somalia have reportedly demanded a ransom of $35m (£19m) to release the vessel and its crew. The pirates earlier warned against any attempt to rescue the crew or cargo of the MV Faina, which is carrying 33 battle tanks destined for Kenya.

Pirates have seized dozens of ships near Somalia's coast in recent months. A Russian Navy vessel is heading to the region and the US says it is monitoring developments in the area.

A spokesman for the pirates, who gave his name as Jalal Jama Ali, told a Somali website that the group were prepared to negotiate with the Kenyan government, but would not release the vessel unless the ransom was paid.


  1. Somalia must be the only country in the world without a gov.

    Not clear why America did not go to defend democrcy or look nuclear weapons..... I guess its cause they are poor

  2. Somalia? Give us a break! Been there, done that. Don't you follow Hollywood?


    Uncle Sam.

  3. Instead of being cynical about the Americans needing to police the world, I'm suggesting Oman do something to contribute.

    And the Russians will not be so careful about breaking a few heads...


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