Thursday, September 4, 2008

How to have sex in Muscat!

You know, I get a lot of hits from guys (I'm assuming here) in Oman searching for Filipino girls, Muscat girls, how to get girls in muscat, muscat sex, sex omani girls, prostitutes muscat, gay sex muscat, etc etc etc. Sex is clearly, like the rest of the world, on the mind of a lot of people in Muscat. Oh yes.

And from what many of my Omani friends tell me, there is also a LOT of premarital sex going on here. Despite what the uptight, religious morals, no-sex-until-you're-married types on the Sablas might want to think. They'll meet each other in the malls, or supermarkets, or at Shatti, exchange numbers, and hook up. But only if he's got a decent car, apparently. The girls will cover for each other with their respective parents, pretending they are out together, when they actually meet up with the boyfriend.

So, as sex education is not a part of the Omani school curriculum, and access to appropriate literature is also out, I bet there's unfortunately a lot of really bad pre-marital sex happening (and maybe some bad married sex too). So, kids, here is an excellent guide to sex, and how to do it properly. Grab a look before Omantel reset the filter [yes, I'm afraid I also get regular visits from Omantel. Hi there!].
WARNING: Following this link my be illegal in your country.
Ensure that viewing of sexually explicit is legal where you are and that you are old enough to view such material before following this link.

Instructables: How to have sex

Another good source of sensible down to earth advice on sexual behaviour, the sort of adult advice that the straights won't like at all, is Savage Love: great reading for all, and especially those who are not vanilla heterosexuals.

And while I'm at it, another great site I'd recommend is the female porn reviewer Violet Blue. You'll have to skirt the filters to see her site, but then you all know how to do that already, right?

Enjoy the weekend! (oh, And please protect yourselves from unwanted side-effects of sexual activity - STDs, pregnancy - and use condoms.)


  1. I like how no one has commented on this entry. Do people really have nothing to say on the subject?

    -Amused Omani in the US

  2. I have tonnes to say on the subject!

    Sexual education should be a key part in everyone's education, so that:

    a)everyone can be sexually satisfied
    b)everyone is more aware of STI's (formally known as STD's)
    c)there are less guilty type feelings associated with sex thus making a perfectly natural event unassociated with embaressment, guilt, stigma, etc.

    Plus I think the proper kind of education would include self satisfaction as well as the mutual satisfaction of a partner.

    Also, and something that I always felt was missing from Western sex ed classes was the concept of "doing what feels good" instead of "doing what we feel we should" which could lead to opressed sexual desires...

    I could go on... but it's not my blog ;)

  3. Omani in US
    Perhaps the topic is a little off the path considering the month?

    You go! Post something on it and I can link to you ;-)
    I am also, naturally, a big fan of decent sex education at an early age. But look at how difficult that is in the west, let alone here. The internet may be the only saviour for these kids to get actual information rather than propoganda.

  4. Shaw "dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire" all I can say is compare an omani girl dancing to a girl from the west and the omani girl wins hands down - I think that says a lot... That link looks so dry, textbook mechanical and basic so unless it was tongue in cheek...?

    besides anyone read Burton's translations of eastern classics like 'the perfumed garden', '1001 nights', and the kama sutra? I dont think we need educating in that department.

    I recent survey showed that only 32% of women in the UK and 36% in the US reached orgasm regularly. The stats for eastern countries would be intresting

  5. On a somewhat related subject:

    I would not have been such a total slut in my younger years if anyone had ever told me how freaking awesome married sex is. It's so great to be with somene who knows exactly what you like and how you like it. Getting married was a revelation, I was like "OMG! sex is Awesome!"

    I wasted my time on years and years of truly pathetic performances from guys who just were not worth sleeping with twice.

    You get all this heavy, guilt and religion inspired Abstenence eduction, They terrify you and make you feel weird about your own body, and make out like sex really isn't that enjoyable anyway. Adn it's a self fulfilling prophecy, the sex really isn't any good, but it's still interesting. The education fails to take into account that seeing someone naked is always interesting.

    My two cents, anyway.

  6. Good topic, many Omanis need advice on this matter even if its for when they get married.

    ruwiite: I think they still do, even though there were sex manuals in the old days not many people even know about them.

  7. Seeing as its Ramadan (sorry Dragon) there is a saying of the Prophet (PBUH) where he said something along the lines of "do not be like the he camel that goes to the she camel and fulfils his desires without fulfilling hers". So essentially it is compulsory for a man to give his wifey a good time in sack (and presumambly vice versa) and its rewardable! So get busy learning and practicing folks!

    p.s. you find the sap of many omani girl rises especially in the summer :-)

  8. I have you now on my google reader. Really curious to know about this exotic other side of the world. Royals, Sultans, etc. We read a lot about Dubai, usually those touristic articles saying the same two or three things. Oman is really new. Maybe ordinary people is fascinated by Sultans and Royals. Those funny white dresses. As a brazilian, feminist, socialist, ist ist... it is difficult to understand those tough religious rules on women. Because, for men, as i have seen in chats and reading, it is easier everywhere. Strange how people can accept prostitution as ok, specially with expats. Keep writing!

  9. i would still like to know where to go to meet all these women- any suggestions>

  10. realy bad to give the words to non strong muslim

  11. Strange to talk based on sex and education, any people in the world does not need a teacher to know how to exercise to the people of ginseng be posted and non-cultured

  12. I totally disagree with you
    I am omani and the sex life is much better in Oman it is almost same as other countries.
    I may agree with you if u are talking about last 10 years but not now
    I interesting to read you article

  13. you don't need to teach Omanis how to have sex
    what are the results of sex education in the west?
    the results are high rate of divorce, large number of prostitutes and gays, husbands killing their wifes, and vice versa
    Thanks to God, Omanis are very happy in their marraiges and sex life
    I advise you to go back to your country and tell them how successful Omanis are in their marital lives
    so they can stop committing sucide and killing each other and drinking Alchohol all the time
    Thank you so much for trying to post a good thred
    hope you come up with a good topic next time

  14. peters

    i am to come to oman as a worker. I am wondering where I can obtain Sex even if it means paying for it. from a free place where you do what you want but here, it's restricted what's your advice?

  15. Then there is all the on-the-side sex that the wifey back home doesn't know about?

  16. Sex must not be culture of Islamic Country... its allowed after marrige...

    you all bastereds stop talkin about sex so openly.... Im coming fom Pakistan to ruin you all sooon.....

    just wait....

  17. hahahahahah 1! u guys are sooo funny ! lol !! hhahahah ! bwhahahahahhahHha

  18. It's not sex education that is needed as explained by an Omani here, redicilous to assume people have a problem there. It's 'safe' sex that we should be discussing. And yes as an Omani ideally we shouldn't have that problem since it happens after marriage. However, we can see this is not eutopia.

    Just a comment, people shouldn't be practicing, but enjoying the partner's company. it's not a chore, or a test to pass. It's life.


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