Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Times Of Oman Editor repays Koreans: Part 1

As promised, here's a summary of the first quid pro quo stories that have been published by the self serving Editor of the Times Of Oman Essa bin Mohammed Al Zadjali, following his freebie trip to Korea for the tremendous Korea-Arab summit (paid for by the Koreans and the Saudis). Funnily enough, the reports from the incredibly important summit, in fact "a turning point in the Arab-Korea relations" weren't printed by the other papers in Oman. Strange indeed.

And no mention either that the President of Sudan, a star guest of the talk shop, is viewed by most countries as being personally responsible for committing large scale state sponsored genocide in Dharfur... Ahh, but Sudan, the largest country in Africa, is chock full of resources, and Korea wants resources... So thats all right then.

Lets keep count of how many more articles that favorably portray the Koreans come out during the year. So far 2,258 words have been printed.

Article 1/Editor-in-chief of ‘Times’ off to attend launch of Arab-Korean Organisation
Times News Service
Saturday, May 24, 2008 1:03:34 AM Oman Time
MUSCAT — Essa bin Mohammed Al Zedjali, editor-in-chief of Times of Oman, left for Seoul yesterday to attend the launch of the Arab-Korean Organisation, scheduled for Monday. The visit is taking place on the invitation of the Korean government.
Article 2/Korea-Arab Society inauguration today
Times News Service
Monday, May 26, 2008 12:55:16 AM Oman Time
SEOUL (South Korea) — Around 200 representatives from 22 Arab countries arrived here for the inaugural ceremony of the Korea-Arab Society (KAS) , which will be held under the patronage of the Korean foreign affairs and trade minister today.

The representatives include leaders from business, academic, cultural and religious circles, as well as ministers and senior officials from participating Arab nations, including Sudan, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

President Omar El Beshir of Sudan, the president of Djibouti and representative of Abdulaziz Bouteflika, president of Algeria, will address the delegates.
Article 3/New society to build on Korea-Arab cooperation
Tuesday, May 27, 2008 12:49:59 AM Oman Time
WE observe with joy today, May 26, 2008 (May 21st 1429 in the Islamic calendar), the birth of the Korea-Arab Society (KAS), a new mechanism to give fresh impetus to various existing organs of cooperation between Korea and the Arab world on bilateral and multilateral levels.

Korea’s former president Roh Moo-hyun first announced the idea of the Korea-Arab Society on his visit to Saudi Arabia in March 2007. Since then Korea and the Arab countries have intimately cooperated for the materialisation of this plan. Both sides have put efforts into enhancing mutual relations in many sectors, including politics, the economy, culture, society and academy.
Article 4/A turning point in Arab-Korea ties
Times News Service
Tuesday, May 27, 2008 12:51:44 AM Oman Time
SEOUL (South Korea) — Korea hosting an international conference to launch the Korea-Arab Society (KAS) yesterday, was a turning point in the Arab-Korea relations.

“By hosting an international conference to launch the Korea-Arab Society, Korea is certainly creating an important additional instrument to further consolidate its relations with all Arab countries,” said Ahmed Bourzaim, ambassador of Morocco and a delegate at the conference.

Also present at the launch function here were dignitaries like Omar Hassan El Beshir, president of Sudan; Ismail Omar Gulleh, president of Djibouti, Ahmed Ouyahia, personal representative of the president of Algeria, and other Korean ministers and delegates. Essa bin Mohammed Al Zadjali, chairman and editor-in-chief of Times of Oman and Al Shabiba, was part of the Arab delegation attending the conference.

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  1. Really, the only drawback to criticizing the English press her - and the Times above all others - is the extent to which it is shooting fish in a barrel.

    Which makes it no less diverting.

    But this is really to let you know that you've been tagged. This means you must:

    - Pick up the nearest book.
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    I have a feeling you will have a much more serious tome to hand than my other taggees!


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