Saturday, June 14, 2008

Confession - and a link to the best urban myth site

Confession - it turns out that photo I posted last week of an oil rig and a tornado was, how shall I put it, slightly fake. A reader [thanks A.M.] emailed me the true story, that it was taken in Florida and has been photoshopped at various times. The actual dramatic part - the funnel and lightening - are true though.

Co-incidently I was checking something else out on Snopes myself, so I thought I'd share as a lot of people don't know about Its an excellent site of various urban myths which stories are true, which not, and which are sort-of true. Its a great site [caution: its quite addictive] fuelled these days by the turbo-charged power of email, the net and photoshop that are used to spread all sorts of crap.

Highly recommended.

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