Tuesday, June 3, 2008

HM's Aunt's Palace: Ain't that sweet?

A friend of a friend was playing around on the (amazing and simply fabulous) Google Earth, and came across this wonderous image. He forwarded me the link.

It's the farm and palace of His Majesty's Aunt, just down the road from HM's place at Barka.

And its in the shape of a heart. Isn't that sweet?

23°38'43.92"N 57°59'16.15"E


  1. ...and an arrow going through it!

  2. Yeah! Totally amazing.

    I'll post a pic of his palace today. Its got a great pool!

  3. So, so, so so, sweet.

    I Love it.

  4. Went cruising around Google Maps after I found this and also came across the palace complex.

    Yikes! From the air, it looks like Disneyland rolled into Versailles. Pretty astonishing - does the rest of the Family live in all those villas? And what's with the shopping-center size parking lot?

  5. I'd rather be locked-up there than the Black Tower anyways. Willie Dryer

  6. Just below the heart is what looks to be a roundabout in the shape of an eye and to the left of the heart is a u-shaped lighter bit of ground.....do we have an "I Love you" ? ;-)

  7. Around the walls of her house are hearts all around...............even the gates are hearts shaped.

  8. is she married?

  9. Where are the privacy police? Sorry. Had to dredge it up.

  10. Suburban, I always guessed you'd be a romantic softie at heart.

    Alex, you can see lots of great things on Google earth.
    I'll post a list of 'ínteresting coordinates' later this week Heh heh

    You're probably closer to seeing the inside of the Dark Castle than I am.

    Anon - yep. You're right. And pick a FCUKIN NICKNAME

    Thanks for the info.

    Anon. (do I HAVE TO REPEAT MYSELF for fcuk's sake?) No. And she's old.

    Yeah I expected that to. But let's face it. The satellites are public domain now. But thanks for baiting.


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