Thursday, June 12, 2008

Advice for a single woman

I had an email recently from a single woman moving to Oman, asking what it was like?

Well, for all you single girls looking to come to Oman, here’s my take, for what its worth:

If you like drinking (alcohol), don’t mind that there are only around 5 good bars and 2 night clubs, and like men (middle aged white, or 20s Omani), you’re in for as much fun as you like. You can have as much sex as you want, as often as you want. Some of it may even be really good.

Sometimes the foreign Navy boats visit. Brits, American, French and Italian (the latter highly recommended).

I’m afraid I have no info on the lesbian scene in Oman, much as I’d like to. Comments readers? Email the pictures.

If you’re 20-45 and cute, the men will beat a path to your door. You’ll never have to buy a meal or drink again. The downside is you’ll get a lot of assholes trying to pick you up, in between the good ones. So, wear a wedding ring, so you can always claim to be married. It’ll make coming through immigration easier too. The men who you let through won’t give a shit that you're married - trust me.

If you're a little on the heavy side, don't worry. Especially the Omani guys actually prefer a little something to hang onto.

Don’t dress like a tramp – you’ll get treated like one. Be wary of the taxis. Don’t walk on Intercon beach alone in the late afternoon or at night. And if you’re blond, dye your hair brunette. It apparently sucks to be a single blond woman. Again, no-one will care that the collar and cuffs don't match.

If you’re looking for culture, like opera and good bands touring, or museums, … you’re shit out of luck. We only have 1 half decent book store in the whole country. If you like sun and beaches, and camping, you’ll love it.

I’m sure more good advice will be offered by my readers!


  1. you are crazy............... but honest :)

  2. Thanks Coloman. I'll take crazy but honest.

    Any advice to add?

  3. I second Coloman.
    "I’m afraid I have no info on the lesbian scene in Oman, much as I’d like to. Comments readers? Email the pictures."
    lol, Funny too!

  4. If you're too hot to be contained, think no further

  5. though i am a local i am still waiting for this part to come true " You’ll never have to buy a meal or drink again."

    I have been out and about but have never witnessed the above being done.

  6. Wardat,
    Sorry if this is disappointing you. There are some extra considerations I suspect for the Western ladies that the local girls may not be getting as easily. There is a certain cache to going out with a western girl. Plus the western girls tend to drink alcohol, which makes a HUGE difference. No one I know really enjoys going out for a wild night on the mango juice.

    But eventually a key 'quid pro quo' of mutual consent is traditionally involved, or at least implied, or hoped for ...

  7. Wallah, Dragon, this post is fantastic... U ARE A GENIUS!!!

    Anyway...don't underestimate the Mango Juice choice!!!


  8. I bet this lady was desperate, sorry.

  9. Coloman, Yuseff, Chiarina
    Thx. Do you all have no advice for a single white girl? Don't be shy.

    Not at all. I think she was worried she was heading to some pseudo-Saudi hell-hole.

  10. Oh god. I could write a book on this. This is Sooooo my area of expertise.

    Assuming the single girl is sane, comfortable in her own skin, and not particularly high maintinance she'll have a blast. I did.

    Oman is a great place to be a woman. I've never felt safer anywhere, and I've never felt oppressed or discriminated against in my feild of work.

    If you are western, you are treated almost like half a man, half a woman. you get the best of both worlds.

    It's easy to be like a kid in a candy store with all the men available. Who wouldn't want to try them all? However, Muscat is a Really, really, really small town that loves a good gossip. Your reputation preceeds you here. Use the greatest discretion possible in the early stages of any relationship.

    There area lot of places outside of bars to meet new friends. The Auto Club, the Dive Center, or at an of the cafes around town.

    Take the lead and go over and talk to people. I have never yet had anyone react negatively to starting a conversation.

    Muscat is still a pretty casual place, blue jeans or a longish skirt with a simple top worked for me every time.

    99% of taxi drivers will hit on you but it's mostly harmless. You can't really blame them for trying. Sit in the back, always.

    It's a muslim country, dress accordingly. (even at the bars)

    I don't date or even hang out with guys who don't introduce me to at least some of thier family straight away.

    baby's awake. More later.

  11. Suburban......... I lost the got a baby and you want guys to take you their family members !!!

  12. Among the many other things you want to do to guarantee Social Success (so many of the already laid out so sensibly by Suburban), I can only add: make friends with the Confirmed Bachelors. The Friends of Dorothy won't hit on you, won't tattle to your girlfriends (or your visa sponsor), and tend to have such interesting lives themselves...

    And I can almost guarantee you'll be better dressed for virtually every occasion...

  13. There are more than willing local women who drive on more than mango juice and as mentioned censent be it asked, given or generally taken for granted

  14. Suburban,
    Thanks for the insight. I was hoping you'd weigh in. Great advise. I especially like the tip on only going out with Omani guys that introduce you to family.

    I think she meant to say 'didn't' rather than 'don't'?

    I totally agree. Oh, for a decent full on gay club... ah well...

    But while we wait for that, where would a nice new white girl best meet the Friends of Dorothy?

    I know. Thank goodness. But do tell more. What's it like? Who are better, the Omani guys, Westerners, Indians, Lebanese.. Advice please! Lessons learned?

  15. Anon,
    4 the Mango Juice i was referring to:
    "... No one I know really enjoys going out for a wild night on the mango juice...."

    4 the "fantastic post" i was IRONIC... -like someone else here, but most of y didn't notice!!-..fantastic is the idea of givin' advices 4 "singles moving to Oman".. :D

    [..but i'm not joking when i say that U.D. is a genius!!]

  16. Warda,

    Let me know how to get in touch and will see how far can prove 'that part' to you. Anyway, satisfaction is guranteed

  17. Well, I am a young Western woman (under 30). I have grown up in the region. I will just say that one should proceed with caution. Do not lower your standards. If you are an educated young woman with your sh*t together, you may struggle to meet quality men. I know I have.

    Be aware that if you date Omani men-- and this is a fact-- it will be you who makes most, if not all, the sacrifices and concessions. The family is number one (as it should be) and their wishes/concerns/ whatever will most likely always supersede yours as a couple. If you will do that for love, more power to you. Personally, I have learned the hard way about this.

    If you date expat men, do your homework. Many of my friends have ended up involved with guys who have ladies back home. So watch out.

    Finally, and this is the MOST important, remember you are always being watched and, sadly, judged. This is gossip central. It is SO easy for girls to get a bad reputation. You can get one without even doing anything. People love to talk. And, it can impact you, even your work. In this country, not exercising self-discipline can result in people losing respect for you, which will not be good for you.

    And because life isn't fair, somehow women are always more harshly judged.... like we are somehow the keepers of society.

    Anyway, that is my side of the story... otherwise, being a woman can be great. All I have to do is smile and I get my way. Workwise though, if you are in a male-dominated profession, prepare for a struggle.

    Feel free to contact me with any specific questions.

    1. Dear Victoria, thank you so much for your post. I have no idea whether this will reach you, or not, but I'm a 38-year old white, blond, tiny female dentist. I'm contemplating taking a dental post in Al Ain - but have just discovered the job is working for locals and with locals (only - i.e.: unpioneered by expats). Would you recommend? I'm worried that if I become the "preferred dentist" (due to the colour of my skin/single female, etc.) that I may stimulate too much jealousy amongst colleagues. Do you think I'm fretting over nothing? Or could you imagine this as a legitimate concern? Thank you. I'm so grateful for your time. - Melody (Email:

  18. Viki,

    It's not just in this country, but yeah, it's hard to get quality 'human' nowadays. I think positive thinking with some 'let it go' attitude would just work fine, and more importantly relationships should be win-win situation to last.


  19. hey guys!! I love the post, and as an omani single woman I think its a very accurate assesement. As for the lesbian scene, I am yet to stumble on any official place to hang out, because its a very private circle of Omani women with a very religious exterior, not anyone to party with on a thursday night!! But I do have my hopes up that the gay guys here will eventually make thier own trendy place that'll become the place to be!!! cheers everyone hope you enjoy the country!

  20. Perhaps trusting your instincts is always the wise course! With respect to finding quality humans, well this is becoming a deep and sticky problem every where. Here in the U.S., good people with honest and pure hearts are a rare rarity! I am about to make the move to Oman next month - I am adopting the option of putting my best foot forward and and always thinking of "when in Rome"....


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