Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No its still not a cyclone.

The lack of water in the Omani supermarkets is testament to the fear of another Gonu II. And, hey, I stocked up on water too last week. Not because of a cyclone. Because I don't want to run out of bottled water when everyone ran out and bought it.

Some of you will be thinking: OK, you think you're so smart Mr Dragon, is it then just co-incidence that right now, its raining in Salalah!!!!!

Yes. The rain is because there was a small storm that's drifted in from offshore Yemen. You can see it on the sat pic. This is not a tropical cyclone. And, hey, its Salalah. They often catch a piece of one of the chain of monsoon storms constantly rolling across the Indian Ocean from the NE tip of Africa across to India at this time of the year. You can see them beautifully on the Infrared satellite here.

The Muscat area, and the area that generated Gonu last year, is still totally clear of anything remotely looking like a cyclone.

Although, now the UK peaple who mis-predicted a possible cyclone are now apparently predicting another one. Hmmm. Maybe they'd notice the first one didn't appear. And maybe their model needs correcting???

If Gonu II does appear, you'll have at least 2-3 days warning people.

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