Saturday, May 17, 2008

AAJ is back with Oman fullpage ad

Good to see AAJ holding had a full page ad on the back page of the Oman Tribune today, celebrating being awarded a big project in Bahrain. It also mentions their involvement with the 'successful Blue City Project in Oman'. Someone obviously didn't send them the memo that officially its now always referred to as Al Madina A'Zarqa.

Interesting. I wonder if the Times of Oman also took the ad? (given the link between Blue City, Cyclone LLC and the ownership of Times of Oman, the Chairman of Blue City being Anees Issa Al Zadjali). I haven't had time to check the Times today.

I'm still trying to get some more details on what's really happening on this project behind the scenes following the recent court case victory of AAJH. Expect an update next week, it takes time to verify things on the QT.

Of course the official websight has still expunged all mention of AAJH. The list of consultants is long, but of course the Architects now are Foster & Partners, and not AAJ's outfit. But construction of the camp for the workers for phase 1 looks almost complete. So despite the wrangling, at least the project is still moving. Certainly the PR machine is going strong.


  1. Bring it on.

    Willie Dryer

  2. Dragon - I saw the ad too, and immediately thought of your blog! :P ?

    is that your address?

  3. Willie,
    I know you're a big fan of Blue City!

    Close! My email is undercover (dot) dragon (at)

    Putting it in this format helps avoid the spam spiders. Presume you can work it out!


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