Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oman is surrounded by shit holes

I’ve often noted that Oman is a beautiful country totally surrounded by shit-holes: Yemen [Crazy violent anarchy] Saudi [crazy religious nut cases and despots], Iran [crazy authoritarian religious nuke-seekers], and of course, the good ol’ UAE [spoilt oil rich pimps and labour expoiters].

This is a good example typical of UAE.
Dubai: A court has upheld a 10-year jail sentence against an unemployed visitor who sexually exploited a penniless housemaid by forcing her to sleep with 20 men in one day for money.

Here's the Gulf News article
That's OK, you might think. 10 yrs for pimping. What are you complaining about 'Dragon? Some bastard forces women into prostitution, essentially sex-slaves, and gets 10 yrs when he’s caught (by the woman getting the courage to report him despite the risk of beatings or worse).
And the response from the sympathetic UAE to the poor woman’s plight? She gets 1 year in jail for ‘prostitution’.
He was charged with beating, threatening and forcing L.K. into prostitution after locking her up in a flat which he rented for that purpose. He also forced a 22-year-old compatriot woman, B.A., to work in the sex industry. The court sentenced B.A. to one year in prison for prostitution
How totally fcuked up is that? The sentencing seems a little haphazard to say the least, reading in the same paper:
On Monday, the Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced two Chinese male pimps to six months in jail each for running a brothel of seven Chinese women who were each given six months in jail.

On Sunday, the court sentenced seven women, including six Indians and an Indonesian, aged between 24 and 38, to one year for working in the sex industry.

More Saudi Bullshit
And in yet another reason why Oman in so many ways is the 'Jewel in the Crown', the police force we don’t have here. Another good story about the misogynistic, arrogant, sadistic, torture and rape practicing religious nutcases that seem to constitute the unaccountable Saudi muttawa [aka religious police]. See Gulf News Saudi article
Riyadh: Saudi authorities are questioning two members of the kingdom's powerful religious police in the case of a traffic accident in which a man and a woman burned to death, an official said on Monday.
The Okaz newspaper said the couple were fleeing from the special police, whose duties include ensuring that unrelated men and women do not mix in public, when the accident occurred.
But Shaikh Sulaiman Al Oneizi, a senior official at the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, which runs the religious police, said there was no indication so far that the two commission members had been chasing the couple. Instead, the two were on a routine patrol near the northern town of Tabuk, when the couple's sedan crashed into a trailer truck on Sunday, Al Oneizi told The Associated Press.
No, absolutely. They were just speeding I guess, even tho witnesses at the scene confirm the couple were being chased.

I could go on. Just today, more Bombings in Yemen, fraudulent elections in Iran, oh, and the http://www.gulfnews.com/news/gulf/kuwait/10198136.html entire Kuwait Cabinet resign (again), after having some difficulty with the elected parliament not doing what they’re told and the concept of ‘opposition’.

So, go Oman.

Tommorrow I’ll try and bring some news about the story behind the Minister of Tourism’s big new house extension in Qurm, that rumors are flying about on the Expat scene. Oh, and more management disfunction at the infamous Blue City…


  1. So iran is a shit hole because they want to obtain nuclear energy? bloody hell, I guess every country is surrounded by shit holes then.

  2. Ali, u misread the context. No nuclear power was mentioned. The shit hole is because officially there are no gays in Iran (as declared in the US by their PM) and because there is religious police with sticks, hitting women who display parts of their arm...
    And one could go on... and on...
    But: 1) that does not mean that Iranians are bad - actually they are LOVELY people
    2) OMAN ROCKS. I love this country man.

  3. Ali,
    I also like Iranians - its their Government that's screwing up (see anon's comments). The Iranians don't want nuclear power, they want nukes, to have a defense against the USA and to match Israel. Fair enough. But the cost is at the expense of the ordinary Iranians, in an economy thats struggling.

    The reactor they have built is too small to be of much use for generating electricity. Plus, the Iranians have one of the worlds largest reserves of natural gas (second only to Russia) and are already just flaring loads of gas as they produce their oil. Its much, much cheaper (and faster) to generate electricity using gas turbines . If electricity was their true aim, thats what they would do. Thats why no-one believes them about the purpose of the reactor...

  4. What about other headline news countries of this region? ie Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Egypt. How do they fare? Shithole or "it rocks"?

    (My apologies for this sidetrack!)

  5. Well, they are not technically surrounding Oman... Jordan rocks. The rest I don't know enough about. I buy a lot of Lebanese Olive oil and stuff tho' and thats all great!

  6. Anon: You're ill informed then. I am not saying the Iranian government is PERFECT nor do I support it ( I hate them) but they are not as you said. You certainly don't have men with stick going around hitting girls who show some skin, hell you see girls going around holding their boy friend's hands and guys flirting with girls in the major streets. I guess you haven't been to Iran. Regarding homosexuality, you get the same with every country even with your beloved Oman eh?

    Dragon: I understand what you mean and I see your point, but what gives you the right to label a country "shit hole" just because they want to pursue another source of energy? Screw that, its like imposing ban on a nation not to develop itself. And what do you know about the ordinary Iranians?
    I know you'll say "but Ali no the government is bunch of wackos who will miss-use the power" then why the double standards? Shouldn't that apply to Israel as well? Oh ya, the economy that is struggling? maybe it has something to do with the bans imposed on Iran (beside the corruption.. sigh).

    Oh by the way, Yemen rocks... with more than half the population chewing on qat how can it not?

  7. Ali,

    Its just my opinion, and I feel I have a right to it, no matter how biased!

    And like I said, they don't want energy, they want nuclear weapons. And they should be focused on other things first. And they could get rid of the sanctions by being less petulent. The USA is entitled to not do business with them and to try to stop others doing so. Even the Russians are only worried about being paid for the reactor, and the Chinese just want their oil. They are also both against Iran getting nukes.

    I don't like the double standards either. Israel is a whole other topic!

  8. Do you mean Oman is not a shit hole? Really? I can't believe it.

  9. Just a couple of quick comments.

    I lived in Dubai for two and a half years. No soul!

    Loved Oman. Lovely people. Only complaint? Shitty public toilets.

    My wife spent time in Saudi and enjoyed the people but I was uninterested in ever going but heard expat stories of people that had insular, but fun for them, lives.

    Wished I could have made it to Beirut and Yemen but ran out of time.

    Have a friend in San‘a’ and they seem to be handling it. I don't think it's for me though.

    I hated Dubai until I started making friends. Then, I just disliked it.

  10. Any place that advocates the death penalty on little girls has to be a barbaric shit hole!


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