Saturday, March 15, 2008

Penis envy overtakes Saudi…

Always a country that likes to flop it out when oil is concerned, Saudi is apparently planning a 1,600m high tower, which would be twice the height of the two Dubai towers and 60% higher than the Kuwaiti 1,001m tower. What a total waste of money. Its not like real estate is hard to find in the Middle East (unlike, say, New York). But I guess its too embarrassing for the Saudis to have their manhood questioned over the lack of a sufficiently big one.

Gulf states in race to build world’s tallest tower

What a turn-around for a country that less than 10 yrs ago had to lean on Abu Dhabi for a $5bln loan when oil was $10/bbl.

Apparently, the alternative being considered was to just build a small tower, and then pay lots of young Filipino girls to crowd around it, all saying how it really was the biggest they’d ever seen… But the plan was dismissed in the Saudi Ministry of Information as unlikely to be believed by the worlds press.

Thank goodness Oman seems sensible enough to avoid such stupidity.


  1. " pay lots of young Filipino girls to crowd around it, all saying how it really was the biggest they’d ever seen…"

    That killed me. You are so baaaaad.

  2. Thanks Sub'! Welcome back. I hate the total hypocracy of the Saudis. They are responsible for so much of what is bad in Islam, fund an extremisation of Islam to counter Iran, fail to use their position as 'Haij Central' to propogate a moderate Islam, meanwhile the ruling class are as corrupt and venal as they come.

  3. who knows, Oman might follow suit as well. Lets see..

    Its crazy and amazing how much construction frenzy is going on in ME. Of course there is not a need for all that. Just so some people with money can buy all the real estate and jack up the prices..

  4. I think its a real problem that GCC citizens are allowed to speculate in Omani real estate.

    It has to be one reason why your land prices have skyrocketed in the past few years.


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