Saturday, April 14, 2012

HM Looks to Europe for some travelling, and Oman Cavalry set to dazzle at Queen Liz's big bash

It was nice to hear from one of my sources that HM will be visiting Europe - the Royal yacht Al Said is currently awaiting instruction in the beautiful port of Dubrovnic, stocked 24/7 with fresh chocolates and flowers no doubt. Al SAID, at 155m long, is so big it travels with a dedicated support vessel FULK AL SALAMAH, just 137m long.

The arrival of the 3rd largest private yacht in the world was enjoyed by the enthusiastic 'Boat Spotters'. Here's a nice video, in case you haven't seen Al Said.

(See youtube)

It's nice to see HM give the boats some use. He last visited Croatia in 2003 and brough along a whole retenue. He was expected to arrive by plane a couple of weeks ago, as reported on 30th March when the boat arrived in port.

Not only is the cruise season and tourist season well and truly open in Dubrovnik but it also seems today that the luxury yacht season is opening. This morning in Gru┼ż harbour the private yacht of one of the richest men in the world arrived. “Al Said” is the third largest yacht in the world and owned by the Sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said al Said. The 71 year-old sultan owns five yachts in total and Al Said is the largest measuring 155 metres and holding a crew of 140 and up to 65 guests. It is believed that the sultan will arrive tomorrow by private jet but the purpose of his visit is still unknown.

And what is cooler than to visit Europe with your own floating 7 star hotel. He deserves a good bit of R&R too. Having seen off the challenges of the Arab Spring and the Sohar & Salalah protests, new Majlis underway, new set of Government Ministers, and with Iran in talks, it's a great time for a vacation.

Also, I wonder if HM sees parallels between Croatia and Oman? The scenery is very 'Omani' around Dubrovnik. And there are similar issues of tribalism, tourism, competitiveness, unemployment, currency, & powerful neighbours. How to get Omani's more involved working in the services sector would be some good research. Croatia would love to get some of that State Investment Fund, so there will probably be deals afoot.

Of course one big reason for the trip to Europe will be for His Majesty to attend Queen Elizabeth's massive Diamond Jubilee celebration party.

It's at Windsor Castle from 10th - 13th May, in case you didn't get your invite yet. Everybody who's anybody will be there, Daaaarling!

"The World Comes To Windsor" will celebrate 60 years of the Queen's rule.

Oman will be helping the celebrations with it's own contribution to the pagent: A Passion for Tradition.

A Passion for Tradition by The Royal Cavalry of Oman.The Royal Cavalry and The Mounted Band will be performing along with The Royal Guard of Oman with 100 pure bred Arabian Horses, two drum horses and a Hanoverian ridden by the Conductor.

Awesome. Oman gets to represent the Middle East. Take that Dubai.

Photo: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos will be contributing a special Oman Cavalry & hoursemanship turn for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee extravaganza next month.

MeanwhileIt will be interesting to see the fate of the unnamed unlicensed driver who killed 2 women in Marbella. Anyone have the details?

Muscat: A young man, driving without a licence, killed two people as death toll from road accidents last week reached 14.

The speeding driver ran over three women after losing control of control his vehicle in the residential neighbourhood of Mabella in Seeb district on Wednesday.

Two women died on the spot while the third is battling for her life at a hospital in Muscat. The driver escaped with minor injuries, Royal Oman Police (ROP) said on Saturday

"Five people were killed in Muscat last in road accidents as the countrywide count rose to 14," a spokesperson for the ROP's Public Relations Department said.

And yes, I know some of you are still waiting for Part 3. It's coming along. I'm a very busy Dragon right now!


  1. there had been rumours a couple of months ago on our newspapers that the diplomatic staff was fixing his vacation in sardegna with villas, personnel and all amenities They are already dreaming of money over there, other than the Qatari emir who is buying most of costa smeralda from agha khan ^_^

  2. He’s on the way - via UAE / Kuwait.
    The young man , I gather, was known and complained about in his neighbourhood. Indeed he lives in the neighbourhood of his victims. One wonders if donuts were being demonstrated by way of cocking-a-snook? And one wonders how many families turn a blind eye to their own unlicensed children driving while tut-tutting over this incident.

  3. Promises, promises. Yes Mr Essa, I know you are a busy chap (what with screwing this and screwing that)but... when will it be ready?


  4. It quite comforting to see the country petrodollars put in good use.

  5. Such a great leader, His Majesty must be thanked for giving Oman a great foundation and making it a truly modern state. It is time to be grateful than being resentful and than cribbing all the time. HM is a great leader who has spent a lifetime developing and devoting time for the country. People in Oman should stop cribbing in the first place and be grateful about what has been done rather than what hasn't. No questioning about HM and what he does. It is time to trust in HM's wise leadership and policies. Long live HM.


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