Friday, January 13, 2012

123 Orion's Winter Bash this Thursday at Royal Flight

Local mega-band 123 Orion are doing our annual WINTER WARMER gig at the Royal Flight next Thursday - see the attached flyer! Super-star Jon G will be rockin' the place.

Muscat Confidential is a big fan of the band, and as always the proceeds go to a good cause - the charity this time is the Sindbad Mobile Library - which is a bus full of books that tours the villages of Oman in order to promote literacy for children.

UD has enjoyed many a 123 Orion gig at the Royal Flight with Ms Dragon. Cheep booze, great vibe, and only 6 rials. Ph Tess at 99525486 for tickets and info.

So Thursday night from 7:30pm at the Royal Flight in Seeb. Soup and snacks provided. Be there!

Please send photos!!


  1. I went to this last year, a fantastic evening with talented and enthusiastic musicians, not to mention a great crowd.

  2. Blue City 3? C'mon Dragon give us wot ya got. No one will hold anything against ya if its just a draft - as otherwise you've done well, but 'we' need the names and the order of it all. The Dragon slayed the BC apologists and we need your detractors publicly laid out before us... Your supporters.


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