Monday, September 6, 2010

More Insanity in UAE: Expat couple beaten up by Emirati in IKEA

A reader forwarded me the following great link commenting about the case of 3 Emirati brothers who beat the crap out of an Expat couple in the Dubai IKEA cafeteria, for, er, sitting at their table.

The original story in the National is here.

His final 2 paragraphs sum it up pretty beautifully.

Wall St. WTF

Obviously an attack on a pregnant woman by three Emirati men in the middle of an IKEA cafeteria is horrific in its’ own right and pretty hard to understand. What’s more, Dubai is completely dependent on foreigners to do most of the work, to move there, buy apartments and set up businesses in order to dig Dubai out of its deep dark hole. You would think that the authorities would deal harshly with the culprits. Besmirching the reputation of Dubai as a tolerant multicultural hub poses an existential threat to Dubai itself. Alas, it is not so. The assault occurred in June of 2009, the first hearing was in August 2010. All three assailants are free men in a city where hundreds are in prison for bounced checks. Two of them failed to even show up for the hearing and were not even required to provide an explanation. It seems also that this is a civil case. Apparently if you are Emirati beating the hell out of a non-Emirati man and his pregnant non-Emirati wife is not a crime.

It’s their country, they can do what they want, but if you ask me this is no way to run a country completely dependent on its reputation among foreigners. As sad as the article itself is the comment at the bottom from an Emirati: “they should have moved.” They probably will, and not to the next table but rather to the next country and if enough foreigners decide to follow them the creditors will beat the hell out of Dubai.

Maybe the 3 nut-case Emiratis can claim they were under the influence of the Swedish meatballs. It is, afterall, the sort of defense that has been successfully used before in the UAE.

Photo: The mad Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan torturing a grain supplier: obviously only because of his medication.

As ever, UAE - Best Avoided


  1. Irrespective of the other people possibly sitting in seats that were already taken –the reaction is priceless . It’s like a child throwing a temper tantrum – though unfortunately it’s the rule of power rather than law – bets please that they don’t even get into court.
    Of course the 3 men may well end up on the receiving end and complain at their lack of Wasta .
    The drugged out Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan (what place did he go to to get treatment) – who looks as if he is instructing the cameraman to pass him something in your picture, may meet his elder drugged brother who feels slighted by him, or the policeman doing two wheel stunts up the Sheikh Zayed highway may well meet his sergeant doing the same coming the other way .
    And what a shame that the guy who made the report dosnt realize that there are millions queuing to replace both of the two aggrieved people when they leave – money talks as much as power

  2. Ud - the piece you quote has now been updated/corrected and the reference to "civil case" has been removed.

    Not that it changes much.

  3. These power crazy arabs think it is their right to illtreat expats, who are actually present in Dubai because they are needed. I pray that all their oil wells dry up, their cars sit idle due to no petrol and the camels fall sick due to a new virus. Then these shitcrazy people will understand the value of being nice to other people.

  4. At first I kind of smirked when I read your title. Then I actually read the article, and the link, and I am sitting here going WTF on so many levels. Horrible.

  5. read the article 4 times now. still asking myself... WTF!!!

  6. First you get the money, then you get the power. Then you beat up a pregnant woman.
    Weak gutted.
    I would expect it from Qataris, but Emiratis?

    It's not even a religious issue, so I can't vent in that direction!

  7. disgusting behavior! - even if the UAE court system is not just, God is. What kind of sick human beings would behave in such a manner. They are an embarrassment to all Arabs and Muslims.

  8. The Dragon... Where'd he go?


  9. >The Dragon... Where'd he go?

    London city from all places
    (sipping his glass of bubbly at All Bar One)

  10. Finally I managed to read the story which can be accessed at:

    It seems that the Canadians were at fault by insensitively intruding and occupying the already taken table of the Dubais. The Dubai kids were clearly seated at that table so why forcibly seek to disturb them by seating near them?

    Perhaps the Dubais were adamant that their kids are not forcibly exposed to what may have turned to be the 'culturally insensitive and indecent' behaviour of the Canadians.

    The Dubais can be territorial but wouldn't an Englishman of any of England's towns, villages or cities (with the noble exception of London's)
    react in the same manner given the circumstances? Like taking their kids out at McDonald's or KFC in a place like Stoke or Wigan, seating them nicely and safely at a table only to see the table occupied in a meanwhile by a couple of weird looking/clad Arabs, pregnant woman included?
    Wouldn't they react by asking the Arabs to leave and, should they refuse to do so, perhaps turn violent?
    I mean there are myriads of similar cases like this in the UK.
    That said, the violence against the 'peaceful' Canadians cannot be excused.


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