Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Dragon departs Oman?

Well dearest Readers,

I mentioned in an earlier post that this summer/Ramadan was a time of reflection.

Opportunities abound in this recovering fiscally pumped-up global economy. A key part of this summer's extended sojourn, far away from the radiating oppressive heat of the jebels, was to sample and contractually confirm the great treasures and pleasures that were placed on offer elsewhere for the rental of the Dragon's talents.

And the results are... well..."good news / bad news".

Good News
The Dragon will keep up the posts on Oman, perhaps with a slighty lower frequency.

Bad News
The treasure on offer was way too good to resist. Especially with the added attractions of:
(1) an excellent cave in the real world*, one I can actually own freehold;
(2) shockingly reasonable prices for champagne and pork products;
(3) a city where you can drink outside in a gorgeous bar watching sophisticated people passing by, none of whom mind that you're consuming alcohol and smoking during Ramadan...
(4) living in a country with real laws and an independent judiciary, away from the ever present worry of a knock on the door by the ROP because I'd been identified by the Zedjali clan, agents of De Verre, the many wastafarians I've pissed off, some religious wacko, Mohana, OMRAAN, etc, etc, etc.

Yep. The magic had worn off Oman, I have to admit.

From a place of wonder, populated by open and generous people, Oman had slowly emerged as a place that seemed increasingly dominated by the things I disliked (and lacking the things I do like):
- Unemployed ignorant young Omanis who think the world owes them a living, and increasingly turning to petty crime, violence, yobbism, and class A drugs.
- Wonderful, intelligent and talented young Omani women cowed into wearing Saudi-Wahibi rent-a-tents, unable to be in public, and acting like they are on parole with no prospects of what I would consider a free and fulfilling life.
- A state bureaucracy dominated by rent-taking self serving incompetents in service to the oligarchs.
- A conspiracy between civil servants and populace to provide succor rather than excellence, especially in the critical areas of education, employment and health.
- A pathetic media that keeps finding new lows when it comes to not reporting on the increasingly visceral problems of hard working, yet tremendously indebted, law abiding citizens.

And all supported by an underclass of semi-enslaved Indian, Sri Lankan, Afghani, Filipino, Indonesian, and Pakistani workers. Most of whom, in my experience, were far happier, polite, civil and accepting of their circumstance than they should be.

So, Ms Dragon and myself have packed up, kissed our many friends goodbye, and left Oman for greener pastures on the glorious wings of one-way business class.

As so many mouth-breathing retarded haters on this blog (and others) have commented - "you can go somewhere else". Well, guess what, we have. You may be interested to learn we've gone to a place for more money, not less (even including taxes), and with a lower cost of living too. LMAO.

You see, we were only ever here because we liked being here.

We stopped liking it.

To my many Omani and Expat friends, most of whom didn't - and still don't - know of my alter ego; We miss you very, very much.

To my 'net friends and many ananymous sources of 'goings on' - don't worry: the internet is still there and as long as you keep emailing me, and I keep posting, what does it matter that I'm not domiciled in Muscat? In fact, being now safely out of the reach of those that might do me injustice is another dose of good news.

I am now no longer bound by the draconian laws of Oman when it comes to what I want to post on Muscat Confidential. The laws of my new cave are,.... very, very liberal indeed.

So, watch this space. I still love the potential of the country and want to keep an eye on things. And I intend to give you news you don't get anywhere else.

So hello, and goodbye. Some shocking stories in the works. Send me an email if I get blocked - where I am I won't notice.

The Dragon

*The Real World...
What do I mean by "The Real World"? Well, a place where the law is more independent and is not as controlled by vague laws and arbitrary arrest and charges. Where your right to voice an opinion is free. Where you have the right to vote, to assemble, to unionise, to form political parties, to have a say on your taxation. Where one can surf the net without filters, and use Skype and Blackberry for f*&ks' sake.

PPS: So who is the Dragon?
Ahhh, I remain wary of the long arm of a few I have annoyed here at Muscat Confidential. I intend to remain anon for now. My exit may at least eliminate a few suspects who remain!

For the good people, and there are many, I may leave a clue or two in future... Stay tuned.



  1. So long, Dragon. You shall be missed - particularly by us poor saps stuck in the Omani media, who look to you to report the news that we can't, for fear of that knock on the door...

  2. Alas, I had guessed as much. Take care Mr Dragon. You were a shining light during some very dark personal moments. Besides much else Oman can be a fecking stupid place to stay and work in.


    Willie Dryer and Bobindubai

  3. Dear Mr.Dragon,

    I am a reader of your blog for more than a year now... I liked reading all your posts. It gave me a sound knowledge of the stuff happening in Oman. I used to amuse my friends and colleagues with all the news from your blog :) As you move to greener pastures wishing you all the very best. Thank you for such an informative blog.. Will miss your blog :(

    Surekha Dhas

  4. Heheheeeee!
    (from another dragon who did it before you did)

  5. looking forward to lots more candid posts – and enjoy the pastures green - thanks for the effort you put into it – and even though old man Zidjali was locked up once years ago – they do have associates in high places - watch out for the feather men

  6. Haha! good byeee SUCKAAA!

  7. I've just arrived (from a land which sounds suspiciously like the one you've flown to) and you've left!

    Well, at least let me wish you and Ms Dragon all the very best. Thanks for your past posts - which certainly entertained, while keeping me abreast of what was happening - and let me add that I look forward to your future ones.

    And who knows, perhaps some day you'll be back? Hasta la vista! - The Snowleopard

  8. Sad to see you go Dragon I have enjoyed reading your Blog, as so much of what I experienced in a well known oligarch's business there was similar to your descriptions..

    A lovely country with fine people but the resistance to progress was, (in the end) stifling.


  9. UD

    Look after yourself buddy!



  10. Soo sad to see you leaving us, but happy that you are happy with your move.

    God bless dragon, and keep on posting.

  11. I enjoyed your blog (most of the time)
    But I can't say that I would miss you :)
    So from an Omani who loves his country & still can't handle criticism...
    I wish you burn in hell :)

  12. Will miss you Dragon.
    You kept our spirits alive..
    Will definitely miss you.

  13. Muscato goes AWOL, SubUrban leaves for the Lone Star state est, Muscat Dragon flies off – mornings will be duller

  14. Sounds like someone just got SACKED !!!

  15. OH MY GOD!!
    This is a gigantic loss to freedom!!
    Please keep posting, preferably even more freely. I am deeply shocked. I am trying to get my bearings back. Not knowing what to write.
    I wish you can hand over baton to someone.
    Though I will wish you all the very best of life,love and health. I am crying now!!!

  16. Gutted! I'll look forward to your revealing clues - there are some hefty wagers on your identity!

    Good Luck!


  17. Thanks for the well wishes. (oh, and I really liked the "Go to hell + smily face" from the hater. Sweet!)

    I may have left the Sultanate, but I'm hoping to keep the blog going, perhaps in a more commentary mode and less day to day. The benefits of being able to legally post some items means I'll be able to re-visit the back-catalogue, now I'm not as constrained by Inspector Al-Plod and the good offices of Oman's Public Prosecutions...

    So, keep those emails coming!!!


  18. Best wishes Dragon!
    Have enjoyed your informative, humorous and fearless posts over the years and I hope that others in Oman take up the cause of finding and shining a little light on the goings on that don't make the stellar local press.

    I am sure there will be cheers of delight from the small-minded, the greedy, the lazy, the corrupt on the news of your departure but I'm sure you will fire the odd salvo from your new liar!

    As fellow leaver from Oman, I share many of your sentiments and tho I do occasionally return (The Chedi is in my top 5!) I wouldn't dare invest or contemplate a business in such a random place as Oman.

    It will be interesting to see exactly how/where Oman ends up in the future....interesting from a distance......

  19. Seems like a year of goodbyes. Congratulations and good luck!

  20. Sorry to see you go- after almost 20 years in and out of Oman I saw a lot of your posts for what they were.
    As an Omani friend said to me, in Oman, the word of mouth is the law.

  21. hahaha,looks like Oman didnt need your so called expertise anymore, why so bitter? is it because you were fired? I told you, you will slip one day and now you see the outcome. Please don’t bullshit us with all that better job crap, you always thought you were better than Omanis(typical white boy mentality) now you are replaced by one. so long dragon, at least your lady won’t be to shagging Omanis anymore.
    PS. Muscat mutterings is any day better than your blog. so you won’t be missed.

  22. Miss you from where would we get the inside news from now on... who would tell us the truth. Wish you all the best

  23. You'll be sorely missed. Good luck to you :) !!

  24. Take care. I will keep looking for those personal clues cuz I like to guess who everybody is. Half the fun of your blog.

  25. Enjoyed reading most of your posts (though disagree with some of them).I started taking an interest in blogs after reading yours.
    Hope you will be able to be more open and frank since you are away from Oman.

  26. Noooo, you will be missed! Who can take up the baton and remind some of the fools in charge that they are ruining a lovely country!

  27. Hey Dragon. Wishing you all the best for the future. I have enjoyed your blog from the beginning and can confirm very many of the things said to be true. Thanks for the entertainment and enlightenment. Like you, and for many of the reasons listed, we decided to move onto greener pastures this summer. I shall miss the place after so many happy years but it does feel good to be 'free' again! As the manager of our freight company said; over the last couple of years his customer ratio has been 9:1 leaving Oman. Interesting...
    Billy Bunter.

  28. Congratulations on your new post , and no one could have ever summarized the whole situation here better than you did in these lines , all the best of luck and I am leaving too,but,I will always be following the news on this blog.


  29. Thanks for some excellent blog entries. Yours is a very good example of what the blogosphere is all about and I hope that some of your Omani readers will take some of the posts to heart.
    It is a wonderful country and HH has done a very good job to manage a tricky transition from the backwardness he inherited to the modern Oman. However he is just one person and the influences that have taken Oman in its current direction (greed, greed and more greed) are very worrying.

    I guess dragons need magic to sustain their interest and I hope you find plenty of it where you have flown to, I am sorry that Oman seems to be losing its.

    All the best, and hoping that someone else will continue to hold a mirror up to Oman.

  30. Sorry (for Oman) to see you go. I've actually done the same several months ago and don't have any regrets. Freedom is a wonderful thing! All the best, Objective.

  31. UD - Welcome to the world of those who used to be in Oman but are no longer there. But wait, it makes absolutely no difference. With the Internet, Oman has no walls and information flows very easily from (and to) those who are within.

    Your best work may be yet to come.

  32. Masalama Mr. Dragon. You'll be missed.

  33. I left last year for the same reasons, the magic has worn off and Oman is going downhill.

    Best wishes, take care.

  34. As Oman sinks global talent leaves...this country does not welcome expats and shouldnt have them either as true professionals are unable to trully deliver or educate the community and the force (as lazy as it is) is bigger than them. Hey you can only walk the donkey to the water to drink...but to get them to drink is another story!

  35. UD,

    You had the courage to report the truth and you are blessed with the intelligence not to be caught. There are so many people like you who know the truth, but lack courage and intelligence to blog it. Even after moving out of Oman, I still do not have the courage and the intelligence to bring on the truth on a public domain platform. 

    You were the best and more power to you.


  36. What a bell end OMR is! Still in his little bubble of undertaking his menial job (which will likely consist of playing on his mobile all day) and driving a heavily financed car around Shatti Cinema car park all weekend. Clearly don't get the blog thing very well.

    All the best Dragon. After OMR's petulant outburst I can fully understand your sentiments.
    Go steady.


  37. @ OMR - right on cue!

    "I am sure there will be cheers of delight from the small-minded, the greedy, the lazy, the corrupt on the news of your departure..."

    I'm sorry I forgot bigoted, insecure, racist, misogynist, uneducated, know-nothing, been-no-where, done-nothing, dip-shits....but thanks for stopping by. xxxxx

  38. As many have said, the magic seems to have worn off for Oman - not just now, but a few years back perhaps. I also left this year... and I'm an Omani. Got an opportunity abroad and didn't think twice.

    Oman's "innocence" is lost. Gone is the perception of a small, magical paradise with friendly, accomodating people and a relaxing lifestyle. Instead it's now greed, mismanagement, misdevelopment, corruption, competing agendas in high places. Like anywhere else I suppose.

    It's probably inevitable, but that doesn't make it any better.

  39. I like your blog fella, and lots of it makes sense... But, lots of us are working hard here in a time of recession, and England doesn't seem appealing for a return right now... So, we make the best of it, and respect these fine people... Yes, kids are getting nasty, but have you visited Manchester recently? They are on a different level and I rest my case... It ain't that bad here, and I for one accept the rough with the smooth... Best wishes for the future, but try and lose the bitterness, it can only serve to sour your memories...

  40. Hi UnderDragon,
    I have been an avid reader of your blog and this is my first comment since I first started reading your blog.
    First of all, you were an excellent source of information regarding Oman. I am an Omani naturalised. I live overseaes presently but would come back to Oman and live under HM's wise rule if it was not for the ethnocentric and narrow minded Omanis who seem to abound in the country presently. I love HM and the country but the the present generationn of Omanis have to live up to his example and ideals
    You will be missed
    BTW....which continent are you going to

  41. Dear Dragon,
    Wish you all the best in your new place and new job. We had some fantastic news from you which otherwise would have never reached us. Finally you admitted that you got scared of Zedjali clan/Mohana etc??? Appreciate the honesty and well timed exit.
    DA: Compared to UAE, Oman is going only uphill or at least status quo is being maintained.

  42. Whereever you may be, I hope you keep us informed and entertained with your fascinating posts! Have always loved reading your blog. All the best and I hope you have a great time in the new country.

  43. make my point...Oman was different, not a UAE! Oman has culture and genuinely hard working intelligent people...but had is the operative term!

    I refer back to a comment I made last year about the ''3 G Omani''! Maybe UD can dig it up.

    The country is incapable of running its-self and the good, highly qualified are leaving it to the lazy Omanis and Indian...I genuinely fear for Oman in the future.

  44. UD,

    We love our country and will defend it against strangers who are here temprary because of salary. You seem to be shocked that you cant drink alcohol on a nude beach every where you go, typical of classic colonial mentality.!!

    The top rich have it thier way in every country in this world ( in uk top 20% earned 50% of wealth and bottom 20% earned 2.3% !!! ) there is nothing special or new that you have added in your blog. I dont know if you realised the fact as a british that days of lecturing people in this part of world are over since Iraq invasion and real reason for invasion becoming apparant as history will reveal.
    You should have sticked to posts about lesbians,puppies and flowers.

    Omanies will deal with thier own shit when the time comes, you take care of yours.

    One down , many shall follow.


  45. OMANISATION will haunt you idiots. Oman is going UP UP UP and all you haters can say whatever you want.

    UD was scared by Zadjalis and ran like a bitch,ha ha ha.

  46. Dear Dragon,

    Please do not stop reporting on the scam that is Blue City and Anees Issa Al Zadjali!



  47. Thanks Dragon, look forward to your upcoming, uncensored posts. I too, left Oman recently because I stopped enjoying it.

  48. I hope Omani pride reflect in true spirit unlike Ahmed. Omanis need to show their worth by productivity and resilience. Do not get worked up like Mr Ahmed and resort to abuse as a justification. Most business consider/find Omanis as liability and hence Omanisation is enforced though social justification and national pride is invoked. Best spirit will take above phenomina head on and not indulge in abuse/name calling and save their skin by trampling media freedom, human rights abuse of expatriates.

  49. No posts from Angry in Oman, Jet Driver, and now UD. Methinks you were one and the same person, so many congratulations for pulling it off for so long. (Or does it just come naturally?)


  50. according to many comments here, it would seem many (Western) expats leave their homelands and work in foreign countries mainly to seek an *exotic* adventure. hmmm.... I wonder if this applies to the (Western) expats working in countries like Saudi.

  51. ohhhhhhhhhhh BEST BLOG yet for ya. I totally get it.

    The 'magic' of Oman is not magic, duhhh please.

    It is an acceptance of a place you would rather not live in but do cuz it's sunny, has some real expats some of whom actually still READ books, real ones,...., it has bars, kind of horrible but you can grin and bare it most days. How many conversations turn to how frustrated the expats with most things....let's not detail the obvious.

    Magic, ohhh you mean the boogie man that so many here believe in. And the crazy expat converts you meet along the way...and you start to believe de-evolution is real..holy shit.

    Magic, ohhh you mean how there is one price for people who are white and the other price for people who are not.

    Magic, ohhh, you don't mean 'wasta' cuz honey we ain't got none.
    Watch the movie.

    Magic, when you have three days in a row where everything gels ...and you think ya I can do this for three more months'll check in with yourself again in three months.

    Magic, eight days after the good three consecutive days you start sending your CV to everywhere on this planet earth. You even apply for positions with NASA, despite having zero experience in that field but who knows, there is the 'magic' 'inshallah' 'destiny' that could kick in when they open your email. They see the CV from Oman a region so far begotten it doesn't make 'news' items.

    So after all this..and this is NOTHING baby, NOTHING. It is barely the tip of the iceberg. So after all sit in a room with A/C blasting wondering if you can connect with the real world. The REAL WORLD. oh my god to quote USHER. OHMMM MMMYY GODDDDDD oh my.

    Then it comes out, the calculator ....The 'magic' of Oman is not magic, duhhh please is/ i mean was money.

    Not anymore. With the crash of the euro-dollar and _____________ your country currency here. Being in Oman is merely tax free.

    But taxes aren't so bad are mulling it over you start to recall good health care, or at least the option to find a good Doctor. Education and standards ain't what they used to be baby. stare at the list you made. PROS and CONS.

    mmmmm...another night surrounded by..Palm trees, and ants, and CSI re-runs. sent.

    It isn't all about money kids, it is about your life.

    Life is ment to be lived.

    So hasta la vista ..and give us a hint...which letter of the alphabet is the country which you have departed so we can start googling for work.



  52. hahhhah white people...
    fuck you all british. you know dragon one of the reason we are down in oman because of the british advisers of sultan you know them of course TIM
    Landon and his sheeps.
    go to hell

  53. So long, farewell
    Auf Weidersehen, goodbye


    All the best to you Dragon and Ms. Dragon... I'm sure Ms. Dragon has better peace of mind than when she was here in keep the posts coming.

  54. I did research for my Msc in Oman recently and found many enlightening clues for it on your blog. I love your sense for witty writing and I really enjoyed reading every little bit of your blog as well as the comments. Oman sure is a special place, I wish to go back, but only as a visitor. All the best for your future, keep us posted!

  55. Oman's "innocence" is lost. Gone is the perception of a small, magical paradise with friendly, accomodating people and a relaxing lifestyle. Instead it's now greed, mismanagement, misdevelopment, corruption, competing agendas in high places. Like anywhere else I suppose.

  56. Good luck.
    Thanks for taking the time and interest in 'Omani life' while you were here, even if it was a disappointment for you in the end - most expats come here suck up cash, add no value and hide in their camps without ever making an Omani friend, but you made an effort to learn about us, mingle and help make a difference, and for that you will be missed.

    Keep in mind though every country has its problems whereever you go, those you list are not unique to the Middle East or Oman.

    Enjoy researching Tony Blair's activities while in your new post, perhaps far more juicy than Blue city :-)

  57. Fantastic blog run by a seemingly fantastic, witty and humorous and intelligent personality.

    I don't know what significance the statement holds, but you shall be sorely missed in the Omani blogosphere.

    Cheers, and all the very best wherever your travels take you Mr. Dragon.

  58. It is a common attitude found in people leaving in Oman, that until I was here things were better and now that I leave things will go bad.
    Despite all its negatives Oman is doing much better. How much time you need to go the level of Yemen, Iran etc. There is no political or financial jingoism. Could any body imagine that UAE will become like what it is today?
    Whatever negatives are there, were always there and will continue to be so, unless there are some radical changes, and the end result will be unpredictable.
    As another member had written, UD had tremendous courage and he tried to inculcate healthy discussion of many issues through the forum. I hope more people will come forward to fill the vaccum.
    Once again all the very best UD.
    BTW the photo of dragon flying away is very nice.

  59. Masalama Mr. Dragon.

    I look forward to the upcoming stories! :)

    I hope the new job is going well!

  60. omr said...
    OMANISATION will haunt you idiots. Oman is going UP UP UP and all you haters can say whatever you want.

    UD was scared by Zadjalis and ran like a bitch,ha ha ha.

    Your childish comment simply serves to confirm why expats are so desperately needed. Your little outburst suggests that you aren't very bright. Might I suggest you still live off Daddy's money because the concept of 'hard work' simply doesn't exist?

  61. Nooooooooo :(
    That is very sad news.
    Tho I understand the attraction of the real world.
    It's strange to visit it & then come back to this... 'pocket'.
    I'm still in the (comparatively) newbie pile- so still enjoying Omans beauty.
    Well, thansk for your blog, & good luck with new adventures.

  62. As usual, the haters seem to be predominantly Omanis.
    Omanis who have never been outside of Muscat.
    Omanis who are so brainwashed that they think they have freedom of thought and expression.
    Omanis who think offering a bribe or accepting gifts above and beyond what has already been paid is good business sense.
    Omanis who think it's ok to feel up western women after they've had a couple of drinks!
    Omanis who cannot see that the gap between the haves and the have nots is growing so fast, it's surprising they haven't tripped over.
    Omanis who think it's good for women to hide their faces from everyone except their husbands.

    Farewell Dragon. I hope you, like all Dragons, have come and made your treasure, and are guarding it ferociously! Better than some stinking Indian or Omani getting their grubby hands on it!

  63. Anonymous,
    That's a fascinating comment about Tim Landon, but of course it is easy to criticise him because he is dead.
    How about being daring and naming some of the living that you so despise???


  64. It is the Omani's that should be sad of your departure, without this blog they would be living in deeper ignorance. Now they will have to revert back to the ''jolly'' news of H! and the Weak...sorry I mean WEEK! Uncle Issa can relax now and blame Israel for everything from rising prices to RTA's and the gullible will believe it.

    ''you don't know what you've lost 'till it's gone''!

  65. Dear Dragon,
    On behave of Oman people I would like to thank you for the whole period you spent in playing your role as a consultant.

    As I used to say to staff leaving the company, we will struggle for some time but we will not collapse because of one person. Ultimately we will manage.

    The same applies for you Dragon and me when I decided to leave my current company.

    Wish you good luck and keep your blog live...

    Regards, A man of inspiration.

  66. Well what a shame MR DRAGON just when i was hoping you will be air the breaking story of my experience with NAWRAS YMAX you leaving. Well let me try to share still hoping it will tell me if i am alone in this misery
    Well my saga started on 27th August 2010 when i signed up and paid 50 OR deposit plus modem and installation fees and to my surprise and horror i was not able to log in for three weeks in my first month and yet i was billed for the month and disconnected for non payment one day before my first bill arrived in email ( amazing isn’t it ) Following like a good disciple of technology when i tried to pay electronically ( as claimed on Nawras website and advice by technical support and customer champion ) i had another shock when i discovered well the electronic payment service is not available. During the time i was not able to log in remember the three weeks i registered three complains on 2200 1500 with a promise of inshallah my complain will be attended in 48 hours and 48 hours never arrived until i used my last trump card yes you guessed it right THE FAMOUS WASTA and the NAWRAS angel arrived within 5 hours and worked hard for 3 hours on the first night followed by 3 more hours the following night and did the wonder and i was connected but my happiness was short lived there i am not being able to connect again. So i rang today near MARGRIB prayers only to be told by the Nawrass hotline attended I am not alone they are over burdened with complains and have given credit to many customers for not be able to connect and promised me to PRAY in the magrib prayers for all the customers. ( hmmmmm may be they need to pray for their IPO success ) god knows how much they are loosing crediting how many customers and for how many months more )
    Well all i can say NAWRAS YMAX in my experience is definitely not PLUS & PLAY but Certainly PLUG & PAIN

    LONG LIVE OMANTEL and DR Rawas as it is using Omantel connection which has never failed I am able to communicate this experience to you and your many readers.


  67. good luck!
    so jealous... can't wait till I'll be able to say good bye to Oman.
    Omanis will never see that without expats they would still be living in tents and riding donkeys. And the time will come again :)

  68. Although saddened to see you go, I am Actually glad to see you out of harms way, i am hoping that more direct real information can be shared to expose all the incredible waste of Oman's wealth by the clowns? clans running the MOT, Omrannnn etc..

    wish you and your family all the very best

    the SVP

  69. Dear Dragon,
    How could you with your job hardly started, there is so much more you could have exposed!
    Blue Hamlet up insmoke, the fiasco of the new airport will it ever fly, come back BAA all is forgiven, the BSM and why the senior management team send their offspring away for 6th form education, will the grocer get a gong from QE2?
    Watch the brown noses rush when she and Co are here. There is still a rich vein of untapped events that deserve your attention,
    Good luck and happy landings
    Mason 33

  70. Salam to my brothers and sisters in humanity,
    I am a proud Omani working in Oman who has benefited and continue to benefit under the wise leadership of our Sultan and from the prosperity generated by the hard working Omanis in the civil and private sector. I had the privilege to study abroad in the united kingdom until my Masters degree and came to work in a private company for a number of years. I have been blessed with so many good things in life generated from my existence and relation to this beautiful country. I gave this intro to paint the picture to the dear bloggers that I am not talking from ignorance or stemming out of radical/narrow-minded view as sadly stated in some if the comments.
    I appreciate the good intentions behind the blog site created by UD and cherish the healthy discussions generated. Oman is a developing country that started its journey into the modernization quite recently after a long period of non-existing education, health or any type of social service. Yes, it was started by the vision and wisdom of a great man, but the current state of modernization, infrastructure, wealth and robust governmental structure was as result of progressive, concerned and hard working Omanis working with their brother and sisters from different nationalities to form Oman as it is today. I don't, and no Omani, can claim that the progress in Oman is solely by Omanis. Coming from poor, ignorant and dismal conditions before the renaissance, Oman has and will rely on wise, interested and qualified individuals from countries around the world. (part 1)

  71. Oman is a magical place to me and so many others, but it is not perfect. It is not the impossible concept, Utopia. We enjoy a status of Pease, ample opportunities, excellent security and good social environment in Oman. I can walk in the beach until 3 am without fear of hassle, assault or discomfort. Interestingly as one of your readers has commented, this is not possible in the most advanced and sophisticated cities in the world. I lived in Manchester for 5 years during my university studies. The house I was sharing with some of my university colleagues was stolen 3 times including once where one of us was in the home. I was assaulted with a couple of my friends once while walking in a public and seemingly safe street in Manchester (Deansgate) and this was ironically by a couple of drunken youth. I heard stories from my English colleagues regarding their isolation from their parents without even exchanging a phone call. The newspapers are filled with stories regarding murders, abuse of spouse and children, mugging and assaults. So what is my view on Manchester? It is also a magical place with lots of opprtunities and educational institutes linked to the most advanced technologies. It has lively and interesting people that are open-minded and tolerant for other cultures and ethnics. My point? Everywhere I went there is magic that is constituted by a mixture of good and bad. So do I advise my Omani brothers and sister to go for studies or work in the if given the opportunity.? Absolutely. (Part 2)

  72. The imperfection judgment is applicable to all countries I had the chance to visit: USA, Canada, Holland, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Thailand, .. The world is viewed from the glasses the person decides to put on. I know what some might be thinking: this is the opinion coming from a lucky Omani. My response is that I was not and am not a rich individual. My dad passed away when I was in high school and my family made it through due to the support and care of our close relatives and friend, to whom I will always be grateful. This aspect of an Omani social life that you will only find in small number of countries and societies in the world in addition to Oman. My story is not unique and I know so many (Omanis and non-Omanis) living in this country who achieved amazing things coming from humble beginnings.
    UD: I wish you the best in your journey in life and may this next step you have taken enrich and enlighten your mind further. I ask for a favor that you submit post talking openly and drawing comparisons between the country you’re in and Oman.
    To other readers (Omani and non-Omani alike): Oman is still and will always be a wonderful country. Happiness in life is not by what we have or not have. It's by the smiles, innocent connections with your fellow humans, being truthful with yourself and finally giving to others. At the end that all what matters.. (Part 3)

  73. Will miss you


  74. Dragon,
    All the best in pastures new. We left Oman a year ago and will always have fond memories of the country and its wonderful people. Too many good memories, experiences and pleasures to let a few inconveniences spoil our thought of that wonderful place. Everyday I find a moment to reflect back on how fortunate I was to have spent 10 years of my life in Oman. I am European but will always feel grateful to have lived in Oman.

  75. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for all the news and the effort to bring out the truth to us UD. May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we hear from you again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

    A non hating Omani.

  76. Dragon is going to become the new Stig ;-)

  77. C'mon Dragon... What about all these stories we wuz promised?

  78. W.S - I congratulate you, sir. I very eloquent, fair, and open minded account.

  79. UD,
    You mirror my feelings when I left Oman a year ago. What a magical wonderful place and I still like it. But for any venture -- business, meaningful employment, or teaching/learning -- one runs up against a wall.

    Our frustration is that what appears as common sense is so hard to explain.

    But I remain optimistic, Oman has a great future ahead of it, but probably after a generation that has to struggle a bit.

  80. All the best Russ

  81. Well well well .. The Sultanate is a beautiful place as a home country but unfortunately that SHITTIEST part of it is where the nationals are given a salary of fuk all aswell as all prices going up salary remains an issue for nationals so whoever is an expatriate receiving more than 500 i beleive you shud be a thankful F*** , it is sad to see soo many uneducated fools holding high posts and not knowing what they are actually doing on their day 2 day jobs. people who dont know sum1 in a high post i pitty very much for not being able to get a job although they have studied hard to get a long lasting career well sorry to say as an Omani I agree to the neglect that is being forwarded towards my country as i'm a victim aswell the problem typing on this blog is because of the worry of having a knock on my door while having people whom depend on my so shame on all hate from all directions and Yes to peace & love to all people - To The Dragon keep being that dragon till ur ending days theres no offence to your blog its FU*KN AMAZING KEEP IT UP aS no peace will be seen on planet earth till the day of judgement if there is no justice & equality for all whats the use of keeping quiet as most people are as fearing their @sS's .. Rest in Peace Bob ! this is my first time viewing the blog and damn i think i shall invite others to this, Question is will any change happen???? CANT WAIT 2 GET DA FUK OUTTA DIS SHITHOLE OF A LIVING PLACE WHERE DESTINY IS 10MILES AWAY FROM YOUR PALMS WITHOUT A LENDING HAND WHICH U HAVE TO GO THRU SHIT 4

  82. To W.S nice words to defend our lovely country, but I have 1 question as for the smile being put on the face, is it a forced smile as to keep ur self happy ( fake smile ) or an actual smile to being a happy citizen whom is helped by his country like other countries around the world sorry to say but our lovely country has something to do with greed somewhere but May S.W.T be with us through all .. I beleive what Dragon means is that not enough is being given to the citizens as what is being handed over to the expats , where is the Omanization being spoken about? Oil? well Oil is expensive and i beleive the funds can be given to the poor aswell brighten up the education abit more like wake up Oman, as it is currently waking up, but however our loving home be I PERSONALLY WISH not to see Illuminati's AKA Satan Worshippers in my Country as we are now witnessing dubai under construction of such statues etc. . 1 may have so much to say but when it comes to a point it overflows it comes out of hand because of not knowing where or how to start.. all the people ask for is NON CORRUPTION in the world and more common sense to be used.

  83. Gosh ! UD even a posting of you leaving is creating waves ! But than thats what your blog always was, sensationalism... no doubt, there was truth, but it was coated in the tandoori masala... I always read your blog, liked it-loathed it, found it interesting-found it crappy. But never felt the way some of the guys have written here. I guess OMR gets a quick out cussing you! I am sure this is not the end and UD will be taking many a ppl to task, but to what effect ... everyone reads and no one registers. Adieus to you and your missus .... enjoy the champagne ..........Maverick

  84. I think UD has spoken for a lot of expats who have left or are leaving. I'm one of them... We're not welcome here, but there are other countries not least our own. So, like many of my colleagues we are voting with our feet and leaving Oman with some cash in our pockets, a bit more experience to stick on an already impressive sounding CV and lots of fond memories. I'm already looking forward to my extended 3 month holiday in Costa Rica... So long Oman...

  85. I am quite happy to have left Oman recently. I came to Oman many years ago and enjoyed it very much. Most of my good friends were Omanis and they just like myself have become frustrated and disenchanted by the way things are going nowadays. As for OMR, you are an ignorant prick! If I ever met you getting into your taxi (THE ONLY JOB YOU ARE PROBABLY CAPABLE OF) outside al bashasha, Summer Sands, Al Marjan, etc, I would give you a Glasgae kiss! I am sure your wife must love you! Good luck to you UD, and good luck to the Omani women. You are definitely the future of the country!

  86. Hi UD. Good luck on your new life. I too have read your blog and enjoyed it for what it is, if you don't keep it up I will miss it.

    Your last entry angered me though, I don't agree with you and it’s kind of taken the sheen off what was otherwise a good read.

    I've grown up here (25 Years) and have fond memories such as SAF beach club in its hay day. SAF beach club closing down was my first introduction to things not being quite as they should however I don't think things have changed that much since my early days. Yes, Omanisation has stunted the 'Expat Lifestyle' we had all become used to and some of us have grown fat on but at the end of the day it's not our country, it was never going to last forever. Now those things are changing I for one am still very grateful that I can live here and enjoy the great many things this country has to offer.

    My weekdays are full of working hard and helping Omani’s progress at work, some work far harder than me! Yes, there are some guys that don’t want to be there but that will eventually decrease, it has to. My weekends are still after years of living here spent out on the water or exploring the country. Try living the same lifestyle in the ‘real world’ and see what happens!

    I reckon sitting in bars with ‘sophisticated people’ will wear off pretty fast, yes that did make you sound like a T#%t so you deserved a lot of comments posted above! Weekends spent sitting indoors or heading down to home depot will eventually make you realise what an amazing country this really is. Trust me, you will miss this place, I can count on one hand the people I’ve met who don’t.

    How safe a place to live is the ‘real world’? How safe a place is Oman to live in comparison? (Not talking about driving!) That’s just one thing that is going to hit you hard as you sip your glass of chardonnay!

    I’m not saying you’re completely wrong, I’m just saying it’s more likely that you have changed more than Oman has and probably because of what this blog has concentrated on.

    One day, I hope you realise this.

  87. I echo what ss has to say. Almost every expat I have known who has left Oman, wants to return. Oman is a beautiful and an uncrowded country. Security is second to none - I am a female and feel safe anywhere in Oman. I have had bad times but it would be ludicrous to blame it on Oman or Omanis. The good times far outweigh the bad. Life is full of ups and downs and I would rather be here when I have a downer - I can escape to the beach, gaze at blue skies and feel heartened by smiling faces. Ì am one of the priviliged few that have witnessed history in the making. I have seen slow but sure progress. Oman has a great future in my opinion.

  88. Very sad news.

    Your bitterness is highlighting what most expats have in the back of our minds but choose to bury under the positive things Oman has. If anything for sanity.

    I do agree with your post and I find your blog and others like it a tremendously important reality check. But let us not have that reality check bring us down. Let's be aware of the truth and try to change or improve things where possible.

    Things here are far from perfect, but in most other places in the world they are further still.

    Really looking forward to your posts with full freedom of speech, but I ask you from the heart to please lose the bitterness.

    Last but not least; thanks so much

  89. Dear UD! I left Muscat a couple of months ago and had kept your website as my only weblink to Muscat...
    I am very disappointed that you are not there anymore and used to find valuable information and points of view on your blog.
    I wish you all the best in your life and hope to meet you one day, if destiny decides it.

  90. I visited your blog after atleast three months. I liked your blog in 2008-June 2009. But later you just lost it. And started writing about trivial things which did not matter to greater good and society in general... But I think you were interested in increasing number of clicks, and you compromised on quality.. Anyway controversy earns .... so instead of writing on some real stuff, you were only criticizing everything around you.And writing about most unnecessary things. Good that you have gone to a liberal and "open-minded"place. Now some sense will prevail(may God help). You will focus on some really imp and significant issues. you will have lot more to think and you will really write well(which you used to) . So, all the best. Other part of the world would really clean your brains , and you will realise that there were many many positive points about Muscat and Oman in particular, and Indian subcontinent too. So, all the best again.. May God bless you with sense and long life... You were too idle here to crib and crib about everything... So, go to other place. Not that it mattered to us, but still we will live in peace..

    You concentrate more on yourself and what you have given to this wide-spread human society... instead of just criticising others... happy life

  91. just to check if comments are going in???

  92. SO you leave your identity with good people... Whats you definition of "good people"???? Just curious nthng more

  93. Against all Zoo BearsNovember 4, 2010 at 1:35 AM

    Well, Dragon, you never did publish my Zoo Bear cartoons! Not even the one in which HE Papa Zoo Bear proclaimed about the Barr al Jissah population: "Let them live in caves!"

    Sad, that Oman is devoid of freedom of press. Your blog provided a small respite from the news about various officials sending greetings to various other officials.

    Nonetheless, wishing you well.

    Against All Zoo Bears

  94. all sick ,Oman HATERS, can look for more greener pasture,
    bye folks,
    will not miss you for SURE

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