Monday, April 26, 2010

Charity Gig 29th April for the Creative Learning Center!

Yes folks, after countless circuits of Al Jazaal, Traders, Cock Bottom, Left Bank, and Safari, what to do?

Well, this 29th April you can party in a different venue for a good cause. A fan of Muscat Confidential, 123 Orion, is holding their Mayday charity gig and the benefits will go to the Creative Learning Centre!


So, go party at the always fun Royal Flight, out by Seeb, and have a good time in aid of a good cause. Let's try and crack 600 rials!

Forgot to mention: First 2 people to email and mention "Muscat Confidential" get a "buy 1 ticket get 1 free deal"!!!! Be quick!!!!

123 Orion does Charity Gig at Royal Flight - 29 April 2010
We are avid readers of your excellent blog and like you are very much interested in the development of this beautiful country in which we live. We have also been supporting local charities through our occasional not to be missed public appearances!!

As a result of your blog we have decided to dedicate this year's Mayday gig (on Thursday 29 April, 8pm doors open) at the Royal Flight to the Creative Learning Center.

The 5 Riyal ticket includes fish'n'chips, an up-lifting live music fest thanks to the 123 Orion band, and the charitable contribution to the Creative Learning Centre. (nb: last year we raised 375 Riyals for an orphanage who spent the money wisely on musical instruments made by local craftspeople!!).

All details and information are on our website, but people wishing to get tickets should email tess_goodliffe(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk as for catering reasons we can’t do door-sales on the night.


  1. Kudos Dragonzi, hehehe i like the cock bottom!

    Will do our best to spread the word.

  2. Cock bottom ?!? Undercover Dragon identity revealed for all to see........He is unmasked as PUFF The Magic Dragon. Good luck to Orion 123. Hope we can help them raise as much as 600 rials .Great cause. Captain

  3. thanks for this subject ,for more information about Creative learning in Middle East go to this link:
    Creative Learning Center


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