Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A pure diversion: One of the Dragon's true heros


I offer a fascinating diversion for you, especially if you're doing what I often do, which is surf one's many blogs, websites, feeds, facebooks, skypes, emails, forums, ...

Plus, follow up on your various posts and threads and family and friends on all of the above, google searches, wikis,...

Don't forget on-line banking, e-government, direct feed TV and radio, and videos, and tring to find cool images...

and your flights on expedia/kayak

Holiday/rental car/hotel/trips sites...And just walk away from the Crackberry and the Twitter kids.

I know. I should be grateful you even got this far. And I am. But do us both a favour, take a moment to listen to this guy. For what it's worth, here is one of the Dragon's heros. A physicist called Richard Feynmen.

Enjoy. (He got a Nobel prize for Quantum Electrodynamics and also helped build the bomb). He was an really amazing human.

I would love to know his opinion of the Bahla zombies... Listen to him here, but preferably follow the links on youtube to his many other interviews.

Any thoughts - leave a comment.


  1. UD

    It is astonishing the number of really smart people who have never heard of Feynman.
    His books are great and I hope you have read them!

    Any physicist who gets his kicks from wild women and samba bands is worth a beer or two from me.

    I live by his idea of "I do not have to feel responsible for the feelings of others." - Fantastic!

    Tragic that he died so young also.


  2. Thanks for posting this! (although I'm not sure what relevance the content has to Oman, unless you are just trying to be antagonistic?!! :-))

    I studied astrophysics at university, and I think Feynman is brilliant - thanks for introducing him to a wider audience!


  3. Whoever he is talking to can't get a word in ;-)

    Seriously, he is a down to earth guy, who explains the most complex and confusing of subjects in a the most simple of manners. Not many people can do that today! It is strange that he is relatively unknown but I can see why his books wouldn't sell much here!

  4. "Any physicist who gets his kicks from wild women and samba bands....."
    "Tragic that he died so young also."

    JD- sometimes the two go together.


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