Tuesday, July 7, 2009

US Embassy bans staff from Rock Bottom cafe after altercation

Rock Bottom is a nightclub in Muscat, part of the rather downmarket Ramee Guestline Hotel in Qurm (apparently 4 stars tho').

Although in theory it's an 'American themed' restaurant/bar, they usually have a good band and a dance floor, and its been a popular drinking place, for youngsters especially. The ages of the girls (usually 'expat brats' - kids of expat workers here) has always been well under the legal age of 21, with all of the teenagers having fake IDs. (And lets face it, having scantily clad 17-19 yr old white girls in a bar is something the management probably don't want to try too hard to stop, as they bring in the guys, especially the local lads.)

But the place has always had a reputation for super-aggressive bouncers, and for fights occurring pretty much every weekend between the bouncers/Expat guys/Omani guys in some combo, often 3 way. There are always a lot fewer ladies than men (typical for all night spots here - not a lot of local girls...), and when the guys get a few drinks under their belts, testosterone starts to kick in as they try to get the girls.

It does seem that many of the younger local boys have difficulty holding their drink and can't resist the occasional harrassment of the girls, who then get 'protected' by the other guys, and.. well.. this sort of thing seems inevitable.

Photo: A typical Thursday night in Rock Bottom, Muscat

So it was interesting to see the message sent out this morning that the US Embassy have banned their personnel from Rock Bottom, after one of their staff got into some action with the bouncers.

Warden Message - Rock Bottom Café Off-limits to Official American personnel

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Muscat would like to inform American citizens residing in or traveling in Oman that the Rock Bottom Café in Muscat is temporarily off-limits for official U.S. Embassy personnel due to safety concerns.

The U.S. Embassy Regional Security Office (RSO) has designated this establishment in Muscat off-limits to all official American personnel. Early the morning of Thursday, July 2, 2009, a U.S. Embassy employee was assaulted by an employee of this establishment. The Royal Oman Police (ROP) is currently investigating the incident. Upon conclusion of the investigation, the RSO will reevaluate the situation.

The U.S. Embassy in Muscat advises Americans to always exercise caution when visiting bars or nightclubs, particularly late at night or in the early morning hours.

Tracey Thornton
Consular Section Chief
U.S. Embassy Muscat

US Expat blogger Mean Reds in Muscat mentioned the bouncers here last year. Jet Driver commented that the bouncer came off a little worse for wear when trying to manhandle a US Special Forces guy. LOL. Maybe they were trying to get their own back last weekend...


  1. Typical, Yanks can't take a good beating so take their ball away!

    Yanks don't have special forces, except in Hollywood!

  2. There's a seedy nightclub in a downmarket hotel-
    There are scantyly clad young western ex-pat girls-
    There are more ex-pat and local men than women-
    The bouncers are agressive-
    There is alcohol served-
    And they have problems on the weekends---
    Thats not news, its FARK.

  3. Devil's Advocat:

    Not so: most "Yanks" I have come across are tolerant, fair and will, like most real men, stand their ground when some mouthy shit-head starts piping off. As I have said before, if you touch....you go down.

    One remembers that night fondly.
    Since then, JD has had a nice go of his own at Mr. All Big Arms Creatine Shake Drinker....... amazing how easily they topple when you take their spindly legs out at the knees.

  4. Jet, this is a board that thrives on satire!!!

    Those 'bouncers' could do with training. Havent been to that hole for over a year now.

  5. I went in for dinner once, probably late last year, and one of the security people there stopped me, as I was unable to wear covered shoes because of a temporary foot condition. I knew the night manager, so I did get to eat - but the guard comes to me exactly at 11 p.m., halfway through my dinner, and askes me to leave.

    Next week, I had dinner again, and my car had two tires slashed in the parking lot.

    Hotel managment were apologetic but they said, we had a meeting and decided to separate hotel security from hotel management (yes, that is exactly what he said).

  6. seems strange though, I've been in Oman for 6 months, and I would say RBC is one of my weekly outs. Never had any shit go down, the bouncers (come to europe, I'll show you "bouncers" from Albania, Russia, Serbia, and all rough as fuck) are friendly (maybe because I'm bigger but still), and if ever there was some uprising, I have never seen any huge fight kick off like bouncers vs expats vs locals. ever. would be a laugh though, but I just don't see that happening. if the US emabssy keeps their peeps out, it's probably because they're sorry excuses for humans the next morning.



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