Monday, July 13, 2009

CAYC - still caught between a rock and a nice ocean

Photo: OMRAN in the early years.

The Ministry of Tourism and OMRAN continue to push the CAYC to release their little bay for more mega-development, and move to the marina next door. Here's the recent letter they sent to their members. The on-going court case is rescheduled for early October.

Dear CAYC Members,

We would like to update you on the progress since the election of the new CAYC Committee.

The Committee has met a few times and discussed various relevant issues such as our case in the court and our temporary move to Marina Bandar Roudha. Subsequently, a couple of meetings were also held with our lawyers. The various meetings and discussions led to the committee sending a letter to the lawyers explaining our stand (copy attached for your reference). The lawyer will now send a letter to the Ministry of Tourism based on our letter. We will await their reply to further plan our strategy.

Finally, we regret to you inform you that the elected commodore Mr. Abdulrauf Al Mashari has resigned from his position due to unforeseen personal reasons and the committee has elected Mr. Abdul Nasir N. Al Raisi (current committee member) as Commodore and added Mr. Hani Habib Macki as an additional member to the committee. Most of you have met Mr. Hani Macki at the last elections day.

Please email me for any further clarifications.



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  1. It’s a surprise that a court case is needed as there is a title deed from the ruler of Oman


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