Monday, June 8, 2009

Yes. It is us. Oman LLC in the market for Newcastle

Quick one.

Re-confirmation from a great source yesterday of what everyone already 'knows' I guess...... HM is indeed in the market for Newcastle.

No! Newcastle!

If they can keep Shearer on board, an OK investment perhaps, but only if you can work the merchandising and build the brand... Tie in Omani Tourism,..

hands up who wants to be on the Board of Directors?

Oh, and can I be Ali Al Habsi's agent please?


  1. It’s not far across the Pennines – great to be first choice goalie; not a good colour theme Green/Red/White or the new Aquas . Middlesborough or Manchester City would be good; but how about West Ham – great Aqua colours and in the right city for tourist targets.

  2. And, just when I was going to correct the Tottenham post. I dont think the typical Newscastle fan will be too interested in going to Muscat though. It'll certainly be a good thing to raise the profile of Oman and the Sultan in the media though. But I think the Sultan has purposely kept a low international profile so I'm not sure that is what he wants


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