Monday, June 22, 2009

calling it the way it is? trust an Aussie.

AT least Essa had a clear view on the Iranian election.

As one of the few homo sapien on the planet it seems who did find it easy to perceive such a crystal clear view of underlying events, any Oman should be - and I'm sure it is - Proud. Proud to have that sort of talent. Here. Today. Now.

Essa expounds a view that the Israelis wanted the opposition to win in Iran, and the...transparent victory, ... choice of the Iranian people... Ahmadinejad ... victory.. no cheating... (I must quote him in his own words, its so profound. My emphasis)

Essa Al Zedjali: Times Of Oman Editor in Chief:

SEVERAL months before Iran’s presidential elections, Israel went into overdrive spreading rumours and false propaganda against Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad who was seeking a second term as president. In the end however, Ahmadinejad waltzed through the June 12 polls with about 63 per cent of votes, torpedoing the wily designs of Israel.

The results of the elections have proved beyond doubt that the Iranian people made their own choice without any external interference and showed their continued faith in Ahmadinejad.

The Iranian elections were a successful democratic experiment ...
The fact is that Israel still fools the West by plying it with false information to the effect that Iran is still producing uranium in huge quantities which makes it within a few steps of nuclear bombs.


But the plain truth is that the Iranian voters, who turned up in huge numbers to cast their votes, have no doubt that Ahmadinejad pulled off a well-deserved victory by trumping his rivals decisively.

His victory was recognised and blessed by none other than Ayatollah Ali Khamanei, Iran’s supreme leader.


Personally, I think this opinion above from Essa is a silly, preposterous idea*.

The people who wanted Ahmadinejad to win more than anybody included the extreme right wing in Israel USA, GCC,, nutters almost everywhere. They can all deal with him.

We all can (well, except a significant percentage of the Iranian people it seems). To them, he's far easier to bomb/demonise. He's perhaps the LAST person I would vote for if I was Iranian and hoping for the best for my children (and such mundane stuff), but if I were a nut-case Zionist idiot, or an Adventist Christian nutcase, I'd be in there stacking the ballot boxes with his precompleted ballot papers faster than a senior cleric in Oum...

A new "moderate" - who would not anyhow as president control the military or the nuclear programme - would have been a disaster for the extremists. He could have talked to Obama for years whist the bomb was finished, in their view.

Normal people I think, would prefer to see a ... cooled off and more sensible chat about everything. We're all - in the end - just children, parents, or grandparents, or Uncles, or...


Wow. Middle East Politics. Pretty innocent young women seem to be being shot on the streets of Iran right now. That is not a good thing. And if Essa wants to tell me the guy pulling the trigger is a Jew....

On the official diplomat curriculum that must be like... "Really Hard Diplomacy Course number 407-c... or something.

My question: Will HM really go to Tehran on the 28th of June, as reported in the
Iranian Press a few days a go????

So instead I'm bringing you this insightful extract below from an apparently pretty independent observer, based in an area famed for not really giving a shit about anyone else too much: or what you think [unless you're China] or believe.


Well, they are reasonably rich, generally very nice people, free to talk and discuss pretty much what they want; big drinkers, and a loooooooong way away from here. They care about beaches, booze, and ... well,...

not us. Or the Iranians really. So this is what they say:

Picture: A few typical Aussies in their natural habitat

Hedonism 101 in general. (And to be honest seem to doing OK so far IMHO).

And they don't really give a hoot about the subtle sensitivities of the GCC. Shall we say. 'Cultural zeitgeist' it as you might, I found it refreshing, and thought I'd share....
[serving suggestion]: Funniest when read in the bath, with someone else, naked, with champagne obviously, but read out in an Australian accent.

Trust me on that.

Disclaimer: the following article does not necessarily represent the views of Muscat Confidential and readers are advised that even reading this extract from the foreign press may be illegal in the country you are in, especially if its in the GCC.

Brisbane Times.
Elections still a display of democracy other countries dream of
June 20, 2009

Unlike many of their neighbours, at least the people of Iran were able to vote, reports Middle East Correspondent Jason Koutsoukis.

THE electoral fiasco in Iran has reinforced Western fears about the state of democracy in the Middle East. But at least people in Iran were given the opportunity to vote.

Despite the questions about the result, Iran still proved itself capable of staging a genuine election campaign that had all the trappings of a US-style presidential race. Televised candidate debates, mass rallies and inspiring campaign rhetoric were all part of the show.

It was a display of freedom supporters of democracy in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates can only dream about. And a display that will have the rulers of those countries watching nervously.

The mere fact that opposition candidates were allowed to stand against the incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had seemed worthy of commendation.

In Syria, President Bashar al-Assad will only allow votes of confidence from the electorate when he is the only candidate standing. In many other Middle East regimes, political opposition of any sort - even the cosmetic kind - is banned.

Elections, if they are permitted, are mostly for legislative bodies that have no control over executive power and face having their decisions overturned at a moment's notice by the ruling monarch or dictator.

As Amnesty International noted in a recent report on challenging repression in the Middle East, the right to vote is not the only human right denied.

"Activists and journalists who seek to publicise human rights abuses face an array of repressive measures intended to silence them for exercising their right to freedom of expression," the report noted.

"Lawyers who try to uphold the rights of their clients not to be tortured or arbitrarily detained, to have access to legal counsel and to receive fair trials, often themselves face similar abuses. People who demonstrate peacefully in support of demands for improved rights for women, workers and minority communities risk arrest, imprisonment, beatings or even assassination by government security forces simply for exercising their right to freedom of assembly."

* Advanced Conspiracy 786

Ah hah! But what if Essa is just soooo dryly and darkly humourously ironic [see Monty Python] that with that opinion I simply show that I actually don't get it? He's actually saying the opposite? Right?... Obviously. Oh.... ha ha ha. Oscar Wild, look out honey!


  1. So the Aussies are saying a bad election is better than no election at all, Essa is saying the election was not bad because the Zionist supported guy did not win, and YouTube shows dead Iranians in the streets of Tehran. What a strange world we live in.

  2. Abd - given the turnout, the Iranian people themselves obviously believe that a bad election is better than none.

    UD - excellent point about Ahmadinejad being the Israelis' preferred candidate. Which may explain why Shimon Peres came out yesterday in support of Mousavi. Israeli support is the very last thing the opposition needs (closely followed by American support), so one is immediately suspicious that they are working to undermine Mousavi.

    In a similar vein Obama clearly saw that endorsement by the US would most likely hurt the opposition, unlike his more simplistic colleagues on Capitol Hill.


  3. Double-O yes, in some districts, there were more votes than voters. 101%, 102%- that's a great turnout. I do have great admiration for the courage of the Iranian people. Abd

  4. I hear old Uncle Essa won't even drink Mountain 'Dew' as he thinks it's an Israeli drink?!!


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