Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oman makes their first human trafficking arrest?

Reports from the Gulf News today that Oman has made its first arrest for Human Trafficking. Nothing in the Omani papers I could see, which is not at all surprising.

Anyone know any details of the arrest?

Photo: ROP Coastguard vessel on the lookout for people smugglers

It will certainly help to get Oman back onto Tier 2 proper in the US State Dept. report on human trafficking due later this year. One of the main criticisms of the report last year was the way Oman's efforts against trafficking were all talk and no action.

Note the way the Gulf News put words in his mouth: "Without referring to recent criticism on Omani Blogs about ROP not making public news about crime, he said that the police in Oman does publish news about cases where accused have been convicted.

Despite those assurances however, there is almost no reporting of crime in Oman. This is not really the fault of the ROP, it's the fault of the newspapers. The Times of Oman could easily send a reporter to cover the cases in the criminal courts (which are open to the public) and print anything newsworthy. Even the Gulf News regularly prints details of arrests and trials.

Plus, I'd like to see publication of details of those convicted of traffic offences!

First human trafficking case in Oman: police chief
Gulf News, Staff Report
Published: March 02, 2009, 13:03

Muscat: The police chief in Oman has announced that the first case of human trafficking has been referred to the courts and assured that the guilty will be punished.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony of the 4th batch of Public Prosecution Department attorneys, Lt-Gen. Malik Bin Suleiman Al Maamari, Inspector-General of Police and Customs stressed that Oman does not hide anything and was keen on maintaining its good record based on the rule of law and justice, according to a report by the Oman News Agency (ONA).

However, the top police officer neither elaborated nor announced any further details of the human trafficking case that is to be heard by the courts here.
He reiterated that Oman was keen to maintain transparency in all its dealings. “We also monitor international law violations and time to time notify Interpol about them,” he said.

Without referring to recent criticism on Omani Blogs about ROP not making public news about crime, he said that the police in Oman does publish news about cases where accused have been convicted.

He stressed that there was no organised crime in Oman but said that police had recently arrested people involved in cyber-crimes. “Those held will be tried for these cyber crimes,” he added.


  1. It was reported in the local press. Cant remember if it was Times or Observer. Article was about IG of Police attending graduation or appointment of assistant public prosecutors. Sub-heading was that Oman has made first arrest of human trafficking. No details were given on the crime.

  2. RAW nabs Bangalore blasts suspect in top-secret mission

    In a top secret mission, a team of the Research and Analysis Wing tracked down an absconding accused in the Bangalore serial blasts case in Muscat, and sneaked him out of Oman, since India doesn't have an extradition treaty with that country.

    Sarfaraz Nawaz, 32, who allegedly played a major role in financing the Bangalore blasts, had sought refuge in Muscat.

    Investigating officials told rediff.com that a RAW team managed to track down Nawaz in Muscat. They added that Nawaz was 'smuggled into' Bangalore on a chartered aircraft.

    The entire operation was so secretive that even the Air Traffic Control was taken aback when they received a message to help the chartered aircraft land at the Bengaluru [Images] International Airport.

    After landing at the airport, officials of the RAW and the Intelligence Bureau called top Central Industrial Security Force officials and directed them to escort the passengers in the aircraft.

    The officials handed over Nawaz to the Bangalore police, who are currently questioning him.

    Abdul Sattar, the prime accused in the case, had revealed Nawaz's role in the serial blasts during his interrogation.

    Nawaz was reportedly close to Riyaz Bhatkal, a key Lashkar-e-Tayiba [Images] operative, who later took over the charge of the Indian Mujahideen [Images].

    With Nawaz's arrest, the Bangalore police are hopeful of tracking down the remaining suspects, who might have fled the country after the Bangalore blasts.

    Praise to Sultan Qaboos, for his support. A true ally of India. Thanks to the ROP who assisted in the operation. Thanks from the people of India.


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