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Maids in Oman - whats the deal?

Recent comments have discussed the plight of housemaids in Oman. What do you pay your maid and for what hours?

The Dragon has several staff, but my main housemaid (who is from the subcontinent) works about 45 hrs a week. I gave her a 7% payrise this year, and she now earns 160 rials (about US$400) a month, plus free accomodation in her own room (with ensuite and independent access), holds her own passport, gets 4 weeks leave and flights home every year. If she works extra I will pay her overtime too. She got a Christmas bonus of have a month's salary.

This, I admit, is generous by Omani standards. I believe minimum wage for an Indian housemaid is supposed to be 75 rials/month (Indian because its based on a recent MOU between the Omani and Indian Governments), and possibly this could be further discounted to account for accomodation and food costs. Statutory minimum leave is 1 month every 2 years plus flights, and they should have 24hrs off every week.

From what I hear, it does seem that many maids working for Omani or Indian families work very long hours (6am - 10pm), 7 days a week, for about 60 rials a month. Many of the young Indonesian girls seem very sad and look tired bone-weary. These girls often sent by their families to send money home and are in debt to the parasitic agents who charge around $2000 to get them the job out here. They probably didn't expect to work 80+ hours a week.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure many Omani - especially what I'd describe as 'middle class' Omanis - treat their maids and houseboys very well and pay more than 60 rials for more usual hours. But many 'working class' Omani seem to often be more exploitative, with the hearsay reports of low pay, long hours, passports kept, and occasional abusive treatment.

Is having a maid exploitative? Well, yes and no. Unfortunately, there are vast numbers of unskilled, unemployed people in East Asia and the sub-continent, and conditions and wages for those employed in manual labour are really low. Its non-sensical to suggest that it would be better to not employ them at all here and thus sentence them to scrape a living in abject poverty.

The average wage in Sri Lanka for a textile worker, for example, is around $50 a month, although that is assuming they can find such work, as that is apparently seen as high compared to the $25/month in competing rag-trade countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia.

By employing my maid I indirectly support a whole extended family back in her home country, and provide enough money for her to save for a retirement in relative comfort. Kids get education and food. She is able to own a house and land.

Plus it means I can live a much better life, spending time doing nicer things than domestic chores. Being able to afford a maid is one of the reasons many expats like it here.

It's unfortunate too that European minimum wage and other restrictive laws means that few europeans have domestic staff (even though they would love to have one), and lots of workers who would willingly work as a maid can't do so.

So, what are readers paying their maids and for how many hours? (Facts please - lets try and minimise the expat/Oman baiting, shall we?)

And if anyone from the embassies can shed light on numbers of maids employed vs those who ascond, cases of abuse, etc etc, it would be great.


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  2. we have a bangladeshy cook who has been with us for almost 15 years now. he has been baited by so called family friends to leave us but he never did. he gets his own external en-suite accomodation and a salary of 100 rials per month. additionally he gets a yearly bonus and 3eediya twice a year that totals maybe 4 or 5 months pay. he gets 2 months paid leave every other year with an additional salary. he is treated as one of the family in the sense that if i travel i have to get him something whether its a t-shirt or whatever. i got him an apron once that said worlds best cook and he still refuses to wear it cos he doesnt wanna spoil it. LOOOL. his contract does not include fridays off but we give it to him as courtesy cos hes muslim and goes to friday prayers. he knows what he needs to do and nobody interferes as long as he gets his job done. whch means he basically has flexi-hours

    we had a maid who never came back from her holiday. she was getting a similar package but being philipino she was greedy. she wanted an extra month holiday but she was told she can take it as unpaid. she never came back. now were stuck waiting for the 6 months whatever to be over as per the law in order to get a new maid. she complained once at the embassy cos we didnt let her spend the night out on a Thursday. she was 45 and had 2 teeth remaining only

    LOOOOL - raising kids are we??

  3. I am Indian and can afford a maid (actually we desperately need one). I want to pay RO. 100 plus accomadation and food and a day off with a yearly 30 days holiday. BUT the thing is many families we know of get maids for 60-75 rials with no off day and leave once in 2 years AND the maids are happy!

    So wifey says if they can get maids for that much and keep them happy, cant we? We treat even our temporary house helps as family members(meaning we let him watch TV, share food with us and give clothes) so we will definitely keep our maid more than happy.

    What do I do?


  4. 3anooda..."being a filipino she was greedy"...such a racist, bigoted mindless comment devalues everything you put after it.

    At the risk of sounding contradictary I know of several girls who have left hotels and happy to work as maids, one with an Omani family, one Danish. Some so called reputable hotels are employing them on visit visas (I have evidence) working days off, 12 hours a day and not paid overtime. Also, one of my favourite haunts D'Arcy's kitchen where those friendly Filipno's serve great food very efficiently...work all hours for what they tell me 80 Rial a month. They rely on good, well deserved tips.

    As the Dragon has ststed, we live in a supply and demand world and to them at least it's better to be taken advantage of here than to starve back home. Exlpoitation? Of course it is.

  5. Devil's Advocate - i understand your point and i would like to apologize i did not mean it in a derogatory term. my point was she was with us for 2 years only and with the way we treated her which is better than a lot of people, she was still not happy with 2 months paid leave plus one months salary and an extra salary bonus so she wanted an extra month off with pay. regardless what u say i beleive she was ungrateful and we have only experienced this from philipino maids and never from any other race. so if u wanna call me racist, i have no problems, since i am speaking from personal experience

    i do agree maids and house help are being exploited greatly. we have some maids in the family that came from Saudi that say they havent been paid for upto 6 months.

  6. Hi, We are from UK and have a part time maid from Sri Lanka who works about 18hrs per week for us. We pay her 150 riyals per month. I know this is high, but we like her, she works hard for us and another South African family, who are her sponsors. We trust her and she is really good with our dogs (and daughter!) The job she does is mainly laundry and washing floors, which must be horrible. Anyway, I hope our generous salary reflects our gratitude to her (We are not wealthy like other expat families - ie. teacher salary!) Yes, it's worth it we can have a nicer standard of living and she has more disposable income to do with as she pleases.

  7. Our (excellent) Phillipine-national housekeeper gets 160 RO/month for about 40 hours a week (plus 2-4 nights a month, when we entertain), and a half month's bonus at year's end/Christmas. She has separate quarters with bath and kitchenette. Two weeks leave, but every other year one month plus R/T ticket. She also works minimally or not at all on government holidays and others granted by my work, when we prefer to have the house to ourselves.

    I have had good luck over the years by making it clear from the first interview that we want a reliable, trustworthy professional, not a "member of the family", and by creating a relationship that is friendly but professional. I'm an employer, not a counselor, bank, or loan agency, and she is a respected professional doing a job to my (high) standards - one she can take pride in - not a slave, doormat, pet, or substitute friend. It seems to work out well for both sides.

  8. My maid gets 500 OMR per month, a Toyota Landcruiser, a gsm, free clothes allowance, business class flights, 3 months holiday a year, works a 6 hour day and 4 meals a day....just thought I'd join in!

  9. My maid gets 500 OMR per month, a Toyota Landcruiser, a gsm, free clothes allowance, business class flights, 3 months holiday a year, works a 6 hour day and 4 meals a day....just thought I'd join in!

  10. Perhaps it was beyond the bounds of expectation for anyone to come on here and state that their Maid get 50 OMR per month, one day off a month, work 12 hours day, no paid flights home and used as a sperm bank or an ash tray...unless they are really anon!

  11. My indian maid gets 160 RO per month regardless of the time off which includes a lot. She works 40 hours a week. Gets Thursday and Friday off. Seperate ensuite apartment. She gets all holidays that are American, British and Omani. She also gets off when we go away which is every 8 weeks that we take a 10-12 day vacation. We do not reduce her pay for this. We do not hold her passport or anything freaky like that. If she needs more money, I let her work on Thursday for 2 rial an hour. If she babysits outside of her regular hours (8am-12 and 3-7) I will add up those hours until it reaches a day and then give her a longer weekend.

    Sometimes I am not happy with this arrangement. She gets way more leeway and time off than I would working a regular job. So, I will be re-evaluating and renegotiating her time off very soon - seems like there is always a holiday and especially all of the Omani holidays...my husband doesn't get off as much as she does. When Oman won the soccer cup - he still had to work so I thought she should as well...later she pulled that out and claimed I didn't give her a holiday and she needed the day off...I told her that was blackmail and I was unaware that it was a holiday for anyone but the school kids since my husband didn't get off- which was true at the time. She has taken several half days for personal reasons lately and I feel like a pushover. So, that has to stop. We will purchase a plane ticket for her to go to India and see her children when we leave to move to Doha.

  12. Amber your maid gets paid better than 75% of the Omanis who work in the private sector, works shorter hours than all of the private sector, and gets more time off than any other maid in the entire world. And she gets paid over time as well.

    Considering that you pay her 160 rials for 160 hours of a work a month, i.e. 1 rial per hour, which is about triple the rate accepted by the Indian embassy, she is probably the highest paid maid the middle east.

    You should know that in India, a full time house maid gets paid about 40 rials a month and works at least 12 hours a day. What you pay your maid is equivalent to close to 20,000 rupees a month, which is the starting salary for a college graduate in India (not in a bank or international organization, but those kind of jobs want a professional qualification beyond a college degree).

    I'm not saying that you are over paying. Everyone has a right to pay whatever they want. You can pay her double if you want and no one has a right to say a word to you. But I think your maid is definitely taking advantage of your generosity and I am 1000% sure that she knows from her friends who are maids in other households that she has hit a jackpot. Very few have it made like she has.

  13. We have a Filipina house maid. she gets RO 65 per month which she sends back to her family. We provide her a room, food, and personal needs. She doesn't take days off. We are in Sohar and she says she has no place she wants to go. She works hard, but has many 'rest hours.'

    DA- what are you smoking? Whatever it is, it makes you all funky. Abd

  14. Don't have a maid, but do have a part-time 'houseboy' (he's about 50). Should he be called manservant, butler ??
    He works max of 6 hours per week for 25 OR per month. (so approx 1 OR per hour) Work involves general cleaning and an excellent laundry service.
    Sounds like I should be paying more.

  15. puff-puff-pass

    Amber - you seem to have a nice setup. 2 weeks vacation every 2 months? Without working mad hours (>40/week) throughout the two months, that's the lifestyle I am aspiring to. Insofar I can afford to give my family and myself a 1 week vacation every 2 months.

    Your maid, consequently, is living the life :)

    Personally we hire an indian lady to help with the floors/dusting/bathrooms once a week; we pay her 1.5 riyal per hour and she is usually done within about 4 hours.

    We're still to build up the courage to have a babysitter, but since the baby's grandparents enjoy visiting us so much, the need for a sitter hasn't been so urgent.

  16. Dragon! Beautiful post! I love it that you provided us with some statutory details regarding this issue as well. If by any chance you have any more that you'd like to share, please do enlighten us.

    I may still be a student, but this matter has always been of severe interest to me since my parents and maids don't get along well and I always felt my parents are the fault. With statutory back-up, I can be closer to the solution of this problem


  17. 200 OMR / month, free accom, 2 omr per month ohone card, flight home onc a year, 4 weeks paid hols per year, every friday off (but not public hols unless we agree in advance).

    she works from 6:30am until 4pm looking after our two boys and doing small amount of housework (we have a part-time houseboy for the heavvy work) as we both also work. she works 6 days a week. she babysits in the evening occasionally. we dont pay her extra for that.

  18. I'm an American teacher and I have a part-time Sri Lankan maid for 3 hours/week who dusts, vacuums, washes the floors, and cleans the bathrooms and ceiling fans. I pay her a little over 2 OR/hour because she is very reliable, thorough, and often takes on extra chores like washing windows or cleaning outdoors.

  19. Other domestic staff: - gardener (who knows his stuff) attends once a week with his two brothers for 1-2 hours depending on what needs doing. Tending plants, cut grass, wash patio. Total price per month is 20 OR.

  20. Well basically I have the following:

    Job: House maid
    Salary: 120
    Working hours: I guess she works around 6-8 hours daily
    Accom: provided
    Leave: once every 2 years, she doesn't want to go back every year.
    Food: Free, she gets access to our kitchen, whatever she wants.

    Some people might question why would an Omani pay 120 when I can pay less. One word: honesty. She will never steal anything from me, never.

    Some of our expat. friends here painted quite a picture with the salaries and packages stated. Man watching so many of them walk around in MQ holding hands with house maids might explain the picture. No hard feelings, guess it's that exotic Oriental fantasy.

    Take it with an open heart :)

    Please all remember no matter how much you pay, what's more important is how good you treat a person working for (with) you. They deserve respect. Thanks

  21. We employ a houseboy from India for 6/8 hours per week (two mornings). We do not give accommodation. We pay him about RO 80 per month + special allowance for son in college in India + 1/2 air fare home each year + full salary for 1 month while he's gone to India even though we also pay his replacement a salary during that time.

    Life in Oman would be FAR more difficult for us (we are Westerners) without our houseboy: not only does he do usual stuff: ironing, cleaning, floors; but he is our trusted adviser / labor procurer when we need something done/built at our house. He's very honest. And he comes every day when we not here to look after our pet and check on things and water plants.

    Before 2006, he earned less money from us, but then I got a raise; so I gave him a raise too: he's part of the reason I can be productive at my job.

  22. IN OMAN we say ((House Maid)) are on Luck,,, it depends on your luck,, some people get good and honest house maid and some unlucky people get lazy and unhonest house maid.

    Omanis are very good with their house workers doesnt matter which nationality they are, but they should be honest to the Omanis too and work hard and stop playing around > they take leave to go to church but they never go their, I mean most of them (not all) they go to met their boyfriends and have fun and plan how to escape from the employeers and so on....
    we can not blame omanis at all and we are well known of treating people good.

  23. We pay our maid 200 rials a month with free accomodation, 3 weeks holiday & one flight home a year. She works 45 hours per week. Any extra hours we ask for we pay pro-rata.

    We try and keep up with inflation -her last pay increase was about 11%.

    She appears happy with this. It still feels a bit like exploitation as we get so much from her for so little outlay.

  24. well we engage a Indian maid for three hours per day and she charges rial 20 per hour...that is the going rate.

  25. Very interesting replies.

    Our maid is paid 80 rials a month, gets every other Friday off, works 6 hrs a day during regular months, and 9 hrs a day during the month of Ramadhan, and gets a two months paid holiday every other year with paid tickets to her home country as well as bonuses on special occasions like Eid & Christmas (even though she's neither Muslim nor Christian). We are her sponsors, but she does not work full-time for us. She lives somewhere with her son and comes to work for us from 9AM to 3PM everyday. Before & after that, she is free to work part-time anywhere, and she actually does. So she also makes good money outside our house. Only in Ramadhan, she works extended hours, from 9AM to 6PM.

    I think how you treat them is a lot more important than how much you pay them.

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  27. I do research on the domestic workers in the UAE and KSA. As the Filipina's are perceived as greedy, you may want to know how come; their government prescribes a standard contract with a salary of 400 dollars per month. Half of them is convinced they will actually receive this salary. They are not greedy, they just believe what the lying agencies tell them. When they get here, they think it is only their employer paying just half of what was promissed (as they are often not allowed to talk to others) so they may leave to find somebody who will pay the 400 only to find out that nobody does. The agencies don't mind they run away; they simple 'resell' her, from Oman into the UAE or the other way around. The government will not step in to do something about it as the owners of the agencies usually have a brother or a side job in the Ministry of Labour or Interior; at least, that's what it's like here in the Emirates. It may be a good idea to spread this information.

  28. Good topic Mr. Dragon. We have a full time live in Housemaid, as well as a part time one. Both are from Sri-lanka

    Following this year's job performance review and wage increases:

    The full time one gets 200 a month, room and board, works six days a week, and baby sits three to four nights a week. She gets a month's paid leave and return tickets home every year. She wakes up with the baby on the weekends so that Stone and I can sleep in. She likely does about 60 hours a week, +/-.

    THe part time one gets 100 a month, works from 12:00 to 5:00 six days a week, and the occasional overnight baby sitting when I am traveling with work. SHe gets a month's paid leave and return tickets home each year.

    Both maids get the occasional bonus, unlimited interest-free loans from the Bank of Stone, flexible hours whenever possible, and unlimited paid sick leave / family crisis leave.

    They do absolutley everything around the house. I don't know how to work my washing machine or iron. THe only ting I do around the house is occasional tidy up, and the cooking. We adore them, and they are absolutley key to a household with kids and two working parents.

  29. Looks like I've already missed the show. one bloody thing here. Young Omanis are out there kissing their asses for not finding a decent job and have no idea of whatsoever is going on and how much money is out there to play with, and some leechers here showing-off how damn nice they're to some maids. Looks like Oman is doing great job in pampering others but not its youth with a boogy smile 24/7. Well done.

  30. Kickass,

    I would gladly pay an Omani, any Omani, double what my housemaid gets to do the same job.

    To the best of my knowlege, there are no Omanis who want to be my Housemaid. If you know of one, I could arrange about a million interviews with Expat famalies who would love to have an Omani Housemaid / Nanny.


  31. Have to second that, Suburban - I've lived abroad for more than a decade, and this is the first time I've had non-local househelp. If I could have found a dedicated, professional Omani man or woman when I was interviewing, I would have hired him/her in a heartbeat!

    The advantages are enormous: in theory, they would already know the area, have good contacts, not have to live in, would have their own social support network...

    I'm afraid, though, that the combination of the work expectations (hours, regularity, overtime, etc.) and cultural differences (working in a house that hits the trifecta: pork, alcohol, and dog) means its exceedingly unlikely one could ever find a candidate.

    It's too bad, especially since, as is pointed out above, the actual wages compare very favorably with the local private sector.

  32. All these great people treating and paying their maids like queens! Well done!! No problem then..?
    One of my Omani colleagues has a full time maid. She works 7 days a week (not 1 day off) and is basically also at night 'on call' (so 24/7 really). She also has to take care of their 3 little children. They pay her OMR 100.- per month. She is here now for 16 months and has not (yet) had any holiday.
    We ourselves do not want/need a full time maid (but have also 3 little children). We have a lady coming in 2-3 times a week for a few hours and pay her OMR 2.- per hour.

  33. possibly moving to muscat in august. looking for advice on how to hire a nanny to look after 2 girls aged 3 and 1. moving from south africa where kids are in day care facilities. any advice would be greatly appreciated. such as where to begin, how to conduct the interviews and how much do i pay?

  34. looking for a new maid/helper - mine is on the fritz...but only until June-ish. Any takers?

  35. I have been paying my live-in maid 100 rials with a Thursday 1/2 day and Friday off, then too she is not satisfied. Others are paying 150 and 170 she says and hence is demanding more. I have 3 kids and i desperately need a maid but then I have been very unlucky with maids. What do i do? People have got money so they can pay their maids 160 and 200 rials, What about the Middle class drawing 400-500 rials salary?.

  36. The poor can do their own work. The rich get it done by someone else. Most people seem to me to be lying - or only the good ones are in this forum There are hundreds of horror stories of maids being (a) beaten up (b) passports seized/ kept with owner/ employer (c) asked to have sex regularly with the employers, (d) made to work morning 7.00 a.m. to night 10.00 p.m. and hardly any benefits. Obviously those employers will keep silent. In most countries people do their own work. If you engage maids, the Government has a duty to step in to regulate their working hours, pay, benefits, etc. However this is usually not done in most countries - and hence they are treated like slaves.

  37. I am in England and have a student from Oman. He is very spoilt. Every time he gets a new glass from the cupboard has a sip of water and leaves the glass somewhere. He does this about 20 times a day. He floods the bathroom and when I made him clean up he left the soaking towel on the rail. He cooks, leaves a mess and goes. He is used to some poor person constantly cleaning up after him. He asked me why I do not have a housekeeper and cannot believe that I cannot pay someone about £10.00 a week and let them sleep on the floor. This attitude is sickening. Forget about praying to Allah for Ramadan and move yourselves lazy boys- it would be great therapy.

  38. Hi Guys,
    I understand the Maids also a human, treat them good and not hitting them, give them food and care of them sometimes, should be enough. Don't pay for them too much and holiday if unnecessary, just pay them the market rate and same holiday, it should be better and fair to another. Don't spoil them, especially the Filipino, they're very lazy and like stealing anythings they like (soya sauce, washing powder, shampoo, clothes, toys.....) and lying. Treat them better, they will ask for more!!

    1. Hey racist..don't generalized us filipinos.. I'll tell you.. I work in lebanese family for 4 years, working from 5:30 am(prepare everything for 2 kids including lunchbox, generak cleaning the whole house, laundry, cookibg food for lunch..feed the kids after school, tutor/teach them for school home works, do some school project if got, cook food for dinner, let the kids sleep, ironing around 11pm)and will sleep roughly 1:00-1:30 am. My employers devorces, i took care of 2 kids 7yrs old & 1 yr old. I handle hundreds of dollars for household expenses..and thousands dollars if my during vacation.. They treat me as family.im special for them as they said. Now currently working in malaysia..a widow employer with only son.. My employer is working as inflight manager of hk airlines, so she seldom go back home for off days. Same situation..working from 5 am to 1 am. she depends everything to me..esp money matters for household expenses, school activities for the kid, transportation, bills.. I never tempted any single cent of her money..money is every corner of her house, she always forgot her money in laundry clotes when she's at home. She always forgot she put some money in books or she just simply put bundles of rinngit in her table but when she comes back, her money is there safe and sound..NOW TELL ME IF I AM ALSO LAZY AND I STEAL THINGS??!!

    2. You racist and moron,, how could you say that, ? Not all Filipinos are lazy, stealer, we are hardworking people.. Maybe we are poor but we are honest and trustworthy.

  39. I agree with Happy Said that pay them like the market price.If they are good then you can consider increase the salary. This is vecause every person income is different from the other.Also Some house maids,whatever you do for them,they dont appreciate.They listen to other housemaid gossip and believe in it

  40. I'm considering getting a housemaid when we move to Oman soon, and had only ever considered that we would need them a couple of hours a day, for light cleaning work, and maybe preparing the evening meal. What on earth do those employed for 12 hours a day, every day, fill their time with? I currently have a cleaner (in the UK) and we employ her once a week, for 2 hours, to clean. I couldn't possibly imagine what she would find to do if she were here any longer than 2 hours a week, let alone 2 hours a day! Do housemaids look after people's kids as well? Or is it simply to clean the house and cook the evening meal for when their employer gets home from work?

  41. i m from australia, my housemaid works only 5 hours a day...
    i pay her 200 rials,
    we have to help them

    1. Do you still need maid madam/sir,im a filipina,have employe inoman,but im still waiting for my visa to work as a maid there.i hope to met a nice and kind mployer so that they will treat me without abusing me as a filipina.this is my first time actually to work abroad,especially as a maid.I hve expense here just to process my papers to work in oman,hopefully nobody can treat me as bad as the other nanny maid by the other employer.Actually, am a momm with 2 kids.i decided to resign on my office job as an encoder and prefer to work abroad as a maid.How i wish my employer is not a devil nor abusive person.
      Pls.anyone could help me. I hope i can find a nice employer And a nice family of them.They will treat as a human not as a slave or else...

  42. Naturally most of Omanis pay less compares to Westerns because they get paid three times more than us (Omanis). I have Indonesian maid and as per her contract she should be paid 60 OMR without cell phones and holidays. However I pay her 80 OMR and give her good bonus Of 20 OMR as minimum when she does excellent job. On top of that we get her gold pendant or bracelet as gifts valuable gifts on Eid days and our kids birthdays. Plus all of her basic necessities from food, clothes, shampoos, soaps and health care are on us. She wakes up at 7:30 am and manage her work since both of us my husband an i work for 10 hours a day and one we are back home she gets two hours rest and work until 9:00 pm. She has her well furnished room with her own fridge and toilet. Plus I allowed her to have cell phone and bear the cost of her phone calls on special days like eid and new year or prophets birthday. In short she is a member of our family and my kids call her (Ouwa) which means Auntie in indonesi. We offered her to take one month paid leave but she refused!!! She is polite and worked with us for two years, she would love to work with her for longer term but her husband got a job now and doesn't want her to work abroad anymore. She will leave next month and of course tickets are on us. I had a Philippino maid but their lifestyle does not suit with our culture. She worked with us for five months then decided not to work with us any long and breach the contract. She said that she wanted to go to the embassy and look for a new job. Imagine the time and effort i spent with her to help her to look for a new job. She tried to work with three different families and yet not satisfied. They ( philipino) do have attitude problem and ego. I am a working woman and we know we cant work on our own rules. If they want to have their rules then they had to state it clearly in their contract and not mislead us. Plus they can stay at their house to have things run on their ways and not choose to be a domestic worker! the reason we keep our maid's passport cause of safety reasons. I understand the Company sponsors maid for Expatriates therefere they dont have to worry about where their maids go or could they be at risk. The company will pay for any damage cause. Our maid can keep her labour card with her. Our culture doesn't accept our women to be alone cause they are precious so we treat the same to our maid cause they are one of us a member of our family. Unfortunately we get inter retards unfairly.

  43. i live in a flat and forced to keep a domestic helper because the crap services we have related to infant care providers for working mums. Even if i pay or treat her very well i cant trust her for looking over my child despite what i observe of her actions. You cant know what type of retraided person u deal with or psycological issues they will let your baby observe in your absence.

  44. we have a 2 year old son and we are leaving Oman and our house maid is very good and because of we are leaving she need a job.. let me know if any one need a maid. email me


  45. I dont know why we find it very diffecult to deal with our own mess , even if you worked for ten hourse. No 1 will be home to messup things things cooking dosnt take more than 30 - 50 min per meal. Kids need your time not strangers time . At the end tirdness, low energy and lack of significant external services . 1- economical laundry express services. 2- economical 2 hourse cleaning servicrs plus 3 - 24/7 baby sitting services for the healthy seprated with sick.


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