Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We all love a critic

One thing that sort of pisses me off is hypocrisy. Especially when it's served with a side order of 'holier than thou'.

Last week the reliably flaky - but always as muslim as you can be and usually a bit more - Balqis posted on the English Omani sabla about how invasive and totally out of line with the sensibilities of Omani society the Dragon had been posting about His Majesty's yacht here.

What she neglected to point out while bitching about how much of an affront this post was, she that was herself busy giving a day by day, blow by blow of HM's entire (and personal, not State) trip to Italy including pictures of HM and even more comments about, and pictures of, his yacht. LOL. What a total muppet. Enjoy!


  1. It was OF anyway
    Well at least you had your moment of glory
    And as I explained you on this same blog, I'd be the first to post H.M. yacth once its appearance would become public [meaning not on a website dedicated to yacths and not using a disrespectful language]
    And so I did
    They didn't appear on Omani press but on Italian and no one of H.M. staff protested as far as I know and since H.M. himself created occasions for the locals so that part of his vacation became public, am coherent as always
    I know you can't understand
    What can I expect from a guy who reads night and day the Ecomunist ?

  2. It is so hypercritical to complain about intrusion into anything and then.....wait until somebody else intrudes, copy their intrusive material, publicize that material to your readers who are based in a different country and read a different language to the source you obtained the intrusive material from.
    It’s like the people who said ‘oh poor Diana, hounded to death by the paparazzi’ while religiously buying ‘Hello’ and its ilk every week to pour like vampires over each sugary interview and all those telephoto lens shots.

  3. The Ecomunist? Terrible, just terrible. Bad, bad form... And Night and day as well. Terrible. Whats wrong with the Times of Oman?


  4. Balqis,
    You ignorant toad. Perhaps if you read the Economist once your IQ would break the single-digit mark and you would realize how stupid and contradictory your attempt at a witty insult toward that publication is. And the fact that it took you this many months to come up with something to write about the yacht post is telling of your wit and intellectual capacity. Your wannabe "I'm more local than the locals" attitude is pathetic and contemptible. I hope they kick you out before you rob anymore of their oxygen.

  5. I'm with you, Dragon - but why go hating on the poor Muppets? They have way more sense than some in these parts (and that Miss Piggy was pretty hot, even if she is just about 100% total haram).

  6. Nice one dragon. I was thinking of pointing out the same thing, given how vitriolic her comments were towards you, and your "doing voilence to HM". Hello pot? Kettle calling.

    though no doubt she's loving the site traffic you're sending her.

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  8. Ah, Balqis,
    My real moments of glory make such amusements seem pale and transitory. But I thought your link from the sabla was gratuitous and a base deception.

    The Ecomunist comment would have been witty, [E-communist? get it?]if is wasn't that
    a)its probably just a typo, and
    b)the Economist is a libertarian, secular, laissez faire sort of publication, and hardly left wing.

    Anon, yeah, I love the Times of Oman too...

    My! Accurate perhaps, but harsh even by my standards. See next post tho' for something that'll really wind you up!

    Good question. I guess its the sock puppet analogy - just a mouth piece for other people's ideas and opinions. I always remember preferring the two old hecklers as a kid - I guess a preference for cynicism started early.

    Thanks! But I don't mind the haters. I've never wanted to be bland, and you know, I guess, how I feel that free speech = the right to offend. Couldn't avoid the boost...

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