Sunday, August 24, 2008

Iranian Military in town

The Iranians are in town this week to have the annual joint military committee meeting. I'd be interested to hear the discussions on the straights of Hormuz, given the recent reports of how tensions remain high.
Mehr News
Iran-Oman joint military committee to meet this week
TEHRAN, Aug. 22 (MNA) – Iran’s Ambassador to Oman, Morteza Rahimi, on Wednesday said the seventh meeting of Iran-Oman joint military committee will be held this week in Muscat.
“This meeting is held annually and will last for three days,” he told the Fars News Agency.

The committee’s last meeting was held in Tehran last December.

Oman has long had reasonably good relationships with Tehran, especially with the old school military establishment (as opposed to the revolutionary guard). Iranian troups and military aid assisted HM in his problems with the communist insurgency in the 70s. These days Oman is playing a huge role in trying to bridge the gap between Iran and the USA, with the shared strategic interest of Hormuz to bring it to the table as an honest broker.

In addition, Oman helps the sanctions problem a little by turning a blind eye (and actually taxing) much of the small trade in computers and car parts from Kasab across to Iran.

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