Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Ship story breaks records

Quick one. I was surprised at the response to the last post on HMs new Yacht. After posts on Municipality corruption, inflation, Ministers getting free land, oil and gas secrets, Blue City, etc etc, the most commented on post of the year so far was the one that I expected to be received as just a little tit-bit of a story, a new boat.


More later. Interested to see the more 'tabloid stuff' is better received. But, fear not, I'll keep mixing it up with the dryier but I think deeper stuff too. So? Next post - a conspiracy theory going around Muscat that's all about the battle for Oman's religious soul. Its got it all.


  1. You know what this means? More tabloid news is the way to go mate!

    No no I still like your "dry" stuff, I just don't get most of it haha.

  2. It's all good dragon ;)


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