Friday, March 28, 2008

Wilders anti-Islamic Fitna movie released, and some funny stuff

Nothing good in the news today. Almost…
OK, first the boring stuff.
Hillary persevering in the election race for the sake of… I don’t know why, given Obama has it locked up. Certainly not for the good of the Democratic Party.
Omantel profits up, following the Government’s decision to take less royalty. I wish they would stop deliberately screwing with Skype. (and how can that be legal within the Free Trade Agreement and WTO???)

Oh, and of course Mr Wilders finally released his film Fitna last night, and no big riots so far apparently. Reuters

It also seems he has avoided breeching any laws against blasphemy. Well, at least in the eyes of Dutch lawyers. You can watch his film by following this link here:
Fitna video
or just go to google videos and type Fitna Wilders movie. (If your country has blocked youtube and google video you can still watch it this way by selecting to watch it within google itself)

And, hey, its Friday, so here’s some funny Arab themed youtube entertainment for you to cheer you up again.

First, if you haven’t already seen it, the hilarious Ahmed The Dead Terrorist. (I corrected the spelling on the link, btw)

And this guy I picked up via Suburban’s great blog Go Remy A.R.A.B video

That's it guys. I'm off to the beach near the Icon somewhere, wearing my new 'I'm not Dutch' tshirt.


  1. Thanks for sharing the videos. What do you think about Fitna?

    In regards to the Economic hitman, I thought it was interesting! Im not sure I believe that he was a CIA agent, I just think he justified what he did as that. I think his firms wanted to profit and he assisted them in doing so. The book is a reminder to those seeking a consultants work, to insure that both have the same objectives of a project.

  2. Per,

    I'll do a blog on Fitna soon. Its classic propaganda, and as with such things its emotion based upon a grain of truth. But people need to remember its directed at Dutch Politics.

    As for Hitman, he certainly seems to feel a lot of guilt. But I don't agree with him that its better for poor people in the developing world to earn nothing compared to making shoes for Nike at a few dollars a day. And the whole NSA-James Bond stuff sounds more like a line used by middle aged men trying to pick up women in a bar.

  3. You guys just inspired a post for me.

    Failed pickup lines in airport bars.


  4. I absolutely love Jeff Dunham! He has a few other characters as well. But I agree Ahmed is hilarious!


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