Friday, February 8, 2008

Plenty of drugs in Oman

Well, from the comments on an earlier post questioning the ROP's recent claim to have reduced drug smuggling into Oman by 90%, and a couple of confidential emails I got sent too (thanks mystery informants!), it seems pretty conclusive that there has by no means been an effective halt to the importation of drugs into Oman.
Prices for Hash and Heroin are stable, and there is plenty of both available.
Heroin is around 7.5 rials per dose. Hash, around 1.5 rial per joint. Despite there being plenty of Heroin, morphine is increasingly popular because it's purer and carries less of a stigma.

As with all countries, the problem can only be addressed on the demand side, not the supply side. With Oman's huge coastline and proximity to Pakistan and Afghanistan, combined with the historical and ongoing smuggling trade across the straight of Hormuz between Oman and Iran, its always going to be impossible to stop it. Where there is demand, the market will seek to supply. Even if the ROP were successful in blocking imports, the resulting rise in price would automatically encourage more supply. But even that isn't happening. Prices are very low and stable.
It up to more education in the schools, more rehab centers, and demand side policing. Certainly the solution is not self serving reports in the press that pretend there isn't a problem, or having draconian sentencing for the unlucky few users that get caught. There is a problem, and its getting worse. With so much unemployment and underemployment amongst the youth, its natural that Heroin will make inroads.
The problem will the current approach (here and in most countries) is that it creates a distribution system for all drugs, and thus the dealer who can supply hashish can also supply heroin. Given the non-addictiveness of hash, it's in the dealer's interest to encourage a switch to heroin. More profit and a hooked customer.
Dragon is a big fan of the Dutch approach. Make soft drugs effectively legal and concentrate on building a wall between the supply systems for soft and hard drugs.
But that won't happen, unfortunately, so its likely Oman's drug problem, and the strong drug culture building in Oman's youth, will grow.


  1. hi....nice post...well first time am seeing a post about hash in oman...well marijuana is difficult i guess 2 get here...

    am a citizen of india....after 1 year i got hashish from here worth 5 rial for a was not dat much strong as we used 2 have in india.....

    so wir is dir dat u told me about getting ove here///

  2. Hey this is really good.....i was just searchin around for potential clues on how to get all this in Oman and thts when i found this blog and this post.......its just sad that theres so much of secrecy involved and this post doesnt really help me out......hopefully i can give u a proper review of the scene in oman once i manage to get to a source myself......anyways thnx a million for keepin me optimistic

  3. How can one go about finding hash in muscat? I used to have a friend there who has moved now, and I have no contacts available...

  4. Its time to legalize hash,marijuana,LSD,shrooms & wine .lets turn oman into the coolest country in the world. Heroin,cocaine,and hard narcotics get stiff fines and labor camp time . Go green

  5. Hey can someone tell me how can I get hash/marijuana in oman

  6. Hi, can somebody pls tell me Hw to get hash or marijuana in Oman....I will do return favors, pppppllllssssss

    1. can we make a deal..??
      200 INR per 100 grms..
      whats u say??

  7. need marijuana !!
    can someone pls mail me a contact for getting marijuana in muscat? will return any favor if possible.

  8. Allright, so I took the time to read the entire post, all the comments, seems like a lot of people love light drugs, and some even seek the hard ones, let me tell you something, I am 20 years old, I Smoked hash for 4 years, it isnt adictive, barely has any bad effects, and also in a way it helps on concentration, relaxation, muscle growth, sex, and as someone told me it cures asthma...well i also been into this capsul that not many of you may know, its called tramadol and what it does is it relaxes you, gets u really concentrated, thoughtful, calm, at the same time, u have the energy to walk 10 km without getting tired, But i realized its hardly addictive and to quit it i had to do my best, it was pretty bad, spinal aches , insomnia, but then ina week everything gets better, so check this out, i have a good suggestion here... LEGALIZE HASH, MARY J, And some LIGHT muscle relaxants IN LIMITED DOSES to be sold directly from any pharmacy, ONLY IN PHARMACIES, WITH A PERMIT or a LICENSE, and let the government profit from selling it, supplying it, while they can concentrate MORE on the HARD DRUG USERS, Less Job For the ROP, More profit to the economy of the country, CONTROLLED Drug use, i mean, its better than drug abuse, right? because honestly speaking, i am from ROP, i joined recently, and let me tell you a secret,, WE DO NOT DO ANY SENTENCING to HASH users.. its only the dealers that get in trouble, and any other drugs stronger than hash... hope i helped :)

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  10. which part of Muscat you are more likely to find someone to buy some marijuana or hash?thnks

  11. u guys are funny...asking for hash in a public blog...u r more likely to have a CID contact u,and fool u into an arrest...


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