Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Double Standards in Saudi

Hey guys and gals, sorry for the lapse, but even Dragon's got to party...

So many things I want to blog about in todays riveting Oman Times its hard to know where to begin... I'll just have to pick two.

First, the strange ad actually apologising for not making enough water lately by the Public Authority for Electricity and Water. Emergency halts - whatever that means - meant they weren't making water at the Barka AND Ghubra desalinisation plants at the same time. My question is: Why? [don't know yet, give me a few days and I'll chase the real story]. But like, isn't that their job? To make water? Preferably all the time? Best bit was how they added the statement 'The Public Authority for Electricity and Water advises all customers to install additional water tanks to store sufficient quantities of water that can meet their water need [sic] for two days at least, in case of emergencies.' And, a mini lecture that YOU should save water all the time, not just when they can't get their shit together enough to make water.
So that it's like YOUR fault there isn;t enough water. Muppets.

And many other stories. But the best?

The Saudis apparently [pg 16, Oman Tribune] don't want Mr Sarkozy, President of France, to visit with his girlfriend because they're not married. And totally hot. LOL. So, naturally, they're also encouraging Bahrain Hotels to deny rooms to Saudi men who want to just fuck prostitutes. While drinking a bottle of whiskey. Luckily they are also making sure Saudi men don't go on sex holidays to Thailand. And of course, the Royal Family of Saudi would not visit France with more than 1 wife, given polygamy is illegal in Europe. It is really hard to put on type how much shit I think the Saudi rulers are full of...

And the Egyptians now also(apparently) are now noticing that they didn't like it that Sarkozy was visiting them and 'sharing a room' with a woman who wasn't his wife.

What total hypocritical arseholes.

Anyhow. I hope Sarkozy gives them a big French Finger. Or says she's just a cousin staying in the next room. heh heh heh.

Thank God I'm in Oman. A country surrounded by shit holes.

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  1. You should read "Princess" by Jean Sasson. You'll really hate Saudis! They distort the image of Islam so much that I gag on a daily basis when Saudis are mentioned -_-.


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