Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bush. How could it happen?

Awful. The pictures of UAE dignitaries and Bush all lovey dovey are really terrible press, pretty much for everyone. Gives me that shiver. For an almost unending stream of rubbish on Bush's Gulf visit, the Gulf News has helpfully collected it all here Gulf News Bush Special. Yuck. And he went to Saudi after all, or at least a really good double. The pics look like a rodeo clown meeting Jabba the Hutt.

It really makes you wonder. How could it happen? How could the US re-elect him? Are all Americans nuts? I mean, once, and against Gore, and effectively stolen by his brother in Florida, OK. I can understand that. But twice?

Well, the reason is:
- most Americans (not the ones you generally meet out here) don't really give a hoot or a thought to those parts of the planet outside the USA, and at the time the economy seemed to be going fine. And when all is basically OK, why bother voting?
- he got the vote out, by scaring people, by pandering to the extremist Christian right, and successfully character assassinating Kerry.
- most Americans didn't actually vote for Bush. Really. Only about 30% of those who could have voted did so for Bush. You could say 70% of America didn't vote for Bush. Washington Post.

But in the end, the ones who could be bothered to vote pipped those who wanted Kerry. It all came down to a margin of just 1.5% of the voters. Such is the problem with Democracy.

Thank goodness for term limits (not that he'd win again...)

Its got to be Obama this time. Please. A great nation deserves so much better than this.


  1. Good point. Thats why in some countries its compulsory to vote. Then you are given the option to abstain.

    Helps stop this.

  2. Right now anyone will be better than Bush. He's fucked that country up so much I wonder if it's beyond realistic repair.... It'll be interesting to see how it goes.

  3. Obama all the way. We're sending a contribution to his campaign.

  4. Anon. Thanks. Lurker - I'd like to think USA is big enough to be fixed, especially if Obama can live up to his rhetoric. But it IS really shocking how much damage Bush has managed to do. The guy should be impreached, and Chaney and Rumsfield put in prison.

    Sub. Yep, I agree Barack's the man.


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