Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oman Football Association scores own goal with FIFA

The Oman Football Association were in a spot of bother earlier this month. 3 clubs had taken the Association to court in a squabble over who runs things, and won a decision to overturn t he election of FIFA's official body in the Sultanate.

FIFA were not impressed, and responded that no court tells FIFA what to do, and that they had observed and approved the election. They sent the OFA a letter stating that should the courts decision be implemented, they would throw Oman out of FIFA, meaning no World cup 2014 qualifying matches.

FIFA has reminded the Oman Football Association that all FIFA member associations must manage their affairs independently and without influence of any third parties, as clearly stipulated in articles 13 and 17 of the FIFA Statutes. This is in relation to the apparent award by the Administrative Court in the Sultanate of Oman on 25 June 2012 following an appeal by three OFA clubs, in connection with the OFA elections of August 2011, the enforcement of which would allegedly entail the nullification of said elections and the organisation of a new electoral process, FIFA confirms that the OFA elections were held under the strict observation of FIFA and AFC representatives and that those representatives duly asserted that the procedure of the election of the Board of Directors was carried out in accordance and conformity with the precepts of the OFA statutes. FIFA stresses that article 64 of the FIFA Statutes state that recourse to ordinary courts is, as a general rule, prohibited and that all FIFA member associations must ensure this stipulation is adhered to by their members. Should the aforementioned award of the Administrative Court materialise, the matter would be referred to the relevant FIFA bodies to take appropriate measures, which could extend to an immediate and indefinite suspension of the OFA. Such a suspension would jeopardise the participation of Oman in the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ qualifiers and in other international competitions, and would also mean that neither the OFA nor any of its members or officials could benefit from any development programme, course, or training from FIFA or AFC while the OFA is suspended.

Ooops. Cue panic.
OFA news release.

So now
Sayyid Al Busaidi, is refusing the court oder and appealing to the Ministry of Sport. He wants the minister to somehow reverse the court by force of personality I guess, and give them the red card.

Yesterday the Oman Football Association met with 35 local clubs to discuss the verdict issued by the Administrative Court following a case filed by three clubs in Oman, Seeb and Muscat to dissolve the OFA board. All of the 35 clubs that attended the meeting restated their support for the current OFA board and expressed the need to unite to resolve the current case filed with the Supreme Judicial Council. The board of members have rejected any resignation suggestions by the three clubs and will continue to run the OFA until the end of the current tenure – 24 August 2015. Sayyid Khalid Bin Hamad Al Busaidi, OFA Chairman, said: “We have reached the decision to appeal to the Ministry of Sports Affairs to request the Administrative Court to pause the implementation of the verdict issued last week as a result of inaccurate data provided during the trial. We are confident that the OFA can work together with the support of the local clubs to help revise the court decision in order to retain The OFA has also approved the formation of a dedicated committee of nine representatives from local clubs and the OFA to oversee the process with the Ministry of Sports Affairs. In the meantime, the OFA board will approach the three clubs that filed the court case last year and try to convince them to withdraw their complaints in the effort to preserve the OFA’s reputation and the future of Omani football.  

There have been issues with Oman's soccer administration before, with the election contested, and actual voting for a position with power. The leadership of the most popular sport in Oman gives access to funding, lots of overseas trips, and wasta. It'll be interesting to see how this is resolved. Most likely by the 3 plaintiffs being strong armed into withdrawing the complaint, somehow even after judgement. Do any readers have some insight into the deeper currents behind this struggle?


  1. Soccersss... panem et circenses...
    well, UD, considering your previous posts, FIFA is also renown for their democratic decision making and of course everyone respects their flawless judgement.
    Ah, it's like watching a child grow up

    J (not JJ, lets just call me JB from now on)

  2. Indeed, FIFA have never been associated with bribery, corruption, or those things. They're similar to FIA, and racing. Very euro-monarchism by committee.

  3. This is hilarious! xD Court over-ruling a FIFA judgement in football matters!?!? Nowhere but here xD

  4. As always Khalid will bribe the clubs and sortout the issue. He is capable of it.


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