Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3 Omanis wanted by Interpol

It's been amazing to see some of the stories making it into the newspapers lately.

Times of Oman published an article asking for CCTVs in Oman's high schools to get drug dealers ‘CCTV in schools must to arrest drug peddlers’, in a story by Oman's top Journalist Saleh Al-Shaibany. The article is unusual in that it admits there is a huge drug problem in Oman:

... The problem of drug trafficking has become so serious in the Sultanate that it prompted the ROP to establish a new department last week. Records show that once youngsters get hooked up to drugs, if they don’t get help, they may even commit suicide. One of the most prevalent problems in the country is the absence of dedicated rehabilitation centres to take care of this menace widespread in the Omani society.

A recent UNICEF annual report said, “The use of drugs among adolescents, particularly girls, is of concern in Oman. There is only one rehabilitation hospital for the entire country.”

Hospital Ibn Sina is the only hospital that offers rehabilitation for drug addicts but many feel that the centre mainly offers a short-term detoxification rather than an extensive treatment. For some reason, the government recently scrapped plans to build a specialized drug rehabilitation clinic at Al Khodh, close to the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.

“It is good to see that the ROP is setting a new department. This effort will help reduce smuggling and sale of the drugs but will not help people who have already become addicts. We need a proper rehabilitation centre on par with the international standards where an addict can get at least six-month treatment,” Khalid Al Massoudi, a father of 22-year-old drug abuser, told Times of Oman.

Massoudi said that his son was given a free sample by some people who came to his school when he was just 15 and now he has become an addict. Initially, we didn’t know but when we started noticing expensive items missing from home, including money, and behavior of my son, we realised that something must be wrong with him. Late on we came to know that he needed cash to buy drugs for his daily consumption,” Massoudi said.

Excellent reporting Saleh. Although I'd have loved a few anon interviews with these addicts in school. If any of you high school girls are reading this, send me an email in between chasing the dragon on tin-foil. Unlike your male counterparts, you probably can read and write English. I can probably really improve your music selection too.

It was also interesting to see this report on Interpol issuing international arrest warrants for 3 Omani citizens. Despite the warrants being published, Times of Oman still can't bring itself to print their names or photos.

According to the Interpol, 46-year-old A.S.S., 32-year-old H.A., and 28-year-old A.B.S.S.S. figure on list of Interpol’s ‘Most Wanted’ criminals from Oman.

According to the premier investigative agency, A.S.S., an Omani national and a resident of Muscat, is wanted in several cases of counterfeiting, forgery and fraud cases in Oman. “His height is 1.68 metres and colour of hair and colour of eyes is black,” the agency said.

It seems we can admit our high schools are plagued with drug dealers and teenage girls on Heroin, but god forbid we actually name a criminal. Bizarre.

So here are those wanted criminals, in case you spot them in the queue at Lulu:

Suspect No. 1
Photo: Interpol wanted list. Said Khamis Ayil Al Salti

Said Khamis Al Salti, DOB 01/11/1965. Wanted for counterfeiting, forgery, & fraud. AKA A.S.S.

Suspect No. 2

Photo: Interpol wanted list. Saif Sahlouf Said Al Badi

Saif Sahlouf Said Al Badi, DOB 11/10/1983. Wanted for fraud. AKA A.B.S.S.S.

Suspect No. 3
Photo: Interpol wanted list. Ali Hooti

Ali Hooti, DOB 06/10/79. Wanted for Crimes against humanity, Organized crime/transnational crime, Terrorism, Crimes involving the use of weapons/explosives. AKA H.A.

This is the guy wanted for the bombing in India, and apparently is Omani born, despite reports.

And finally.

Speaking of photos no-one wants to print, look how happy HM looks, arriving in Croatia.

Photo: HM Sultan Qaboos arrives in Croatia at the start of a well deserved vacation. Doesn't he look totally GQ?


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  2. HM is VERY stylish! The Italian newspapers announced some time ago that he is awaited in Sardinia in June. With his 7 wives (!?!).

  3. Interpol huh? 3 Omani fugitives seems a short list. Fraud? What about the Blue City Execs and their myriad advisers? Yep, I can hear 'em now... "We anin't done 'nuffing gov." Well, that's exactly the point my man. Maybe the Bahraini's should have a chat with Interpol. Or it could just be that Interpol and the ROP are waiting for UD's BC3 posting before they make their planned move? Yes, makes a lot of sense really. Why do your own work when UD can do it for you.

    Willie Dryer

  4. I hate to say this, darling UD, but the Hamid Karzai look is SO totally last season


  5. Given that for an inordinate number of years the Times of Oman in common with other media portrayed Oman as a drug free state, while drugs were widely available its hardly surprising that they have been able to flourish under the head-in-the-sand type attitude. Its an ideal situation, not to name the convicted criminal so that the neighbour has no idea who has just moved in.
    Ali Hooti might come from the Indian sub-continent but Kerala would be way off target. Travel further north to Baluchistan and the target could be hit.

  6. hi there ,,
    I was following u r posting from time to time , always wandering why this guy bother about someonelse problems and headache ,,,,i saw the adv. For rehab at thailand ,,,and totally speechless

  7. Isn't number two Sylvester Stallone's younger brother???


  8. Right then. Wheres the BC3 epic then UD. Stop the tease.

    Where's also the breaking news of people being caught in compromising coupled position on the Waves CCTV. In public parks. In daylight.

    The 13th Duke of Wymbourne

    1. Looks as if this is the breaking news

      ghola of Duke Leto Atreides

  9. the breaking news about people in "compromising coupled position" (what a jumble) is halted by 'coitus interruptus' inside a Fad Gadget monitored by Duchy spies

    ghola of Duke Leto Atreides

  10. The Bad news is, yes, we have prohibited substance abuse in and outside schools. Considering the number of narcotic seizures/drug raids/arrests/foiled smuggling bids etc, yes, we do have a problem.

    The Good news is, the ROP is working 24/7 to combat this menace and now has a whole directorate dedicated to fight this encroaching problem. We all hope & pray our kids say "NO TO DRUGS" and stay safe.


  11. Its old news.
    This drug issue has been around in Oman for decades, not years. However the belief that its never one of 'our kids' has allowed the dealers to laugh all the way to the bank in their souped up muscle machines.

    I wonder what those pesky little mopeds do as they buzz from place to place, they look almost like Pizza Hut home delivery guys – except, no number plate, no license, ‘no name’ Mr Officer-on-24/7-duty.

  12. "I wonder what those pesky little mopeds do as they buzz from place to place, they look almost like Pizza Hut home delivery guys – except, no number plate, no license, ‘no name’ Mr Officer-on-24/7-duty." Quote TWIS.

    Buzzing around of those pesky liitle mopeds could be brought to a halt with a little help from you TWIS. Like, informing the law enforcers [via this very same website] which area? I.e. Al Hail north/south? Al Ghubra? Al Athaiba? Al Khwair? Etc. what frequency? What time of the day or night. Very helpful little tips that will eventually help the law enforcement officers apprehend the evil peddlers and arraign them in court.
    How about a little pro bono publico?

    Have a nice day!


  13. Mti- are you kidding about letting the authorities know via this website? What is UD going to do- put his underpants on the outside of his stretch-denim trousers, put the tablecloth over his shoulders and rip down to the back-streets of Al Khuwair, Mawaleh, Ansab.......all of them infact...and stop them using his super-blog powers?!
    Everyone knows where they are, as they do with the dickspoons riding around on quad bikes, but the ROP can't be bothered. And what would we do if we reported it to ROP anyway- say that 3 kids on a black moped just went past us in the opposite direction. Sorry, didn't get a reggo but they were wearing flip-flops, shorts, football shirts, had bum fluff on their faces and were about 14. Should narrow it down.

  14. Good to see HM happy , woow and what style, good on him. I just hope I am that good at his age.

    As for the unhappy rest, well good luck to the ROP, not an easy job. if no other country can get rid of the drugs; lets hope you can control it best you can.

  15. Shy Rebellious Dhofari: Any news?

  16. MTG should defenetly get her own blog.Very entertaining!!!

  17. And guess how happy H.M. was when he saw the pictures? Shot down with a camera, like a cheap Hollywood starlet...
    It's always the same. In some countries it's possible to be on vacation without publicity, in some it's just not...

  18. I have that JAMC album. On vinyl of course. We are showing our age, sir.

  19. I have that one on vinyl still...


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