Saturday, November 26, 2011

Breaking News: Dutch MP Queries readers of Muscat Confidential.

There's going to be another royal visit it seems, and antiglobalist-occupy-hipster-Dutch MP Harry van Bommel wants you to send him an email with your honest opinion about Oman.

Go for it readers of MC!

Send him a short email NOW in answer to his questions. If you can, cc me on your answer!

Photo: Harry. He wants to ask you about Oman. He's Dutch, isn't that weird?

Dear friends,

Do the new powers of the Shura mean anything? I would like to know since our queen is coming to your country. Please mail me at

Best regards

Harry van Bommel MP


Dear friends,

Her Majesty the queen of the Netherlands is planning a state visit to Oman. Of course this is giving food for thought in my country. Our prime minister today said the situation in your country is 'stable enough' for a visit of the queen. What is your opinion? Have recent political changes really made a difference? Please mail me at with your opinion.

Keep up the good work!

Harry van Bommel MP

He's a real live Netherlands Member of Parliament, and he wants to here from you. Give it a go. You might get on CNN...

[no other news BTW.... hope you enjoyed Eid and National Holidays!]


  1. Oman? It's nothing but a 'shell game'.

    Move on folks.

    The African Queen

  2. Omanies don't really care about international affairs, if anything happen, it would be a minor internal issue that would be resolved easily with no violence that's for sure.

  3. Maybe Mr. Van Bommel should come and see for himself what Oman is like.

    Being Dutch myself all I can say is that Oman is much safer than The Netherlands has been for years. Oman is stable and as far as I can see the Sultan is widely respected and has a strong drive to develop the country while holding on to local traditions.

    Look forward to seeing the Queen in Oman.

  4. I hope that the Government of Oman also considers Holland stable enough. Nobody would ever think of throwing a smoke bomb to HM as happened during the Queens wedding.

  5. Slightly bizarre, does this guy not have better causes to fight for than preventing the dutch queen from visiting Oman? If I understand it well, he thinks that the new powers of the Shura don't mean much. Did he look around in the region, and check other states? Oman is now clearly ahead. Does he not understand how introduction of democracy works best? Oman's development model of the last 41 years was incremental. The Sultan prepares things well, takes care that the population is ready for the next phase, and moves on. The curve goes up all the time, now also regarding democracy. The Shura got some real new powers, they can even propose new bills. The Sultan did not go for the Algeria model of 20 years ago, i.e. full introduction of democracy in one stroke which led to one vote, one man, one time plus a bloody civil war. Here you give people time to understand the new phase, to learn how to legislate. This step will be followed by new ones, as always in the last 40 years. Mr Bommel seems to be the guy who believes: if everything is not totally perfect, then everything is totally disastrous. We have seen in the past what reformers of this kind have wrought. Here you have a nice country where the Sultan responded remarkably to new demands, and the guy is whining that paradise has not yet broken out in Oman. Sigh.

  6. I would like to ask Harry, Did you visit Oman before. I'm living currently in the UK (Third Economic) and I can clear said Oman is more and more better in everything. Its more secure country in term of public life and even in term of services provided by Government. In addition Omani's behaviors is always friendly with all (Not like western countries).

  7. Dragon,

    He could do worse than read the Surfer's latest essay:

    I have a feeling Part 2 will be less positive, but the combination should give our friend from the Binnenhof as balanced and complete view as he's likely get anywhere.


  8. Isn't this MP part of the Socialist Party? If so he might be anti-Royal Family. He might even think that having the Queen go on state visits is unnecessary and costs too much. My guess is that he doesn't really care whether Oman is safe or not.....

  9. Well, Dragon, I sent mr. Harry an email outlining most of what the other people here have pointed out. I will be checking the news to see if he says anything beyond the 'Oman is ruled by an evil dictator' that I usually see in the Dutch newspapers. Sadly an informed opinion does not sell as well, so I am not getting my hopes up.

  10. Tar16-

    In light of your 'more and more better in everything', please find a list of factors that the two countries do not share. Some adhere only to Oman, and other only to the UK. As a little game, try and complete the puzzle.

    Independent Justice System
    Universal Suffrage
    Extra-judicial **^$^$&%^
    Modern Slavery/bonded labour

    And on topic, "Do the new powers of the Shura mean anything"?


  11. So what happened?
    And where is the follow ups to the previous blog re: Blue City?


  12. The latest changes which have been developed by our Gov. Oman is nothing! The bad system and the dictator Qaboos leverage is still same. No changes!He si playing games with his gov. thiefs. His Gov. is corrupted much.

  13. We do not care about the Queen's visit

    we love our country and sultan

    We do not care bout your queen

    Smi almushani

  14. i'm Omani>> my goverment isn't good for Omani but it's very good for forign

  15. There has been no serious reforms, but continued repression and the media blackout, torture and intimidation to those who call for comprehensive reform, also Shura not originally sign of any of the powers of the alleged remains of prisoners opinion detainees in the prison of Sumail Central Ministers corrupt are not prosecuted, but were honored, and the judiciary has no integrity, in short Oman is the Sultan of the farm ..

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  17. As an Omani i urge all my fellow Omani citizens to boycott all dutch oil companies and products until this ignorant MP apologizes to his earlier remarks. For all we care, can keep their Queen and we certainly will not be honored to see her here and any of the dutch government officials as well. Oman does not need your aid in any way. God Save the Sultan.. We are proud he is our ruler and will always follow his guidance

  18. Dear MP Mr Harry,, I am an Omani citizin and the reality is that the current Showra council is not reflecting the real parlimentery process,, their authority is limited and most of the real powers are in the hand of Sultan.. There are tens of human rights prisoners in oman since the strikes started in last March.


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