Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Apologies - still alive, just still on vacation


I realise I've not posted for a while. Sorry if I worried any of you.*

All is fine in the Dragon's Lair.

I'm still on vacation. Or Holiday, depending where you are. I got very busy flying all around collecting treasure and spending quality time with Ms Dragon. And then I went on vacation.

I'll be back on-line presently. It's all been pretty quiet in Muscat anyhow it seems, and with all the joys a summer Ramadan is about to kick in, I guess it's 'run away' to other places for a while for many of you as well!

Meanwhile, send me emails if you have any news.

* No, no conspiracy, not in/just out of prison, nor ill, nor in any dire straights what so ever. Nor am I in Oman.


  1. We have missed you, Mr.Dragon! Delighted to hear all is well in your cave.

  2. was wondering - and looking forward to part 3

  3. Welcome back. I know that you know that I missed you!

  4. Mr. Dragon, you must be the only man in the world that can get away with calling your wife Ms Dragon ;-)

  5. There is finally serious investgations into the gross incompetence and out right fraudulent activities of the play actors at the premier Oman Hotel developer...but are they going to hold the 3 musketeers and make them accountable? the 20 million OMR (lost/wasted) question? If stupidity were a crime some managers would be in jail forever.


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