Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some light relief - The new Google Phone.

After the heavy discussions on the piss-poor state of Oman's Higher Education system, perhaps this will bring a smile to your face.

Found this on Violet Blue's blog, and its hilarious - the Google "Fuck you iPhone" phone.

I love Google...


  1. LOL! I am not a fan of the iphone and I am a big fan of google so this ad just did it for me :p

  2. Dragon- before we all gush ga-ga over google, remember this is a phone running Android Operating System and manufactured by HTC. However, it is the first one to be branded as a "Google" device, rather than "HTC" or "T-Mobile". Btw, I am a big fan/user of Google- search engine, desktop, calendar, gmail, news-feed. And I love how this ad knocks the 'snob' appeal of the iPhone. However, the proof will be in the sales figures.

  3. From a news article:

    "It's been less than a week since Google released its highly-anticipated Nexus One phone, and already, Google has been inundated with customers reporting problems with Google's 'iPhone killer.'

    Nexus One users have had issues with the phone's ability to connect on 3G networks, and are frustrated by Google's lack of customer service, which has mostly consisted of e-mail responses to questions, not phone-based support."

    Wait and see. Maybe the video is premature.


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