Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Renaissance Day!

Yes, today represents 38 years of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos running Oman.

Congratulations Oman. You continue to have come a long way since the time when there were only 11km of paved road in the entire country and to walk in old Muscat at night required one to carry a lantern.

Benign Dictatorship is widely acknowledged as the best form of Government around, as long as you have the right Dictator. Oman is very, very, lucky that they have in HM a man of true public service, filled with a deep sense of duty to Oman's people. A man who right from the start has had a clear vision of where he wanrted to lead Oman during his reign. Overall, so far, so good.

Unfortunately, not everyone around him can meet the same high standards of duty and performance, but his Government continues to improve, especially as the younger generation of properly educated Omani technocrats make their way up the ranks.

I don't think its an accident that HM doesn't have an heir (I don't believe the rumours of the 'secret son' in England). In fact, I predict HM intends to leave this country not with the current dictatorial system but with a solid constitutional Monarcy and an elected lower house with real legislative powers.

So, congrats Oman. May HM continue to live a long healthy life to ensure the country continues to make its way in the world as a stable, prosperous and friendly country.

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  1. Absolutely true assessment. It seems even countries have a luck factor in succeeding/failing due to getting a proper ruler, whether it is democracy or autocarcy, leadership and vision is important.

    A comparison with Nigeria and Sudan is sufficient to show the diffence it makes.

    However unfortunately many Omanis compare themselves with UAE and blame the government for not doing enough.

    Indeed there is a lot of concentration of wealth among few rich and it will take some time before the education and employment efforts to bear fruit.

    However all should thank god and HM for setting the right direction and putting the right policies which ultimately will bring good results.


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