Monday, December 24, 2007

Iraqi troops being trained in Oman

Those of you who hang around airports and hotels in the Sultanate may have noticed the common appearance of well built Americans with very short hair and large necks, sometimes accompanied by short wiry Arabic-looking men with big moustaches wearing new civilian clothes.

I can explain. It seems that the American military are flying into Oman lots of Iraqi troops and police for training here rather than in Iraq. Obviously it’s much, much safer to do that here, where security can be assured and they can also be assisted by the Omani forces for translation and support (plus the Omanis would be an excellent example to the Iraqis of competent Arabic soldiers too). Since 1980 Oman and the U.S. have been parties to a military cooperation agreement, which was revised and renewed in 2000.

The Americans are also using Jordan for these ex-Iraq training sorties too, although they operate somewhat more openly than here. My sources couldn’t supply me with numbers being trained and I will not say where in the Sultanate the training is taking place for obvious reasons.

I think it’s a great example of the sort of undercover support that His Majesty gives to other Arab countries and is a significant - and real - contribution to the wider region’s stability. It also provides lots of brownie points from the US Government, which is great for Oman too.


  1. I'm sorry but I think its disgraceful. I love Oman as a country and the people but the blind support the government gives for financial/political gain in illegal wars of occupation and oppression are totally wrong.

    I may be wrong but I do not believe that the omanis support it either.

  2. navcity

    I wouldn't view it so negatively. Iraq was a good friend to Oman back in the dark days before the rennaissance, giving a lot of aid. Thats why so many older Omani went to Bagdad University.

    I see it more like this. A friend has been injured, and now needs help. It doesn't matter how they got injured, but now that they are, you can help them.

    Iraq needs a strong police force and Army. This act helps them a lot. Just cos the Americans also give you credit is a bonus, but not the reason you help.

  3. Absolutely - in the good ol' days Iraq not only provided free education to people from arab nations but also provided them with grants and free accomodation etc....and the fact that the Omani government agreed to switch the majority of their fuel production to favour aviation fuel to supply the Yanks for bombing operations during the most recent Gulf/Oil War is just a coincidence?

    The Omani people are definately against anything thats means Iraqis suffering in this horrific and illegal war of occupation but I think anyone who knows Oman will know who is really doing the training and why...a little clue - only the name of the Omani government is being used.


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