Sunday, November 18, 2007

Proxy Servers and Oman

Sorry team, I was off on business for a while, and then had to be a bit careful postwise. The Ministry IT team were snooping... Hmmmm. As they say, sometimes the paranoid are right.

Anyhow, for those who want to avoid the Omantel filters, there is a programme that - well, at least as of today - will work in Oman to automatically find proxy servers. And the site is available [unlike most of them], so if you are interested in surfing without Omantel looking over your shoulder, act fast kids, before it joins the list of blocked sites.

Its called Invisible Browsing v6.5:

or try:

Good luck surfers!

Please note: this will get you around Omantel filters, and hide your TCP IP address, but if Omani Internal Security really, really want to find you, they probably still can, as anyone who's seen the series 24 can explain...


  1. On Friday afternoon for a couple of hours all the blocked websites by OmanTel were unblocked and OmanTel subscribers could visit those sites for a couple of hours then things went back to normal , lol. I don't know what was wrong exactly, but I knew that things would go back to normal in a couple of hours.

    And yeah, Internal Security Service would get you no matter what! ;-)

  2. It's a pity they don't announce these things... lol

    I managed to get this one while the filters were up - a lot of others didn't work.

    Once you have 1 proxy going though, you can then get as many other programs as you want!

    PS: I think Internal Security are going a great job keeping us all safe. Thanks Guys!

  3. True Said that the Internal Security Can Get Anyone if They want to get Him


    Not all.... Btw , Thanks for those Programs.

    i needed them :)

  4. u have any prog for Linux :(


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