Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Dragon is born

Muscat, Oman. A great city. A city with secrets. I hope to entertain you with stories of this country and the wider events in the media, and by sharing my opinion on life here and the world in general.

At the moment the blog thing is new to me, and right now I feel newly born, just having struggled out of my shell, sort-of groggy, wondering where the hell I am. I'll start to flex my wings soon. Good morning Muscat!


  1. I don't think this country needs secrets unveiled in anonymous way .
    Needs hard work and transparency and though it actually seems hard to accomplish this, it can be done but not this way .

  2. Well, you are entitled to your opinion Balqis, at least here, even if not in the wider Oman media space.

    The point of this blog, in part, is exactly that Oman is very, very, non-transparent. And in things that directly involve the people's lives and money.

    And I think this is a big piece of what holds Oman back. It leads directly to corruption, inefficiency, a patronising attitude to the average people, ignorance and suspicion. And without constructive criticism there is no improvement. Officially in Oman everything is perfect all the time and everything is being done as well as it possibly could be done. I don't agree.

    So obviously I disagree with you.

    But please feel free to comment as you wish. I have been known to change my opinion when convinced by good argument and evidence.

  3. But you keep on increasing the problem by not being transparent yourself , which is not a solution am afraid .

    Why when I comment on this blog I always must write back my id and password when am always signed in, in Google ? Are you spying me

  4. Balqis,
    No, I'm not spying on you!
    But someone else probably is... lol

    If I was not anon I would risk being arrested and deported, even though I am not doing anything illegal at all. How transparent is that?


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