Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oman win Gulf Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We won!

On penalties perhaps, but we won. against Saudi. ha ha ha ha ha !

Very, very nice.

Celebrations continue. (If you see photos, I'm the one in the middle hanging out the roof of the Lambo. The other two are my wife and prospective wife no. 2, your honor.)

Well done Oman. And special kisses to Al Habsi.

Good news to report. In the little local bar I passed by for an ale to see the ending. Locals generally cheered the Minister officiating, and certainly cheered the images of HM that were tagged with the broadcast.


  1. Nothing on the royal directives for giving both public and private sectors a day off tomorrow in celebration of winning the cup? :P

  2. GOOO RED! SAMBA ALkhaeeeji!

    and yes tomorrow has been declared a public holiday for all

  3. Where is the declaration.. is there any authentic prooof for the holiday

  4. Oman TV and the radio. ALKass TV as well read the announcement

  5. Crown Prince of Holland was due to have dinner with HM at 8pm (no allowance for extra time, penalties...). Did they delay the dinner, have dinner in front of the TV with trays on their knees...?

  6. Watch Video of Goals here,

    And Pictures here,

  7. When you say Lambo...

  8. UD

    Just because I have left does not give you an excuse to reduce blog activity......get yer finger out! :)



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