Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oman Oil Company executives live the royal life

Oman Oil Company is a 100% Government owned investment arm of the Ministries of Commerce and Oil & Gas.

So it was interesting to learn from a Luxury Vietnamese Tour Company that their super-top class tours have been taken by Presidents, Royals, Russian Billionaires and .... Oman Oil Company executives!


Joined on the list were also Omani Royal Ministers, apparently.

Photo: Some of Oman's Senior Civil Servants snapped in Vietnam

Its a tough job, spending other peoples money, isn't it?

Where do I sign up?

Obviously, the execs and Ministers were on personally funded trips, and certainly weren't being paid to go on luxury cruises at the State's expense. Surely?

Luxury Travel Vietnam Launch First Travel Blog in English in Vietnam

The Luxury Travel Company has launched the first travel blog in English in Vietnam providing the latest in trends, new, advice and travel stories from across of its Asian destinations.

Various travel advisors can share with bloggers and internet surfers their local know-how about travelling in the region.

“ The amazing thing about a blog is instant presence online,” said Pham Ha, CEO and founder of luxury Travel Company.

The blog will allow clientele to benefit from the advice and experiences of its luxury travel advisors, as well as other customers, on travel to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and other destinations in Asia.

Luxury Travel Company's main business activities - luxury inbound/outbound operator, luxury adventures, custom tours, romance, wellness and spa, MICE, family travel and private travel arrangements for VIP stars, celebrities, Royal and Government clientele, private jet and yacht cruises...nothing is impossible in the whole luxury meaning.

The company's depth of experience and large infrastructure enable it to create unique itineraries with the operational confidence to fulfill client expectations.

Last year, the company served 10,000 satisfied customers. Among Luxury Travel’s clients are ambassadors, senators, Russian millionaires, CEOs and presidents of Oman Oil Company, royalty and Oman Royal Government ministers, French ministers, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada…and others.

Anyone interested can blog on to


  1. The article mentiones other people also such prime minister of canada and french ministers. Why the f*ck are you conerned about the omanies only ??!!!
    I am curiuos to know what does this article has to do with you ?? maybe educating us on higher standards of accountability ?
    Your nose is calibrated to smell corruption on omani side only??!!

    How is UK economy doing lately?

    Best Regards,



    In the past few years many high level Omani delegations visited Vietnam. They included HH Sayyid Fahad, Oman's deputy PM, Ahmed Macki, Maqbool Sultan, and many ministers. HE Maqbool is the chairman of Oman Oil Co and Dr. Rumhi is the vice chairman. They were both in Vietnam in official delegations. Either of them (or for all we know, maybe the entire delegation) went on this tour and the company used it for publicity. Who knows?

    All I'm saying is that there's no news here.

  3. Maybe no news, per se, but not without interest. I do think there may be some fodder for conversations on accountability; French, British, Canadian, etc., officials may spend money foolishly, but at least we can find out about it! And go to town criticizing them for it, to boot.

  4. I just had dinner with a former expatriate in Vietnam and according to him top class hotels (the likes of Chedi or Shangri-La) cost at most a third of what they charge in Muscat.

    So yeah, I'd rather those exec vacation in Vietnam than Luxembourg :)

  5. Ahmed

    You really are a prize, aren't you?!

    Are you one of the "gangstas" from my earlier posts?
    What is going on with the expletives?
    All that vented frustration. Not being able to just ask a simple question - so you just throw "fuck" in there for what? For effect? Do you have any idea how it makes you look? Or the reduction in the amount of time and respect that others will have for you?
    Have you sent a copy of that comment to you Imam? What would he think? Would he condone such words? I blame TV myself. The American stuff that you watch that is.

    And on the subject of junkets (google it), the blog reads as fun, sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek, rather than finger-up-arsehole that you so evidently exude.

    Keep it coming. I could have a ball with you - and have a lot of time on my hands this week to do it!
    I'm off to get the popcorn and watch Hamas getting deservedly levelled. Don't you just love YouTube?


  6. Jet Driver

    So you are upset about idiot and fuck....OK

    Maybe you are a eurotrash upperclass who will never swear or use bad words excuse my working class english.

    It was not meant as insult but emphasis to the piont.

    I mean look... I browse this web site and I read comments about corruption coming from consultant to goverment who is suppose to be an expert " remember he is an expat ". I then go around the web reading how your officials and bankers have recked your economy ( we are talking trillions upon trillions of dolars here ) and I say to myself what is Undercover Dragon on about. Does he not look in the mirror ? or does he have a hidden agenda ?

    You can watch Gaza civilians being bombed by the american made weapons old wise man and then give me a lecture on human rights on your blog.


  7. Ahmed

    "You can watch Gaza civilians being bombed by the american made weapons old wise man and then give me a lecture on human rights on your blog."

    Yeah, sorry mate. I forgot about the innocent civilians that get killed when Israel takes on terrorists organisations like Hamas.
    Because, it would never happen the other way around.

    And if it did, there would of course be global, highly vocal condemnation of the atrocities, wouldn't there?

    Right, I'm off on vacation.
    I was looking forward to visiting the World Trade Centre, but apparently, it's not there anymore and the innocent civilians working inside it are nowhere to be found.


  8. Ahmed, the point is that this is a blog about Oman, so there's not much point UD blogging about US/UK/ or wherever he is from.

  9. Jet drive

    Typical jew propganda at its best..

    Mixing alqeada with hamas, 9/11 with Palestnians, iraq with 9/11
    its all same with you.. I mean they are all brown to you anyway.

    What other way can a westrener justify to himself the suffering of iraq people and death of so many muslims who have nothing to do with 9/11 ?? Simply group them togther and waalaa the guilt goes away and you are rightous again!

    As dutch say JetDrive, atleast you are going First class to hell !

  10. U.D. Your blog is a stimulating read and your ‘disclaimer’ is fair and accepted by all reasonable people. Only a fool would fail to understand that you are presenting a personal view and that a blogger is not subject to the same standards of ‘evidence’ as most professionally resourced (and more legally constrained) journalists. You certainly exceed the standards of our friend Essa!
    It is obvious that you have clear civilized values which inform an approach to issues which meet the criteria of being of personal interest to you. It is a happenstance when these issues interest others. However it is not surprising that others enjoy your affectionate, relevant, rational and entertaining take on local events and quirks.
    Your obvious curiosity and intellectual courage imply that you are against most censorship and well able to tackle the obnoxious, weak minded, inconsistent, spiteful and ill informed comments of ‘Ahmed’ and his ilk. His rabid paranoia and defensiveness are eloquent testimony to his personal inadequacy. There is no shame in simply deleting his comments. It’s your blog – why contaminate it by giving him a forum for his puerile crap?.
    Let Ahmed et al suck it up and shut up. They can always open their own blogs for no one to read.
    Thanks for the wit and entertainment.

  11. Ah, but deleting comments would go against UD's principles. For that I respect him, even if we don't always agree.

    JD - shame on you for bringing up WTC in such a context. Google for the list of countries bombed by the US. As an American I would tell you - we had it coming. Plus we made up for it above and beyond in Iraq.

    Shame on you for jumping on the bandwagon that attempts to justify civilian deaths in the name of fighting terrorists.

    A UN school in Gaza was deliberately bombed, killing 40, most of them children, because Israel suspected that two Hamas members were in there. A 5% (that is if those two were actually killed) rate of efficiency of the military. Think about that.

    Your brave SAS compatriots are not allowed collateral damage, let alone at this rate. Israeli special forces are on par, if not better than, the SAS.

    Put the above two together and you get complete disregard for the lives of people of a particular nation / origin. And that my friend, is how you define genocide.

  12. "Your brave SAS compatriots are not allowed collateral damage"

    For God's sake Boxster - why don't you just post my name and get it done with :)


  13. Agent UnderCover Dragon

    Your cover have been compramised. They know who you are.Report to Telaviv immediatly. Agents JD and Noseyguy will provide support and backup while you exit.
    Noseguy will guide you through procedures.


  14. PDO..The 'outfit' that has recently anounced their highest ever accident rate in it's history and that's saying something as it's always been hideously high. So what do they do to solve the problem? Give the contracts to those who have no interest in road safety and a dodgy reputation as well as inexperience in such matters. Job done eh?

    Did we expect anything else being as PDO has never employed a road safety / driver training expert in its history...get an HSE wallah to do it!

    There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see!

  15. Why don't we get JD and Ahmed in one room and let them finish each other? Nothing lost for mankind.

  16. Ahmed,

    True enough, politicos and other civil servants (and senior executives) are world famous for living high on the hog. But as pointed out, this is an OMANI focused blog in the main, so the story was the Oman angle. Shit, I don't care too much in that its not my money paying for it all. I mainly thought it was quaint; a little slice of life your average newspaper reader may not have come across. Get the chip off that shoulder man!

    And what makes you assume I'm British?

    Muscati, ibid

    Muscato, x

    Boxster, Maybe they get a per diem??? LOL

    Go for it. But try to be civil, and make actual points rather than mindless and non-sequitous insults? (well, unless they are really funny)

    You said "comments about corruption coming from consultant to goverment who is suppose to be an expert " remember he is an expat ". I then go around the web reading how your officials and bankers have recked your economy ( we are talking trillions upon trillions of dolars here ) and I say to myself what is Undercover Dragon on about. Does he not look in the mirror ? or does he have a hidden agenda ?"

    Its an Oman blog, duh. My hidden agenda is not hidden: to discuss and coment about topics related to Oman, in a way that often is either unreported or misreported in the Omani Media, from the point of view of a Western, libertarian, atheist, professional Expat. While doing so, I also hope to demonstrate that Oman actually has relatively liberal rules on internet communication and media reporting these days. IMHO, most of the press are self censored to the point of imbecility. Also, I want to stimulate debate between people with knowledge, interest in Oman events, who speak English. And I want to be entertaining too if possible. That often means I'll say something you disagree with, or find offensive perhaps. Sie la vie.

    But be warned, I do get raher nasty sometimes when I'm angry. And idiotic posts can make me angry sometimes.

    On Gaza, I'll address that in a post. You are totally wrong tho'if you think I'm a zionist, blind supporter of Israel or Hamas or anyone. I'm probably more in the Kissinger mode wrt the doctorine of real politic being a valid aim of Government. At heart, I'm a pragmatist.

    Well, how kind. Dragons are indeed famous for their susceptablitiy to flattery.

    As for Ahed, as long as he is within the law, and makes some kind of point, I'd rather leave it up. I do - as boxster refers - support free speech*. (*with some limits)


    Yeah. Worth another post perhaps. But you seem to have a chip on your shoulder there too. Let me give this a stab: Are you perhaps a consultant expat who has once worked for them in s afety related context and was subsequently no longer required?
    And how related to this post?

    There's enough of that going on in Gaza. I'd prefer to see one of them win a cohesive argument for a change.

  17. There are lots of people around here who will assume that Kissinger is another SMS type of language, for all you know.
    Really, I have been reading the comments and I really wonder whether everyone knows the history of Israel and Palestine or for that matter, why Israel is acting with impunity.
    Did anyone consider the fact that the oil prices soared to nearly $50 when Israel started pounding Gaza. What OPEC could not achieve with its output cut, bombs rained on Gaza did the trick. and it may still work -- that of raising the oil prices. Keep the Middle East unstable, so that the oil prices go up.

  18. GIG

    Israel is acting with impunity because of the Bush administration, and the fact that no-one wants Hamas to win.

    The oil price bump was a thin trade volume holiday effect, combined with having less experienced traders manning the desks. As soon as the real traders got back from vacation, the oil price recorrected. No one actually thinks this will impact oil price.


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