Monday, January 5, 2009

HM sends emergency aid flight to Gaza

As the Israeli armed forces continue their violent invasion of Gaza, and escalate the war with Hamas and their rocketeers into a messy urban warfare of an army vs guerrillas, it seems His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has directed the Oman Charitable Organization (OCO) to send some aid to Gaza. Xin Hua news

Excellent move. Its something. And it will be real to those few it can help at least.

Oman to operate flights of emergency aid to Gaza 2009-01-04 15:25:33  

ABU DHABI, Jan. 4 (Xinhua) -- Oman Charitable Organization (OCO) will start operating flights of emergency aid to Palestinians who have been suffering from Israeli military strikes, the English newspaper Oman Daily Observer reported on Sunday.

OCO's move on Sunday is in line with the directive of Oman's Sultan Qaboos bin Said to send relief aid to Palestinians in Gaza, according to the report.

The relief aid, which includes medicines, foodstuff, power generators for hospitals and other requirements, will be airlifted from Omani capital of Muscat to Egypt's Al Areesh Airport and will then be transported by land to Gaza.

If the Egyptians and the Israelis let it across I guess...

But it is very much a candle in the wind at this stage. Unlike when Israel invaded Lebanon and drew against Hezbollah, they seem to have a huge intel advantage in Gaza, and now the troops are moving in force, with total air support, I think Hamas will get a beating, and unfortunately a significant % and number of non-associated ordinary people too.

A big defeat for Hamas in a short intense war, along with a change of Israeli and US Governments, new conferences, retreats, accords, reconciliation, blah blah blah, could offer a real opportunity for a breakthrough quite quickly in 2009, with a revitalised Fatah obtaining actual progress towards semi-statehood in the aftermath, and Israel on a much tighter leash under Obama. Especially if it can be shown Hamas did indeed (as rumoured) deliberately put weapons and bases in and around Mosques, schools and hospitals; and perhaps used ambulances to carry war materiel.

We might even see real UN troops deployed as peacekeepers in Palestine.

This is one reason why not very much of import is being done by pretty much anyone to actually stop the war. Not many countries want Hamas to win this one.


  1. Statistically speaking historic success rates of organized armed forces against guerrilla commandos are insignificant to none.

    We've seen this in WW2 when the Germans got bogged down in the USSR, Vietnam, Afghanistan in the 70's-80's, Afghanistan today, Iraq...

    You're right that no one wants Hamas to win. Sarkozy on TV is all about Abbas with no mention of the revolutionaries whatsoever.

    Unfortunately the only thing this invasion will achieve, other than complete devastation, is ten-fold increase in recruitment for Hamas.

  2. Congratulations UD, your blog is getting popular enough to attract spammers. Abd

  3. If a 2 state solution was ever possible, that was then and this is now.

    The very idea that Palestine was 'a land with no people for a people with no land' was one of those 'jingles' that caught on even though there was no basis in fact.

    BTW: Have you ever noticed what happens when a pressure cooker is kept on the flame for a long time after the contents are cooked and burned?

    I cannot predict when or where repercussions of this reprehensible Israeli behaviour will happen, but I predict dire consequences outside of Palestine in the future.

  4. Hamas is the democratically elected governing body of Palestine. Your views seemed to be shaped by watching CNN.

  5. Hamas is the democratically elected governing body of Palestine. Your views seemed to be shaped by watching CNN.

  6. I have to agree with UD on this one. No matter what we think of the ongoing war, a swift defeat of Hamas will restart the peace talks with Fatah faster i guess, as Israel is not ready for talks with Hamas.

    If Israel prolongs the war or delays the talks of the creation of Palestine, Hamas will be resurrected even stronger. Having a state of their own, will cool off the Palestinians.

    I think if the purpose of this war is to have a long lasting peace, then Hamas is a price worth paying.

    Lets just hope this is the last war this part of the world ever has to witness. (Now that Bush era is over, everything is possible. Bush the MAN how ruined the world)

  7. It seems that Barack Obama is taking a leaf out of HMs book and using the dignified silence option or the 5th as it is known in America. What a disgrace to the people who voted for his change rhetric. What a shame Obama has not used his first test to show the world that he cares about Muslim people. Instead what has he done said well me and George can not be talking about the same thing as we do not want two voices coming out of the same bloated mouth. Well I thought the Americans voted for you and already the Time For A Change mantra is looking decidedly dodgy. America different captain same ship.

  8. Hey leave my homie Barack out of it :)

    Talk is worthless (see Sarkozy) and at this point Obama can't back it up with actions.

  9. By unconditionally supporting Israel in whatever they say and do and, even worse, by veto-ing/blocking ALL resolutions proposed in the UN to stop any wrong-doing by Israel, the Americans have always played a key-role in ensuring this conflict can not be resolved. So it's better if all of them shut up now, including Obama.

  10. For whoever thinks that this matter can be settled through negotiations/"peace talks" let history be a reminder

    The fate of land has never been decided by negotiations but war alone. Be it thousands of years ago or the present

  11. Aren't Obama's hands tied? I heard a rumour that part of being US Prez, you have to pledge allegiance to Isreal?


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