Monday, January 12, 2009

Oman sees potential victory in ball game

busy still.

Big story about to break, but tomorrow on that one.

Meanwhile, Oman face Qatar (well, I believe they have Qatari nationality) in the semis. This Wed. The nation will be consumed. and if we win that a cliff hanger against the Saudis.

Drive anywhere you want 6:00-8:00, Drive no-where near Shatti/MQ/Qurm until 4:30am if we win. Same advice if we loose. But I think Al Habsi will make the difference. Fingers crossed.

And it might rain in the next few days. Certainly wind and clouds. Cool.


  1. yup so it is "tomorrow" already

    gimme gimme gimme the goss on "big story about to break"

  2. Rain? More like a torrential thunderstorm Tuesday night.

  3. Congrats to US, 2-1 Oman in the heard it here first.


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