Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yet Another Muscat Confidential Ticket Giveaway, this time to see Sir Tom Jones - Thanks to HiFM and Darren Shortt!!

People have been talking about it. This event is proving a bit of a surprise hit to the promoters - Sir Tom Jones is coming to town.

And once again, you, dear reader, have a chance to win a pair of free tickets to see the legendary crooner in the flesh on the 14th April at the Intercon Gardens.

Tom Jones live in Muscat: 2 free tickets worth 50 Rials to give away, from HiFM!

For this concert, the winner will need to pre-collect the tickets no later than 2 days before the event from the HiFM! Office in Al Khuwair, the big building next to the motorway/wadi with Hifm banners on it! The winner will be emailed a contact number and the magic password.

All you have to do to be in the draw is either:
(1) put a comment in the comments section of this post with a way for me to contact you when you win; or,
(2) email me here at undercover(dot)dragon(at)gmail(dot)com

And that's it.

The draw will be held in a week's time at midnight on Wednesday 7th April using our reliable super-random number generator, military level encryption and - naturally - drawn under the independent supervision of no less an arbitrator than Ms. Dragon. Winners will be notified by email and via the blog.

So what are you waiting for? Free stuff. No strings.

Enter now!

And big thanks to Darren Shortt and HiFM for sorting us out. Don't forget Maz Jobrani and his 'Brown & Friendly' comedy show, live, in Muscat, on this Wednesday April 7th at the Crown Plaza. There may still be a few tickets available. I believe Darren will again be wearing his now infamously costumesque "Sleazy Promoter" waistcoat (or is it a vest?)

I may well see you there.


  1. Maybe I'll win this time! Mike

  2. Maybe i finally enjoy get to enjoy a free concert eh?? ;)

  3. This has always been my dream to see Tom Jones in Concert. Cant believe my dream will become a reality. Michelle 99202872

  4. now where are my frilly knickers???? LOL, do women still throw them at him even thought he is 70? Wow.

  5. Meeeeeee toooooooo!!!!!!!

    Thanks Dragon!!!

  6. Hi,

    Granny saw him in '75 in Canada, came back to India and was his fan for life, I was 5 at the I have listened to his music and been a fan since thirty-five years...I deserve those tickets, because I can't afford them:(!

    Veera : 95034597

  7. Maybe if I win tickets I'll be convinced...I'll even go and buy a pair of bloomers to throw at him,lol

  8. Just tried both those phone numbers above and they're blokes!

    Anonymous coward

  9. I loved his reloaded album ! I felt it was his best work !!!

  10. Mybe it is I this one time only :) 95419552

  11. TOM JONES.... mom's favourite. Now here I am in the Middle East vying for a FREE ticket...!!! I love that radion station !

  12. hmm lets see who gets z ticket :D , its not unusual to win a ticket any day lalalala..

  13. Tom Jones' stuff is definitely not my style of music, but mum will be thrilled if I win...the only downside is I'll be subjected to horrible renditions of Delilah for the rest of the month!

  14. My wife and Mother in Law would be very happy !


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