Friday, April 16, 2010

Pet shops in Oman and what you can do to help

If you want a great dog right now, (this one, in fact)

Photo: Grade A Heinz 57 dog available right now at CAYC, who are looking after the mutt. Very friendly and well behaved dog.

Call MOOSA on 99324419 - or
CAYC on 24737712.

Well, it seems a lot of people in Oman do care about animal treatment. I'm posting a couple of comments from the previous post on mis-treatment of animals at Creatures pet shop in Sabco centre.

Jet Driver did a nice follow-up post here and also got an official reply from famously nice and very professional Muscat vet Dr. Elke, who confirmed she is not the on-retainer vet for Creatures, despite reports.

Update 1: Petition
The reader whose puppy died is starting a petition to send to the authorities and try to get things changed. You can probably just send emails of support too.

May I ask that anybody who has had similar experiences, whether at Sabco or elsewhere, send me the details on All information received will be treated in the STRICTEST of confidence. My intention is to raise this problem with the highest authorities - if we do not at least try, nothing will ever happen.

Thank you.

Update 2: Y Mag article?
It looks like friend of animals Y magazine is also looking to take up the story.

If anyone has pictures of cruelty from ANY petshop in Oman, please email it to - urgently.

Update 3: Take direct action
I can tell you that the phone number for CREATURES TRADING is (+968) 24563721

Readers may wish to give them a call and tell them what you think about the situation...

Update 4: Adopt a pet

Contact Dr. Elke (or pretty much any vet) at Al Qurum Vet Clinic and they will be happy to give you a free pet all vaccinated and neutered, for you to look after and save from the big sleep.

If you don't want to get a pet yourself I'm sure Dr. Elke could do with a cash contribution to help her with the strays.

phone:+968 24562263
fax: +968 24562804
visit us- Our street address is:
Building 1467, Way 1822, Qurum

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  1. Great initiative, UD. It's breathtaking that support for such issues derives from an anonymous blogger. You should be paraded through the streets as a hero!


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